The release and moderate critical reception of Silver City prompt me to ask... What Is Your Favorite John Sayles Film?

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Only films for which Sayles was the writer and director are eligible. Comments on your favorite John Sayles film (or other John Sayles films) are welcome and encouraged.

Me, I've actually never seen a John Sayles film. I'm just interested in other peoples' opinions.

I love Sayles; I know his films get criticized at times for being rather static in their editing and shot composition, but his scripts tend to be very intelligent, his ensemble casts are always a delight to watch, and his grasp of the regions or areas he sets the films in reminds me of Altman: if a film is set in Florida, you can tell, same for Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, or West Virginia. No Hollywood ideas of what other areas of the country look like.

It was difficult to cast just one vote, but I went with Passion Fish, a film set in the swamps of Cajun country. I could also have voted for Lone Star or Sunshine State.

Silver City was entertaining and incisive in places, but also a little too obvious in its criticism of Bush and Republicans. Ending the film with a shot of a pristine Colorado lake, and then having dead fish start floating to the surface by the hundreds? With a patriotic song playing in the background? Give me a break already...However, Daryl Hannah is not to be missed as a compound-bow-shooting black sheep!

Johnny Waco

When I posted this poll seven months ago, I had never seen a John Sayles movie, but now... uh, I still haven't. And with seven votes for five movies, I can't say this poll has particularly inspired me to find a good starting point. But Passion Fish, you say? Sure, that sounds good, and at least one other person really liked it. Maybe I'll catch that sometime soon.

BTW, I find it interesting that no one voted for Lone Star. I thought that was supposed to be his most acclaimed film.

I won't vote, because I've only seen Eight Men Out and The Secret of Roan Inish. I respected both more than I enjoyed them.

Of all the ones you listed, I've seen only Eight Men Out, Passion Fish, and the Secret of Roan Inish. They were all pretty good, but I liked Roan Inish the best.