Favorite Band Whose Name is Also a Geographical Location

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The name of the group must be the exact name of the place, so groups like American Music Club were disqualified.

These seven are all I could come up with. Are there any more notable bands with names that are also geographical locations? If so, suggestions are welcome.


Good calls.

Oo, Europe, good one. One of the few bands I've seen live (they were opening for Def Leppard (is it possible to disown one's own adolescence? :-) )

:-) I had the Quiet Riot and Journey albums as well. As for one of the other bands on your list, a friend used to call them "Flock of Haircuts", which still makes me laugh whenever I think of it.

I don't know if these are noteworthy enough to include on your list but here's a few from the old timer:

New York Dolls
Black Oak Arkansas
Bay City Rollers
Atlanta Rhythm Section
Uncle Tupelo
Ohio Express
Miami Sound Machine
Georgia Satellites
Kentucky Headhunters
L. A. Guns
Little Texas
Nashville Pussy (seriously)
Ohio Players
Would "Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels" count?

Sorry, but most of these wouldn't qualify by my rules. The band name must be the exact name of a geographical location, not include the name of a geographical location. However, Nazareth and Alabama would qualify. I've never heard of Nazareth, but I'm sure I've heard Alabama mentioned at some point. Thanks for the suggestions.

So THAT'S what the comment section is for, duh! :^)

"Asia" too.

Okie dokie.

Please add a "none of the above" or "these all suck" selection to your poll so I can vote. Thanks.

Good idea.