The Movie Viewing Poll

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Accidentally deleted the last version of this poll, so feel free to vote again and please comment, no matter what choice you pick.

I split the vote right down the middle. Comedies and action/adventure always in the theaters and drama/art always at home with minimal distractions.

Yeah but which one did you actually vote for? :?|



Theatre of course...It's like the difference between sex and auto erotic pleasuring of oneself (hmmmhmm), so to speak. :?)

Yet Wezzo has a point. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.



I think this is a good analogy. My guess is, while most people might choose sex (or movies in a theater) as the more satisfying experience, people more frequently indulge in auto-erotic pleasuring (or movies at home), thanks to convenience and customizability (and for some people, cost!).

Variety seems to be the spice of life. But I love the big screen with it's booming sound, huge picture and easy to read subtitles (they're about 1 foot tall).

And while we're on the subject, is that movies at home DVD or movies at home Videocassette? And was the VCR invented by a seriously religious person as a way of creating penance in sinners?



I would say movies at home on DVD. I don't see any reason to watch VHS tapes. If it ain't out on DVD yet, it will be soon...well, unless there's a contractual problem.

Theater for me, because I always have to see how the audience reacts...

lol :() lol

Home theater. Choose the volume, choose subtitles (I'm hard of hearing), stop/pause when necessary, comfort of own home.