How did You Find Listology?


the way I found listology was I searched for the rolling stone's 100 greatest guitarists list on google

What an idea! I was thinking of this long time ago. I nearly thought of recommending it to 1922 ("the grand inquisitor" as bertie would say).

I found this through darktremor's awesome trance list. Then 0dysseus posted somewhere, and I was submerged.

What I'd love to know is how 0dysseus found this site. I suspect she was looking for a review on some concert (I don't remember which) and she posted on professor's list (again, don't remember which).

I honestly don't mean to sound cliched, but this is the only site where I ever get to listen (read?) to intelligent people.

Ok, scratch that. This list is where she first posted. Someday, I'd like to do a whole history on you, 0dysseus.

Wait. History is for of the dead.

Actually, this is her first post, which I know because of the retrospective later on the page.

Oh.. ok. Great. Thanks for the heads up AJ. I read that before but I guess I need to pay more attention.

A long, long time ago I had a job wherein there was so little to do I started to search online for "top 10 lists". I came across this site, registered very early on, and now many years later, I'm at a job wherein there is so little to do I'm still on Listology. Ah, progress!

haha cool :P

I think I first came across it in a search for movie lists, but it could also have been because Jim left a comment on my blog.

I remember literally doing a search for "lists" because I wanted a website with lots of lists of things. I came across Listology but the site was down for several weeks (I think). Too bad - because 'Listology' sounded just like what I was looking for. I happened across it again a couple months later and was immediately hooked. The rest, as they say, is... ah, fuck it, I don't have to quote 'them.' The rest you know.

:-) ha. listology is great, what amazes me is its vast size. you can search stuff that was created like 3 yrs ago but the site still holds its data, its endless!

I learned about it from sleestak.

:-) cool.

On a note of triviality, what time is it in merry old England?

its 8:42pm right now mate.

I was looking for best of movie lists, and I came across this, and the rest is history ;)

:-) lol and in the case of listology, it becomes most of your future :() (i know i'm addicted!

lol i'm always on it!!...(sigh)

Exactly! That's the same thing with me! I am so paranoid because I have to take high school entrance exams, (at the high school I am going to there are 4 levels of classes and I am trying to get in to the top level) and I am addicted to listology. Well, you can't have it all....... ;)

I voted "other". :-)


I *think* it was from a search engine. Yeah, I'll go with that.

Gee, I honestly can't remember!

I came across Listology first as a slash box on Slashdot, I spent about a year just lurking around before ever making a list. Interestingly I hardly ever visit Slashdot anymore but usually wind up at Listology one or two times a day.

kool, whats slashdot mate? is a news site aimed mostly at computer geeks with news about science and technology, rather then politics or entertainment. If you log in you can customise the web page some what and display only the 'slash boxes' (the boxes on the right side of the screen) with only the ones that you want Listology is one of the many choices you can have.

cool, thankyou i'll check it out!