What is your favourite Velvet Underground song?....excluding Sister Ray

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I'm excluding Sister Ray for obvious reasons. A lot of the people on listology who like the VU are Scaruffists and considering it regularly places first out of all rock songs not even just the VU I think it would hog the votes. For the same reason I don't think VU or Loaded songs will get many of the votes. Perhaps Pale Blue Eyes or What Goes On. I'm not including Squeeze because to call that a real VU album is a joke. I pondered over Loaded but put it in anyway.

Heroin. Totally Heroin. No question. Hell, even between that and Sister Ray it would be a hard decision for me. One of the most dramatic and affecting songs I've ever heard.

Although I gotta say "I Heard Her Call My Name" has the best guitar solos.

I've also always had a bit of a soft-spot for The Murder Mystery... I don't know why, but I also don't know why so many people seem to hate it. It's fucking hypnotic. That and After Hours are totally the best things on the third album.

I'm not massively surprised that this poll is being headed by Venus In Furs and Heroin; both are awesome. I think my slight preference for Venus In Furs stems from the fact I heard it before the rest of the album and was unbelievably hooked on it for days afterwards. Heroin has the better lyrics though.

I know the rest of the album always gets jeered at next to Sister Ray but I think I Heard Her Call My Name and White Light/White Heat are first class VU tracks. And yeah those solos are badass. Apparently Lou had been listening to Coleman and Taylor a lot when he came up with them. Gotta love the free jazz influence. The Gift is pretty good too when you only have one earphone in playing the instrumental part (the story tires so quickly).

Meh I realised a while ago that I've got pretty detached to what most people consider listenable. Just the other day I had a housemate ask 'what the fuck is this?' about United States Of America's The American Way Of Love. I simply responded 'it's Jefferson Airplane with the brakes removed'. I didn't bother picking a different song because I thought it would appeal to a JA fan (though predictably he only likes two songs and I'm sure you can guess their names).

Definitely "Heroin." Even including "Sister Ray," I'd say that "Heroin" is their best song.

I mean, I dig "Sister Ray," but I don't see why it's one of the all-time greatest songs. I prefer pretty much every track of The Velvet Underground & Nico.

I love all their albums, though.

I mean, I dig "Sister Ray," but I don't see why it's one of the all-time greatest songs. I prefer pretty much every track of The Velvet Underground & Nico.

Amen, dude.

I think my favorite is the gorgeous "Pale Blue Eyes," but it's close.

Yes, well some people prefer their fluffy songs.

This poll would be worthwhile if it included Sister Ray. I'm protesting by not voting

Whoa, that was in no way a thoughtful response. Insulting the opinion of someone who merely asked why a song was great, and who said that they even like the song themselves, isn't very cool.

Apologies if I'm taking this too harshly.

Wait, Lorem ipsum gave a snide, kneejerk-insult answer? Neeeeever woulda thought it.

Seriously, man, the disdain Mr. ipsum oozes upon everything he can is kinda monotonous.

Agreed. I was hoping if I ignored him he would just go away again.

My favourite rock, not VU, rock song is Sister Ray...the point is I want to see what is people's favourite song excluding Sister Ray. I'd hardly call Heroin, Venus In Furs, Black Angel's Death Song, European Son or I Heard Her Call My Name 'fluffy' songs. I'm kind of a Scaruffist too but don't worry we're 'allowed' to like more than Sister Ray from the Velvet Underground ;)