POLL: Shallow Grave vs. Trainspotting: Which Is Better?

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What exactly is the question here? Which one is a better movie?


Kelly Macdonald naked? Oooh, I knew there was a reason I actually had to see "Trainspotting" some day...

I believe it actually comes down to Kerry Fox naked versus Kelly Macdonald naked. What was the question again? ;-)

And which won out?

Macdonald + Underworld's "Born Slippy" wins for me.

And hey, Kerry Fox fans should probably go take a peek at "Intimacy" anyway ... though not for any 'cinematic value,' of course, because it has none.

I came thisclose to seeing "Intimacy" at the New York Film Festival. (With my mother, no less.) Given the sour reception it got, I'm kind of glad I saved my money.