Most Talented & Ingenius Rock Band Ever?

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This is not necessarily a vote for your favorite band, but rather the rock band who has best pushed their skills towards making the most technically accomplished and amazing music in history. FEEL FREE TO MAKE SUGGESTIONS FOR ME TO ADD AS I DOUBT I'VE THOUGHT OF ALL THE MOST DESERVING ENTRIES RIGHT OFF THE BAT. Keep in mind that, until I've entered all the deserving bands, this poll isn't quite complete so you'll probably want to refrain from voting until later, unless a band you see is your certain #1.

Led Zeppelin and Metallica are there, but not Black Sabbath?
Radiohead and The Rolling Stones are there, but not The Beatles?

OK, maybe not the Beatles, but why not include Black Sabbath there too?

Overall, though, I think it's pretty difficult to decide, personally. Many of these were unique in their own way, after all. Here are the three I'm considering right now:

1. Velvet Underground
2. Magic Band
3. Red Crayola

I think Red Krayola was the most ingenious band, though. Parable of Arable Land (which I REALLY need to include on my list of the greatest albums ever, somehow) is enough to show that. No other band at that time was making music THAT accomplished and just.............FREE from everything. The free from freak-out thingies, they are just awesome and different from anything else, and still are far ahead of anything else, even Beefheart's work or (maybe) The Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows.

Why didn't The Beatles make it?

In my opinion the greatest musical artist of all time is Beethoven. He is the ideal so far, within our musical history. He is the ultimate musical genius (though Mozart may have been a greater, more natural genius, Beethoven pushed himself to the limits of his abilities, continuously broke new ground and thus made greater compositions, and on the whole, a staggering degree of many of the very greatest musical masterpieces. I do believe Mozart probably would've surpassed him if he lived longer and continued making music.)

Anyway, when thinking of "most ingenius" I think it's best to start with the ultimate example and then work your way back from there. And in my opinion, The Beatles, while a fun band, aren't even close to the genius of Beethoven. The artists presented on this poll aren't that close either, but at least have compositions here and there that are in the same ballpark.

Beethoven almost certainly would've found The Beatles a waste of time and amateur musicians at best. I also suspect he would've been rather offended by their popularity and enduring respect, and if he were a rock musician would've released compositions more in line with the level of genius found on this poll.

I also want to add that The Beatles should certainly be on your list they were as even Ozzy Osbourne said in a 2002 online Bender Magazine interview,The Greatest Band To Ever Walk The Earth! He has been a big Beatles fan since he was a teenager and he also says that loving The Beatles is like not loving oxogen!

Also there are many good music professors teaching courses on The Beatles at good universities. One of them is award winning music professor and composer Dr.Glenn Gass at Indiana University. He's been teaching a course on rock music and a Beatles course since 1982. On his site for his course it says the main purpose of the course is to get students to have a better appreciation of this amazing group and their extraordinary recordings. Dr.Gary Kendal's Beatles course is the most requested course at North Western University. And there is a Beatles course at University of California and a music professor with the last name of heinonen at JYVASKYLA in Finland also teaches a Beatles course.

That Piero Scaruffi doesn't know what he's talking about and has totally inaccurate ignorant misconceptions about The Beatles.
Jimi Hendrix played Day Tripper Live and he also played Sgt.Pepper live in concert only two days after the album was released. George Harrison played on The Cream Song Badge and Eric Clapton was good friends with him and John and was a member of John's Plastic Ono Band in 1969. Frank Zappa was also good friends with John and they recorded a song and album together in 1972. The Rolling Stones were also good friends with and big fans of The Beatles and Mick Jagger was at 4 Beatles recording sessions and Keith Richards was at 2 of them with him. Mick Jagger even came just to stand on the sidelines and watch and listen to them record their song,Baby You're A Rich Man in May 1967. Mick Jagger's name is even on the tape box because he might have sang at the end verses.

