POLL: Netflix

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For this poll, Netflix's shipping time should include any time that a title sits on your "At Home" list before it's actually sent.

[Update (Feb 18 '05): It seems that it has become Netflix policy to hold titles for at least 24 hours before shipping them, as they have done this to me three times in the past two weeks. Anyone else having similar problems?]

On the 3-out plan, I'm down to only 3 discs a week! I think I could do just as well recieving discs all the way from GreenCine in Cali. (I'm from MN.)

The only delay I've ever had was for an Eddie Izzard show that just wasn't available when I requested it, but the wait was only a couple days. Generally, I love Netflix.

Wow, everyone's been having Netflix troubles, it seems, except me. Admittedly, my wife and I tend to hang onto discs for absurd amounts of time, so that may be part of it. But we've started to make more of an effort to turn 'em around quicker, so we'll see if we start getting these delays as well.

I still am very fond of Netflix (I've been with 'em since the beginning), but recently they have been holding titles for long periods of time before actually shipping them. I had a spot open Monday morning for "Saw" and it still hasn't shipped. Not complaining too much; it still beats the hell out of Blockbuster.