Can't find

  1. Mediterranee (1963)(on DVD in French, but w/o English subtitles)
  2. Manila in the Claws of Brightness [Maynila: Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag] (1975) (on DVD, but w/o English subtitles)
  3. Ceddo (A Ceddo renamed Ibrahima, aka Outsiders (literal English title), aka The People, aka Cedo, by Ousmane Sembene (1977) [at UNC library, in French and Wolof, w/o English subtitles]
  4. Too Early, Too Late [Zu Fruh, Zu Spat] (1981) (, not on VHS or DVD)
  5. A Tale of the Wind [Une Histoire de Vent] (1988) (Joris Ivens Foundation)
  6. The Asthenic Syndrome [Astenicheskij Sindrom] (1989) [at UNC library, in Russian, w/o English subtitles]
  7. Deseret (1995) (, not on VHS or DVD)
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These are from the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.

I have looked for these at the library,,,,,, and, eBay, Video Library, etc.

When it says "not on VHS or DVD", that's according to It could have been released on home video a long time ago, and be currently out of print, but it mostly means never released on home video.

The Phantom Carriage: £50.00 ($90) here - not sure how much you can afford, but that seems rather a lot.

And speaking of expensive, Chronique D'un Ete is a mere £285 ($500~) here.

Neither price includes the postage either..

Yes, those prices exceed my budget!

Ah well. I thought as much! :-D I wouldn't shell out more than about £1 for a VHS copy of anything, heh.

Thanks for the help anyway.

Have you tried New York or Parisian movie theaters yet? Cause sometimes they show some old stuff...


Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Very funny.

You can find A City of Sadness at, they also sell a box set with 4 films by Hou that contains The Time to Live and the Time to Die . You can buy the same set at eBay. There you can sometimes find a box with 10(!) films by Hou.

Thank you very much for telling me about I've found City of Sadness there, and on eBay, but it doesn't have English subtitles. There appears to be copy floating around with two DVDs and English subtitles, but the intertitles haven't been translated. I do not know how important those are to understanding the film.

I've been watching eBay for The Time to Live and the Time to Die, but it hasn't shown up there in the last 29 days.

TCM shows Europa '51 (English dub) once in a blue moon, I believe. The copy I have was taped off TCM, anyway.

It's frustrating that some films are sitting around rotting in a companies archives when, if they don't plan on doing anything with it, they could release it into the public domain (though I'm sure some have the rights tied up between parties or whatever).

Yes, it is frustrating. From where did you obtain your copy?

I downloaded it somewhere. I think it was off Usenet.

Thanks. I'll continue to look for it.

There is a book called "Zu früh, zu spät", which is also from 1981. You can get it here for one Euro cent :-)

Can't help you with the movie, though...

Thank you Marla. I've discovered several of the movies on this list are based on books which are still in print.

City of sadness was released on Video by Artificial Eye in the UK - with english subs!
I had the copy at home once, but only watched the first 20 minutes twice. ;-)

I think I found that version on eBay, but its description says that, although there are English subtitles, the intertitles aren't translated. Was that true of the copy you saw? If so, could you tell if it made a difference to your understanding of the film?

Sorry, can't help you on that issue.
Don't know about the intertitles, as I havne't seen the whole film.

Thanks anyway.

i've got Lucia on PAL VHS, copied from a borrowed tape.
if you can play this sort of tape, maybe we could do a trade

I greatly appreciate your offer, but I regret to say I do not have the capability to play PAL VHS. I have a multi-region PAL-to-NTSC converter DVD player, however. I would be interested in trading DVDs if you have any from this list.

From Masters of Cinema's home page:

"As this article goes to press, [Charles] Burnett is in the final editing stages on what may be his most ambitious project to date — a biopic of Sam Nujoma, the first president of Namibia — and the folks at the invaluable Milestone Film & Video confirm that their long-standing project to issue both Killer of Sheep and My Brother’s Wedding on DVD should reach fruition by year’s end."

Can't wait!!!

You can get Deseret here in 16mm format for just $300.

Thanks Luke. I don't know how I overlooked that!

Which other ones can't you track down? I thought there were 12 of them?

I removed five of them from this list, because I sorta have a source for them. They are the following:

Europa '51, which I've asked a friend to Tivo from TCM, but she hasn't given it to me yet

O Pagador De Promessas, which is at the University of North Carolina library, which I may, or may not, be able to access

Ditto for Lucia
Ditto for Ceddo

Last Chants for a Slow Dance, which I need to buy from

If you don't mind downloading some of the remaining movies check out the program emule. I have found "the housemaid" and various others from the list. The housemaid only has subs (hardsubbed) in a small portion of the movie, I don't think they are available otherwise.

I found the asthenic syndrome on dvd (ebay) but without english subs.

Thanks for the emule tip

They have a huge selection on there. I might have to upgrade my connection

Lorem ipsum, got any more movie recommendations? Come and See was my favorite movie seen in 2006.

Hey Rosie, The Housemaid has been released on dvd this summer. And you can watch it for free at

Thank you! I did watch The Housemaid on the Auteurs.

Deleted O Pagador De Promessas from this list. Found it online.

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