I suggest you read the excellent book,The Beatles Recording Sessions by Mark Lewisohn which is a thorough detailed music diary of their remarkable 8 year recording career. See what their recording engineers Geoff Emerick, Norman Smith who went on to work with Pink Floyd,Ken Scott who went on to work with David Bowie,and Alan Parsons a highly impressed Beatles fan who was one of their engineers on their last two albums Abbey Road and Let it Be,all describe about how truly innovative,creative and inventive especially John and Paul were in the recording studio.

The Beatles are the # 1 acclaimed artists on which is all of the different rock music critics reviews combined over decades!

I have listened to The Beatles albums hundreds of times as they used to be my favorite band. I have no need to do it again as I have found far superior music. I am fully aware of their respective talents and, but they simply don't meet my standards anymore.

For an example of a pop album that comes the closest to meeting my standards, try In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. I feel it is the greatest pop album of all time and it should give you a better idea of what I look for in an album so you can better understand my position. It seems to me that you've assumed that I've been ignorant of The Beatles and "refuse to see their greatness" which is far from the truth. I own (or have owned) almost all their albums at one point in time, and I've tried them again a few times over the last many months, and I just don't think they're very good anymore. I think they're pretty boring and predictable actually, and the only innovation I give a crap about is that which isn't boring and predictable and unemotional. There are very few times where I feel The Beatles meet that standard.

The Beatles were *NOT* amateur musicians at all! They played 8 hours a night for 2 years in a row in the sleazy strip clubs of Hamburg Germany taking speed pills to stay awake. Eric Clapton was interviewed in 1992 when he and George were touring Japan together and both were asked what they admired about each other,and Eric Clapton said George was a fantastic slide guitar player. He played on the Cream song Badge. There is an excellent web site called,The Evolution of Rock Bass Playing McCartney Style by Denis Alstrand. In it Stanley Clarke,Will Lee,Billy Sheehan,and Sting all say what a great,melodic influential bass player Paul McCartney has always been! The 1992 Rolling Stone Album Guide also calls Paul a remarkable bass player and also rightfully calls John and Paul the 2 greatest song writers in the history of rock.

Pete Townsend,John Paul Jones and John Bonham of Led Zeppelin all played on two songs on Paul's last Wings album,Back To The Egg in 1979,and they also played live in the last Wings concert in December 1979. Pete Townsend also played on two songs on Paul's 1986 Press To Play album along with Phil Colins who has always been a big Beatles fan.He was in A Hard Day's Night as a 13 year old as a member of the concert audience. Also Eric Clapton said John Lennon was a very good rhythm guitar player. And he would have known he played live with John in his 1969 Plastic Ono Band.
Classical composer Leonard Bernstein called John Lennon and Paul MCCartney the two greatest song composers of the 20th century,and I'm sure Beethoven would have felt the same! Many music critics have compared John and Paul to Beethoven and they were the Beethoven of rock!

That's fine that all these musicians like The Beatles. It is very difficult infact to find someone who doesn't like them, which is a testament to their brilliance with basic melody and the ease in which they were able to duplicate a successful sound throughout their career while also making strides in increasing the complexity of their compositions gradually, successfully bringing the fringes of avant-garde by the teaspoon to the masses.

As for a Beethoven comparison: if someone, anyone thinks the Beatles are the Beethoven of rock, I have no choice but to presume that person is either:

1. Deaf
2. Has never heard Beethoven
3. Has never heard The Beatles
4. stupid/ignorant
5. so sucked into the Beatles myth that he/she would try to enhance their reputation by making a completely idiotic comparison as that

The only song by The Beatles that even begins to grasp Beethoven is the orchestral meltdowns of A Day In The Life, but even this is a longshot. Beethoven's compositional genius is FAR out of their reach. There are too many examples to count. It's such a ridiculous statement that has so many factors backfiring against it that I am nearly confused by the plethora of options at my disposal.

