Poll0003: L. Bangs Really Over-Rates This Television Show

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You all hear me yap enough, here's your chance to talk back. Above is a list of my favorite television shows, shows I am constantly promoting here on Listology. Which one least deserves my high praise?

Please, only vote for an show you have actually seen a few times..

i dont know how old this poll is but i must say i love your taste in TV shows !!

great. i had to go with Cheers though, c'on?

'NORM!' :)

well take care
From A Movie Fan (& 1 of the 3 'pallbearer' movie fans :)

Dang! i thought it said "which is the best" :( my bad, then i mean cheers is the best and you DONT Over-rate it, it deserves all the praise.

Cheers is simply one of the finest sitcoms ever to air on network television. I am very glad you enjoy it!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs