Which movie should I see in theaters next?


I voted Big Fish, because I think it's better than In America, and knowing your taste, I'd rule out Cold Mountain. That leaves HoSaF and Big Fish, and I haven't seen the first.

I dunno, I think I might like "Cold Mountain." But I mainly included it because I wanted to be more familiar with the Oscar contenders. Right now, I've only seen one movie that I think could be a Best Picture nominee - "Mystic River."

Well, if you want to be familar with the Oscar contenders, Cold Mountain is a good bet. I doubt Big Fish will end up getting more attention.

The reason I didn't think you'd like Cold Mountain as much as Big Fish is that I know you concentrate of characterization a lot, a quality that Big Fish has in spades.

I voted for Big Fish,is'nt that shocking :).No really I think you'll be presently surprised.

I must admit that I'm not nearly the Tim Burton fan you are. But "Big Fish" does intrigue me...

It's a brillianly warm and kooky movie.

Haha, lamest poll ever.
I'm voting for In America, but just because I think I'm going to go see it soon. If Big Fish was showing in a theater closer to me right now, I would probably see that next.