rock and rolls greatest guitar player


I'm rock n rolls greatest guitar player but no one has ever heard me play!!

Johnny Thunders? From the New Yprk Dolls? Isn't he the one who did songs only using three power chords? Definitely an interesting group. Would like to learn a bit more about them.

Richard Thompson, the most CREATIVE singer/songwriter and Guitarist. Of our age.

I'd like to vote for Buddy Guy. I know that he's a *blues guitarist* but at every concert of his that I've been to he plays a solo that strings together imitations of other guitarists. Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimmy Page are constants in this routine. Buddy shames them all while staring off into the distance and grinning like a maniac (or, perhaps, as a genuine maniac.) Let me paraphrase something that I heard long ago: In guitar battles most guitarists wish they were Eric Clapton. Eric Clapton wishes he was Buddy Guy.

Also, I'm surprised that The Edge and Mark Knopfler aren't listed. (Daniel Lanois might be there as well because he plays just as much as The Edge does on the U2 albums that he produces.)

Listen to Eric Clapton play layla and you'll see he is without a doubt one of the best guitarists. Also, why is pete townshed not listed?

JIMI HEDRIX ???!!!! no way. yes he may be the first "legend" but no way his he the greates of all time.

Eddie van halen is the god. the man behind super fast pickin the man behind tappin....and he mixes this with gread melody and chors patterens!

EVH is the legend!

what type of music do you like

Steve Vai is REALLY very talented...he can make his guitar talk, I've heard this personally.

I don't know what happened to this guy---and I'll surely spell his name wrong---Ingvie Malmstein?

I can't let this poll die completely without at least mentioning Warner E. Hodges (master of the super-glued finger split ;)

Who are the greatest rock band ever

Jimi Hendrix is my God

That would mean your God is dead my friend.

Eric Clapton is the most over rated guitar player known to man. He can bend the string and make a cool bluesy note. Fuck all that. He is so over shadowed by at least twenty guitar players. He is average. No disrespect intended, thats just my feelings.

i can not for the life of me,understand why alot of people out there,do not think,eric clapton is a great guitar it their age,incompetance,immaturity? he has been pumping out music since the mid-sixties;and furthermore,can play any type of music! if you heavy metal heads don't think he can,you have not listened to a lot of his music,especially his early stuff.and if any one of you think player's like eddie van halen,angus young,and metallica are better,just to name a few,then obviously,you do not not know much about music.and by the way,i am 33 years old.and don't get me wrong,eddie and angus are"ass kicken"players!

You are all forgetting the fastest and most amazing guitar player that ever lived: Alvin Lee from the band Ten Years contest.

While we're at it... how about Leslie West?

1 vote for Lifeson, and no Gilmour?? What kind of guitar player list is this? A popularity contest? And 4 for Clapton???? Jeez!

everybody worth mentioning is on here, the votes I assume dont meet your requirements?

He's good, but he doesn't have the ability of these other guys.

Richard Thompson?

I know Clapton isn't the best showman by far, (that would take another list), but if you've seen the "Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan Special" you can see Claptons greatness (smoothness) when it's his turn at guitar on the jam toward the end.

I love the bands he's been in more than his guitar or solo work. What great bands he has been associated with.

How about Satriani or Vai?

Definately think that Steve Vai should be on this list!

Yes! I don't know if I agree about Vai (good though he is), but Satriani really does belong on this list, no matter how little radio play he gets. He probably makes my all-time top 3 - Django Reinhardt, Jimi, and the Satch.

I still think that defenitly Angus and Malcom Young should be on your list becuase they are definitly the greatest hard rock guitarist of all time. Just becuase they keep it simple doesnt meen that they arent good. I also agree that satriani should be up there and also I think Kirk Hammet should be on your list as well.

Hendrix and Santana are really the only guitarists on your list that i think are worthy of the title "great guitar player." Although I like Black Sabbath, I don't feel like Iommi belongs on this poll either. On what basis have you selected candidates for this title--number notes-per-second played, cleanest sound...??? I'm forced to vote for hendrix, but under the circumstances I feel like this election is much like the last presidential one--not many qualified candidates to choose from.

Reply to your own , dont worry about what I say to somebody else, ok?

Well jlunger, I take it you're one of those emotion guitar lovers. "Oh, the sound is so emotional." Am I right. You're a "feelings" guy. Thats not all bad, but if you don't think Steve Howe from Yes or Alex Lifeson from Rush or Jimmy Page or Eddie VanHalen do not belong here, you need to develop your musical ear and musical knowledge. I don't know what else to tell you.

I'm not saying that the guitarists on your list are all bad. Most have had their moment and are pretty good, but being a guitar player myself, I find some of their work... boring. I guess I am an "emotional guitar lover," but I thought rock n roll was at least as much about emotion as it was a well constructed guitar solo. Also, in the past few years there have been a number of guitar players that have pushed limits. Two examples would be Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine. Also, Johnny Thunders and Keith Richards (good call JohnnyW!)

These guys have pushed the limir\ts of effects pedals. Especially My Bloody Valentine, who I love.

Again... I simply disagree. I am completely baffled at how you can reduce Tom Morello's guitar technique to "pushing the limits of effects pedals." I'm not even a huge Rage fan, but what you're saying sounds like foolishness to me.

Well, I guess being a musician for 22 years and playing four different instruments and being able to read bass and treble clef music has helped me understand what a good musician of any sort is supposed to sound like. Tom Morello is merely mediocre. Especially compared to these guys on this survey. You say you're a guitar player? If thats the case, which I don't doubt, you should maybe broaden your scope of listening. Really dude, Morello doesn't come close to Steve Howe. I'll single him out because he is the greatest guitar player..ever. Listen to Yes albums like Tales From Topographic Oceans and Close To The Edge, and let me know what you think. This discussion between you and I, I hope, doesn't get hostile. You seem to be pretty strong in your opinions, as I am. I'd like this debate to endure. It may sound like I sometimes talk smack. Don't take it personally. Just don't call me foolish again. Foolish, I am not.

By the way, enlighten me..who should be on this poll that I'm missing?

Dude, where's Johnny Thunders? That man could sling out the raunchiest riffs this side of Keith Richards, even with a needle hanging from his arm!

Johnny Waco

what about johnny winter?

Sounds more like a sentimental pick to me.

Sentimental Picks!! Dude, look at your list. Most of these guys' careers are over and have been for sometime. With few exceptions this appears to be a list of sentimental picks. Sorry man.

Forget Johnny Thunders
What about Angus and Malcom Young?

By your user name, I wasn't able to figure out that you liked those guys. They are good, but fall short from this crop.