Greatest Rock Masterpieces according to Me

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I form my opinion on these criterias.
Influence on the Genre of Rock:

Nice list. Hurray for "Odessey & Oracle" ... such an underrated gem.

I'm a bit surprised Jimi hasn't gotten votes yet. Definitely a legend of guitar. Sgt. Pepper was the Beatles most prolific album, so it could probably be above revolver on your list. Just an opinion.

Why do the Stones get the shaft on these Listology lists? I would pick Let it Bleed on this list or near on the top of the list.

Are You Experienced, In The Court of the Crimson King and Unknown Pleasures would all make my Top 100. The others (that I've heard) are all fine albums, but they just don't thrill me like they used to.

You should expand your list. I'd like to see your Top 50.

I will expand my list thank you.