The characters from this movie are your new best friends - choose:

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I created this list because of the tendency of movies with ensemble casts to pop up in my dreams with me as a member. Sometimes this is really cool - a la Empire Strikes Back. Sometimes this is fairly disturbing, a la Reservoir Dogs. Any comments on why you chose a certain film would certainly be illuminating.

I voted for Boogie Nights - It just so happens to be one of my fantasies. Come on how hard can it be (sorry, hehehe) to be a Porn Star.

Then a close second would be The Sound of Music. I know i have issues (Porn Star one minute - singing with Julie Andrews the next) But i have always loved that movie.

Moulin Rouge - are you kidding - see my other poll (World's Worst Movie)

Definitely LOTR. I'd be all "You Gandalf, gimme one of them eagles." Then I'd kick back with some halfling leaf while while I got airlifted to Mt. Doom. Screw walking! The Fellowship were apparently a bunch of pointy-eared morons! Then, when that was over, I'd want to find out if I could take Gandalf. Afterall, he's only about 5th level tops.

LOTR would be the adventure to end all adventures! Just think... hanging out with the hobbits! elves! magicians! ents! Wow!

Had to go with The Matrix. I'm a programmer, so I might actually find a way to be useful (although I'd probably be one of the expendable characters).

Fellowship won my vote, with MR! and Star Wars close behind. I think I might create my own version of this list. A very fun idea.