best radiohead album: you pick!

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they dont have that many, but people seem to be quite opinionated on this matter, and i thought we should settle it.

I've really never understood why people think that The Bends and OK Computer are Radiohead's better albums (I see why they prefer them--anthemic guitar, etc.) but overall I find them to be way overhyped and overrated, as was Oasis, in comparison with the early work of the Verve and Spiritualized, like on their debuts A Storm in Heaven and Lazer Guided Melodies. These albums far surpass Radiohead's first two albums in terms of innovation yet they're overlooked and undervalued.

Kid A, on the other hand, is Radiohead's best--ditching all of the stuff that made them popular (and which also was more just Britpop) on The Bends and OK Computer and delving into much more experimental, challenging, and (in my opinion) rewarding music. It remains Radiohead's bravest step forward and there's nothing else quite like it in this new decade.

Radiohead's the bends, rivals any of the legendary bands, classic albums, that came before. A masterpiece that only diserves to be remembered for eternity. Their albums that followed. not trying to top the bends, but taking the music in another direction. Each album a different experience, telling a different story. Hail to The Bends!

what about "hail to the thief", their newest album?