Film Comment Best Films of the Year 1992

  1. 1992
  2. Unforgiven
  3. The Crying Game
  4. The Player
  5. Howard's End
  6. Raise The Red Lantern
  7. The Best Intentions
  8. Bad Lieutenant
  9. The Last of The Mohicans
  10. The Hours and Times
  11. Proof - tie
  12. The Hairdresser's Husband
  13. Passion Fish
  14. La discrète
  15. Reservoir Dogs - tie
  16. Raising Cane
  17. Lorenzo's Oil
  18. Van Gogh - tie
  19. One False Move
  20. Aladdin
  21. Close to Eden - tie
  22. The Lovers on The Bridge - tie
  23. Surviving Desire - tie
Author Comments: 

A consensus poll of the 20 best films of the year according to the critics polled in Film Comment magazine. When the word 'tie' appears that means the one previously in the list is tied with all those tagged as 'tie'. The films listed as 'tie' are in alphabetical order.
Note Film Comment did not actually have an overall list in 1992. I created this from the individual critic's year-end lists.

Notable titles that didn't make it: Glengerry Glen Ross, Malcolm X