How about what is among the most complex and beautifully compositions ever created, the final movement to Beethoven's immortal masterpiece (and perhaps the greatest musical work of all time) Symphony #3? The fugue that weaves its way through the body of interconnected melodic lines and instrumental nuance of that movement is more accomplished than anything The Beatles even dreamed of.

Offended? Nah, I think Beethoven would be secure enough with his own fame and enduring respect that he wouldn't get all worked up about the Beatles. He wouldn't be fans of theirs, but they wouldn't make him angry; he could just accept that they were doing their own thing and he was doing his. Maybe he'd even listen to Sgt. Pepper's sometimes and chuckle to himself, thinking "Hey, I invented that!" every now and then. But he probably wouldn't, because he was deaf.

"because he was deaf"

That might even be a bonus if listening to that particular album

While I admire and respect him infinitely as an artist, Beethoven was an ornery S.O.B, which is why I think he would've scoffed at the Beatles, had he heard them.

I haven't even heard of most of those bands...

Well, I suggest checking them out. If you give me some specifics, like what your very favorite album(s) of all time are, I can give you some spot-on recommendations and advice. I've done it many, many times, and honestly can't recall a single failure from any instances where the person followed my recommendation and listening advice.

Write-in entry: R.E.M.

(I'd also add The Fall and They Might Be Giants, but this seems like a pretty good list as-is).

I'll wait to see if you add R.E.M.; if not I'll vote either Radiohead or V.U.

I'm still thinking about R.E.M (they can effectively play so many different styles which is the key reason they have a chance), but I'm gonna have to say no to the other 2.

Thanks for the suggestions Wezzo.

No problem. Thought I was pushing it with those two. :)

I'd also consider The Residents actually, if you add them per Luke's suggestion..

Just so you know, I'm not going to add REM.

Thanks for the suggestion though. It was a tough choice.

Ahh, okay. I'll vote Residents then.

Thanks Wezzo. I responded to Luke's suggestion above on the Residents. You're welcome to jump in on my request (see above).

You might consider adding Slint, Fugazi and/or Husker Du. Otherwise, this list is spot on.

Thanks for the suggestions:

I'll likely add Fugazi. I've been keeping them in consideration since I started.

I might add Husker Du, but I doubt it.

Slint is a tough call. Spiderland is great, a masterpiece, one of the finest albums of the 90s, but they have such a short body of work (only two albums with Tweez), and when I start comparing them to the others here they don't quite hold up.

The Red Krayola should make the list.

Yes, definitely. Thankyou Luke.

Also, consider The Residents, Embryo, and Pop Group.

Sadly (;

I haven't heard any of them....though I've definitely heard of them, especially Residents and Pop Group.

I really want to keep this list to the very best.

I'd appreciate it if you'd help convince me to add those, such as stating why they're so ingenius, etc...

AllMusic's bio here, particularly, the first two paragraphs, does a good job. Also check out a few of AllMusic's album reviews here, particularly Meet the Residents, Third Reich'n'Roll and God in Three Persons.

Thanks for the links. The more I read about them, the more obvious it became that they should be added.

Now I'll have to check out "Not Available". Sounds very interesting.

as if I didn't have enough albums to buy...

Is it possible to change my vote now that you've added the Residents? I've got hometown loyalty to them.

Sure...but how do I change your vote?

I have no idea

What did you vote for?

Hendrix, if memory serves

I deleted Hendrix and re-entered him, so go ahead and vote again. You should be able to but I'm not sure if this will register as you still having voted or not even though I deleted it.

...actually it looks like when I re-enter Hendrix, your vote comes back again...oh well.

Hendrix was a great pick anyway. You definitely shouldn't be disappointed with it!

Yeah, I'm fine with Hendrix. If the places had been switched I might have asked you to cancel my Residents vote and give me Jimi.

Hendrix narrowly outdid the Velvets for me.