POLL: Best Movie Channel Package

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Now that my Netflix service has slowed to a veritable crawl, I am thinking about adding a pay movie channel to my DirecTV service. I've had the Showtime channels free for the last two months and have been pleasantly surprised by how many of the movies have been shown in widescreen. Are HBO/Cinemax or Starz better? Keep in mind that I have very little interest in non-movie programming.

If only Sundance, IFC and TCM came together in one package. I'd say Starz if you want the most movies. Lots of pan and scan though.

Yeah, I'm with Stumpy -- I have the Starz package and *everything* is P&S, from what I've seen.

Wait, you're with Stumpy in that I should get Starz or that they have the most p&s movies?

Oh -- only that they have the most movies, and all of them are P&S. Starz is cool if you want to see movies like "Hidalgo" or "Willard" -- rental fodder -- and don't mind that they're cropped. (They've certainly helped my wife eliminate some titles from her Netflix list.) I'm not sure what the best movie channel is; I'm pretty sure it isn't Starz, but I'm okay with it for now.

Gotta chime in and say "Willard" should most certainly not be seen cropped. Can't speak for "Hidalgo" though.

"Hidalgo" should most certainly not be seen.

I'll probably go with the Showtime package since it includes Sundance and Flix, both of which show lots of letterboxed movies. (I wonder how long it will be before all the pay channels go to an on-demand-type service.)

If I had the cash, I'd go with DirecTV's ultimate package that includes all the pay channels for less than $100 a month.

If it's aspect ratio you're interested in, Showtime's probably the best bet, as Sundance puts everything in its proper place. Flix is usually pretty good about that too.

Yeah, I've been shocked by how many movies have been shown in widescreen. I sat down this morning to watch "Candyman" and was quite surprised to find that it wasn't pan-and-scan.