Which Country Are You From ?

  • Australia - (bertie - The Hunter Valley, New South Wales) (AsColdAsIce)
  • Belgium (cramoukji) (rudolf55)
  • Canada (buddy) (darktremor) (lyceaum - Waterloo, Ontario) (Nance)
  • Colombia - (alejodm - Bogota)
  • Germany - (WB)
  • India - (karan129) (Merlin)
  • Luxembourg - (1922)
  • Netherlands - (EesterTrance - between Rotterdam and Breda)
  • Portugal - (joaomiguel - Lisboa)
  • Spain - (durrea - Barcelona, Catalunya)
  • South Africa (Jeandré)
  • UK - (Astronette - Manchester) (Blind) (dJ-Storm - England) (professor - Milton Keynes) (russa03) (Wezzo)
  • USA - (AlacritMusic - St. Francis, Minnesota) (AJDaGreat - Baltimore) (allegheny - Pittsburgh, PA) (CaptMal - Akron, Ohio) (dashforcover - Utah) (Drew Velvet - San Francisco, California) (Figarocatboy) (frenzee) (jfrazier57 - Cedar Falls, Iowa) (JoeGraham - Jacksonville, Florida) (kgang - Plano, Texas) (lbangs) (Nummies) (nyybella - NY) (RosieCotton) (winalotta) (xfx Mike)
  • Venezuela - (Critico)
  • NEW CONTRIBUTIONS WELCOME: - Especially from France and Italy, Brazil and Argentina, China and Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Russia, South Africa, Egypt, Dubai, and everywhere else.
  • (List suggested by Figarocatboy)
Author Comments: 

List here where you live.
I live in Milton Keynes (England).
Now working back in London for the 'Tube'.

Ok, then I'll make the first move. I'm from Luxembourg.


Now added - how did I miss you ?

The USA is such a tiny country....:)


What ain't no country I ever heard of. They speak English in What?


I've added you - Baltimore, USA.

I'm FROM Canada, but living in the UK. Not sure what that makes me.

That makes you a buddy without question.
I'll put you down for the UK for the time being, but please update us when you log in from Canada.

That makes you a Britnuck, of course. :D


I'm from the USA....

Great professor !!!! Hopefully you'll get a big list...

See ya!

The Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia.



YAY! First Canadian.

I thought it was established that I came from Belgium

The UK!

USA but not by choice!

Plano, Texas, USA. By choice. Frenzee, I'm sure there's plenty of others that would love to take your place.

I'd like to see a sister thread to this, with a sort of "What Nationality Are You?", since alot of western nations have become melting pots. Just a suggestion.

Could be interesting - why don't you create one using the 'clone' button.

Wow! Listology sure is popular all over the globe.

Jacksonville, Fl, USA


Am from the USA. From Pittsburgh, PA Go STEELERS!!!!!!

waahey UK all da way ! im english not british i refused to be grouped :( lol


Oh yeah! You can shift me from the UK to Canada now.


I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Last I heard the Pirates and The Steelers play here, but I am not sure of that. The Steelers do play here, but right now the Pirates only suck here. I think we could recruit the actors from the actual Pirates of the Caribbean movie, along with Keira Knightley, to our team and get better games out of them. I could see Johnny Depp as a good shortstop, but Orlando Bloom insists on pitching.

I thought it was the Stealers, but now I see it's the Steelers because its a steel town, like Sheffield. Sheffield also has two underperforming (soccer) teams. Sean Bean is from Sheffield and is an avid fan of Sheffield United FC.
It might be interesting to see Keira Knightley play.

lisboa, portugal ;)

Go Ronaldo !

Proud to be CANADIAN!
We are the inventor of such nice things like the basketball game (I hate sport), the chocolate bar (I hate chocolate), the bloody ceasar (so now we are not only obese with the chocolate, but drunk), the garbage bag (well, it was about time... what they were doing before with their garbage, no idea), the telephone (talking is good), the wonderbra (we think practical) and other good stuffs....

WE RULE!!! We rule!!!!! *not sarcastic* *try not be sarcastic* (^-^)


Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Voted the smartest city in the world, 2007.

Is that smartest as in well-presented or as in clever?

All I know is that we were voted most intelligent city in the world 2007. I think last year we were 3rd or something.
It's because we have 2 universities, and RIM, and many other high tech companies.

I live in Germany :-)

I'm in the USA; Akron, Ohio, to be specific.


USA: Cedar Falls, Iowa


USA: St. Francis, Minnesota

Manchester, UK


The Netherlands, Between Rotterdam (Ferry Corsten lives here) and Breda (where Tiesto cames from)

Utah, USA. And I'd like to thank all who are from the USA for not saying they are from America. Its very odd to hear someone from the USA tell someone from Venezuela "I am an American". Because the Venezuelan is, too!


Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs (the one with all those states united...)

San Francisco, California, USA.

South Africa.

Los Angeles, United States

Koper, Slovenia