What is The Velvet Underground's best song?

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Here's all the songs from their four classic studio albums in sequential, track-to-track order. For some reason this seemed like a thing to do with them. Maybe it's because they were so damn consistent and this layout makes their output appear even more startling. Over their short, but very productive career they didn't have a clue how to write a bad song, even though they tried so hard for sounds which were so revolutionary and foreign to our sweet, "pop-expectant" ears.

Few songs experimented with tempo changes better than "Heroin" did. It's one of their true masterpieces.

Venus in Furs is certainly a great song, Herion is a bit to scary for my ears, but Sunday Morning, There She Goes Again and Femme Fatale suprisingly have good pop melodies.

I like all of those songs a lot. To me, Sister Ray is their greatest, with Heroin, European Son and Venus in Furs not too far behind. All Tomorrows Parties is up there as well.

Venus in Furs is a 5 star song there best song to me and the first album is an album I listen to a lot and I give it a 4.5 out of 5 the second is not as good I good I give it a 3.75.

But your ideal album is something like Revolver right? I can see how White Light/White Heat would fail to meet that ideal. You'd probably like Loaded quite a bit and I recommend you check it out.