*Current* Favourite T.V shows

  1. Firefly
  2. The Shield
  3. I'm Alan Partridge
  4. American Dad!
  5. Mad Men
  6. The Wire
  7. Bored To Death
  8. Pointless
  9. Knowing Me Knowing You
  10. The Big Bang Theory
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Yes! Red Dwarf is a freakin' hoot. Rimmer, Lister, Kryten & Cat. Fave episode Parallel Universe. I love that show.


yeah it rocks! i like the episodes: Marooned, Quarantine & Krytie TV

I Saw the guy who plays Cat at a movie / tv fair once.
Great Show.

About 7 years ago, while watching PBS in a late-night insomnia stupor I saw my first episode of Red Dwarf. That episode was about a backward world and when cat peed backwards I couldn't stop laughing. I watched religeously every Saturday until I'd seen them all. Now I can relate the story of Red Dwarf to people and watch them turn away in disgust. It's a wonderful thing.



ouch... your top 3 are some of my least favorites

You Dont Like The Sopranos or scrubs dang! i can't think of any reason why people wouldn't like those shows, :(

I have only seen 5 of these shows (the rest, with the only exception of Cheers, has not even been broadcast here). My preference would go for The Simpsons and Ray...

yeah simpsons is timeless (even if the new episodes suck) and Ray is just a great laugh. really good comic timming.

Not yet seen Lost? I ask because I saw yesterday the first episode, and while I expected sth. cheap and laughable, I was quite surprised to get a very good, tense entertainment.

no mate, never seen an episode. what's it about?

Well, the story sounds simple:
plane crash, survivors on lonely island, but sth. not right on island...
But already after the first episode I think that there is a lot of potential in the whole thing. Well, I'll have to wait till next monday.

sounds like a good show

I like "Lost" a lot and was also very surprised at that. I'm definitely a huge fan of "Family Guy" and "The Simpsons." Lately, I've really enjoyed watching "Scrubs" and "Gray's Anatomy." And I'm somewhat hooked on "American Dad," "Brat Camp," and reruns of "Friends."

I'm finding American Dad to be too much like they threw Family Guy into a blender with a dash of King of the Hill (both of which I love) and it has a sort of recycled feel to it, to me. It's not terrible, but I much prefer Family Guy.

Ack! Everywhere I turn there's a mention of stinkin' Big Brother (UK)! I thought Listology was my safe haven! No more Makosi! ;)

Not a fan then? i just get drawn to it every year, but then again thats what everybody says because they don't want to admit they like it, so yes i was "drawn" to it :) it's just easy to watch, 7 days a week tv :)

I've never heard of Big Brother's Little Brother & Big Mouth or 8 out of 10 Cats. I have heard of Extra but not plural...is that a reality show about movie extras? Gotta love that Family Guy! :)

Big Brother's Little Brother And Big Mouth - these are kind of "fanzine" shows that run along side Reality show big brother. each episode they talk about whats going on in the house, have guuests on to talk aobut favourite things about the show. they are both very good and are very frequently better than the actual show itself.

8 Out Of 10 Cats - it's a UK TV quiz show, comedic quiz show, thats based around perecentage polls taken in the UK. it's not really that great but it's on before big brother on a friday, so i watch it too pass the time.

Extras - Stars Ricky Gervais from the office, as a workless actor trying to do more than just non speaking extra roles. has had many hollywood stars in it such as: Ben Stiller, Patrick Stewart, Kate Winslet and Samuel L Jackson.

Yeah sadly though i'm seeing less and less family guy! :( it's not airing too much and have not got the guts (nor money) to pay the £44.99 price tag for the boxset DVD. :(

How can you not like "Queer as Folk"?

Never seen it

Ah, Neighbours. I've just got into this show about a year ago, and whenever I talk about it to a Brit, they still know a lot of the characters from way back when they used to watch it. I've not met a British person who DIDN'T used to watch this show, and have either a crush on Susan or Karl Kennedy.

Neighbours is brilliant! And you are right, it's very popular here. I think bar Australia (of course) we are it's biggest fan. i've been a fan for years and years now. used to see every episode, now i see less, but trying to see more. I'm currently liking toadie's wrestling storyline, thats quite funny. The thing about neighbours that makes it so good is it's so lighthearted, never depressing. Like Eastenders is always depressing, i just can't watch one, it's to dull for me. Which character are you into at the moment then?

I've a soft spot in my heart for Stingray, and I think he could do way better than snobby Serena. I also like Stu and Cindy, but this whole storyline with Cindy being back luck with some past trauma makes me roll my eyes a bit. I'm waiting to hear whether Susan really decides to leave Erinsborough, as she claimed yesterday.

Rushmore hath returned! And along with it, Scrubs at #1!

Good holiday, buddy?

Ineed, Rushmore has returned and yes, Scrubs also has returned!

Yes, thank you. it was a great holiday, lots of site seeing and relaxing at the cottage. oh i never got the surfing done, doh! but i went to the beach at least ;) i've been to cornwall alot so it's nice to see how it changes (or doesn't) each time i'm there.

Glad you had a good time! I'm guessing you got back earlier today?

No surfing, eh? Ah well. Bizzarely I've never been to Cornwall despite hving gone to Devon about 10 times.. did you go through Devon on the way down?

Yeah, i think must have been through Devon at some point on the way or way back.

Ooh, getting into the BBC2 teatime quiz shows eh? :)

hell yes! i hate those eggheads and want too see them lose! lol. Well i always have too choose what too watch because Neighbours, Eggheads, WL, and Simpsons are all on at round about the same time. However for time being i've ditched simspsons and neighbours for queen of mean Ann Robbinson and those damn eggheads!

Ooh, American Dad? I really should watch more of that..

Yeah you should! but seriously it's very good. Its like family guy, just less scattered, no flashbacks, well...less anyway. Check it out man. Stan (The main Character, CIA Agent) is brilliant, one of my favourite characters ever.
Let me show u:

(Is worried that he bring seen as a wimp, a girl)
StaN: Man this coffee is so hot, thank god for my strong leathery man mouth

lol, right?

Hows Frasier S7 ?? oh and i hear you are getting S11 (Saw it on ur xmas list!)

Stan: Potato salad? Not exactly adventurous, but it gets the job done. That reminds me, we should have sex tonight.

lol lol

Stanley Smith: Osama, is that you?


Lol, from those two quotes, it sounds excellent. I shall have to make an effort to see more of it.

Frasier S7 is excellent, I will probably add a few eps from it to my top 35 Frasier eps list. It's on a par with S5-6, which IMO are great, although there are a few weak episodes. I can't wait for S11! I was originally going to wait until after S8-10 were out but I changed my mind. :-)

I've been watching it all this week, it's great! I'll definitely be picking the S1 set up in March.

Whoa, we've gone all British, 4 of the top 10 being UK shows. Who am I to complain?

Oh, and I'm betting Scrubs is soon to push its way back up to #1 - on your list and mine - thanks to teh S3 release! :)

indeed we have lol. Masterchef is vital viewing for me now, i can't stop watching it. i'd hate to work in a kitchen. I truely beleive also that deal or no deal is the best gamesshow in a long time. (even though Noel is terrible presenter)

Yeah sure will ! scrubs season 3 is strong season.

Ah, but all Scrubs seasons are strong, are they not? :D

Masterchef I've never seen, though I have a rough idea of what it's about. The only cookery-related programmes I ever really watch are Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and The F Word, both Gordon Ramsay's shows.

DOND is great, Noels' OK, makes things a bit long winded and isn't too funny, but I suppose he has to pad things out when the slot is 45 mins for a show that takes 15! :)

One other questions: I'm planning to ovehaul my list of all TV shows I've seen this week as it's very out of date, and ideas for shows that aren't there and should be?

Cheers :)

Heh, what's Sifl and Olly?

glad you asked. Sifl and olly was this show that was about 20 mins long and shown in between songs on MTV & MTV 2. Its Very Very funny. its 2 sock puppets who have their own show. they do fake interviews with array of funny characters, sing and loads of other stuff. i got back into it thx to youtube.com where you can view the episodes. heres a link for you


And heres one of the funniest skits "The Disaster Suit" Disaster Suit

The videos might take a while but its worth it. i've fallen right back into this show!! go Chester!

Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier! Anyhoo I had a look over at Youtube and it was rather funny! Good stuff. :)

Ooh, a Green Wing fan in our midst. I haven't seen it I'm afraid, but the clips I've seen look rather amusing. Seeing as it has your approval too, I'll check it out!

yeah. i did dismiss it as a scrubs rip off, but i was wrong. its off the wall, and just brilliant comedic acting (Mark Heap as Dr Stratham - the odler doctor with mustache - is genius.) i watched episode 2 of season 2 and i have to say i was laughing so much that i consider it too be one of the funniest episodes of any series i have seen.

Have to admit, I don't think this series of Jonathan Ross has been as good as the last two..

yeah its slipping away from my list. though, my tv time has been pretty much green wing dominated. but i agree jonathan ross has been losing some appeal. have you been watching the guest presenters on never mind the buzzcocks? they are way better than mark lemar (who i hate) :P and deal or no deal is slipping, i don't like the loud contestants, who lose track of the game and become all about showing off, its a mad house there !

Did you see the season finale of DOND?

nah, was it good ?

Yep, it ended in a montage of clips, good stuff. Did you see any episodes from the last week of the season? So many 1p/£100/£250 winners.. in the last 8 games, there were 3 1p winners!

If I didn't know better, I'd think you were a Russell Brand fan.. ;-)

Haven't seen much from him myself, really.

haha yes, he's quite good, very good actually. just bit of a patchy personal life, but funny comedian lol

Yay, KOTH!

Did you see £250k winner on DOND?

yeah really enjoying it so far, about mid way through season 2

yup saw it, i have grown tired of DOND now. like that contestant Sarah, who kept saying "250k is in your box" that really annoyed me, they have no right to say that wrecking peoples games, she was right that time but has been wrong twice before . but was fantastic to see someone win the big prize

Flight of the Conchords and South Park are great stuff. I'll confess, though, that I haven't cared much for the last few Sarah Silverman Programs.

well i'd agree with your silverman thoughts. I loved her live act dvd, and i do find her very funny. however some of the jokes within SSP seem to crude and immature. still enjoyable though

I'm so damn hooked on Whose Line Is It Anyway!

hahaaa good ! think with Dave and youtube combined i might of seen em' all now lol whose your favourite performer?

I think I'd go with Colin Mochrie and/or Ryan Stiles - they're brilliant on both the UK and the US ones. You?

well yes i think my all time fave is Ryan Stiles. Others though include Colin, Greg Proops, Mike Mcshane, Nial Ashdown
(was only on like 2 or 3) Brad Sherwood, Tony Slattery. I do like Wayne brady in this US one, mainly for the physical comedy

My copy of The Big Bang Theory S1 is currently processing at PlayUSA, woo :-)

Awesome! as is mine :-) i'm suprised i took to the show actually. I find Sheldon annoying at times (he's the one complaining about the bread in the above clip) but overall i love the show. i really like the character of Leonard, he's my favourite. He seems the most real along with penny. I never got into any of the other new shows like "The Class" but Big bang theory really made me laugh, can't wait for the dvd! watch them all before dreaded uni starts! ha!

I haven't got into a huge number of new sitcoms the past season or two (though I guess I saw spoiled with "My Name Is Earl", the US "Office", etc. in seasons immediately prior) but I'm sold on this one, based on the clip above and various other bits and pieces I've seen. I'll let you know what I think about the characters when I've seen the season! (As well as the usual favourite episode comments, of course..)

Where are you going to Uni, btw? What are you studying/when do you start? I recall you took a couple of years out after GCSEs/A-Levels..?

can't wait to hear your thoughts mate!

Yeah, i finished college in Sept. 2006 (wow didn't really think how long ago that was :/) Then i went in and out of some jobs, including one working for local newspaper which i really enjoyed, worked up untill recently, then with nothing else to do and unsure of when i would get a new job, i decided to apply for uni, a bit late but hey :) I'm studying Film Making at Worcester Uni but the course itself is run out of kiddyminter college, so i have to travel there to take the course. so i'm looking at getting a weekend job to support my studies or a job in the week at kiddy after college hours, if i finish early on that given day.

Finished college two years ago? I remember you saying at the time, can't believe it's that long ago! Good luck with the film-making course anyway, should be fun and I'll sure you'll do well. You'll be living at home and going in every day then, I take it?

yeah at least for the first term, maybe year depending. However i don't mind too much, i was applying ot late to also get a place at uni to stay, plus because i would be staying at worcester uni but still having to go to kiddy, apart from being a bit closer, not much point. if i was studying in the uni itself, then sure.

Yeah, sounds fair enough to me, really.