Best David Bowie Song


Folks! Sorry but this list comes up way short.

When you include china girl, modern love and golden years, you know the list was made by an american. Those are great songs, but even as an American, I know that tvc15, station to station, big brother and starman are musts for any top 10 list of long time core Bowie fans.

I'll vote for the golden years. Really the lyrics attract me.

I vote for Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie. In general, it is very difficult to make something out of his repertoire. Experimenting with different styles David Bowie managed to retain its own recognizable style, which can not be repeated.

How can you forget "life on Mars" one of the best songs ever

1. Sunday 2. Ashes to Ashes 3. The Man Who Sold the World 4. Time 5. Future Legend & Diamond Dogs 6. Cygnet Committee 7. Life on Mars 8. I`m Deranged 9. It`s No Game (part 1.) 10. Slip Away 11. God Knows I`m Good 12. Heathen 13. 5:15 Angels Have Gone 14. Wild is the Wind 15. The Pretty Things are Going to Hell 16. Pallas Athena 17. I Can`t Read 18. Wild Eyed Boy from the Freecloud 19. Sex and the Church 20. Sons of the Silent Age 21. The Loneliest Guy 22. I`m Always Crushing with the Same Car 23. Young Americans 24. Shining Star 25. The Secret life of Arabia 26. She`s Got Medals 27. Sound and Vision 28. Please mr. Gravedigger 29. TVC 15 30. `STARMAN`

"quick sand", damn man i love that tune (knowledge comes from death's release)"I certainly hope so".

yeah, Lady Stardust needs to be up there!

Might I suggest adding "Starman" and "Lady Stardust", as well as "Life on Mars?".

i'd have to agree with you, life on mars could be my all time favorite.

This list can't be taken seriously, until his most influential recording is included. Life on mars! probably his finest hour. encouraging people to open their minds and ponder the existance of life. If i'm wrong don't comment, because I know i'm right!

I've never done things. I've never done bad things. I never did anything out of the blue. Whoa-oh.

I refuse to vote because, first of all, you misspelled "Heroes" and you also left off most of my favorite Bowie songs.

No offense.

NOT one song from Aladdin Sane - this is my fav from Bowie. Panic in Detroit, Watch that Man, Jean Gennie, Lets spend the night together.

This was done so long ago. I have since picked up the album, and you're right, there is great stuff.

Plus Modern Love, Five Years, Rock 'n Roll Suicide, The Jean Genie, Panic In Detroit, Life On Mars, Queen Bitch.

AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGH !!! Too many to chose from.

From this list, I voted for "Rebel Rebel" but I'd also like to submit a write-in vote for "Sound and Vision." Great song...

Johnny Waco

Nathanial, you are missing Fame, Ziggy Stardust, Ashes to Ashes. I need you to modify this if you dont mind brother.

No Golden Years or Young Americans either.

Has anyone heard of Bowie's band Tin Machine? I really liked the first album they made, but it seems that no one else has even heard of this stuff. Just wondering...

The closest thing to Lou Reeds "Metal Machine Music" I've ever heard. I wanted so much to like this, too. Experimental for sure. A couple of good tunes on the first. Don't bother with their second release.

I've heard the first and second tin machine album. I do some people who like them, but I'm afraid I can't stand the band, although I do like Bowie.

Has anybody ever heard the version of Rebel Rebel on the Sound + Vision box set? Even better than the "official" version! Fantastic!


Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs