Best Dance Artist? (poll)


How terrible, I'm the first to vote Orb.

And Sasha in the lead....

No matter, I'm seeing both on Sunday!

Lucky! T-T

Don't like to brag but BAM! Throw in ATB, Felix Da Housecat and Kraftwerk in as well. :D

Yeah, I really wasn't much of a completionist with this list...

And you are a lucky bastard. The Orb AND Sasha, how did you manage that?

Screw Sasha, I mainly want to see Kraftwerk. I'll see Sasha if it doesn't clash with The Orb or Kraftwerk. It's a 10 hour festival.

There's another festival in early January, with Underworld, De La Soul, Faithless, Benny Benassi, Ferry Corsten, Cut Copy, Cosmic Gate and Salmonella Dub. Might check out that one as well.

This sounds wicked! Where is it?

You are welcome to fly over the the south west coast of Australia. :P


Have fun :D

Although I'm seeing Infected Mushroom on Sunday :D

Nice, Infected Mushroom, should be gravy.

Luckily they the main ones I want to see (Kraftwerk and The Orb) are on at different times.

Let us know how it went you lucky bastard!!!

It was freakin' incredible!

Firstly, the Orb played about half of Adventures, starting with Pulsating Brain with a beat, then Star 7 8 9, Little Fluffy Clouds, and bits of Perpetual Dawn. No U.F.Orb or Orbus Terrarum, but they threw in a hilarious Looney Tunes sample. They had a rapper and a drummer, along with Paterson and Felhmann (I think?) which really added a sense of spontaneity to their performance. Only problems was the lack of Towers of Dub and Perpetual Dawn (the full song), and the fact they were only on for an hour.

Sasha wasn't too bad, but I didn't recognise any songs, and was also too busy dancing to pay too much attention.

Kraftwerk were unbelievable. I managed to get to the front near the start of their 90 minute set, and spend ages trying to get their video guy to give me a thumbs up :P. But their audio/video sync was fantastic, they played most of their hits, and after an hour, they left, and these weird moving robots were brought out for "We Are The Robots". I also nearly shat myself when they played "Autobahn" and "The Model". Only problem was their weak encore, "Aerodynamik" and something else. Considering they didn't play "Neon Lights" or "Europe Endless", I thought they would have been better encore songs. But still great.

If either the Orb or Kraftwerk come to a town near you, GO SEE THEM! And bring on Underworld and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds in January!

And man, where do you live! How do you get all of these shows???

Sasha being Sasha, you wouldn't recognize any songs :D

It's very good to hear that The Orb still play their (superior) older material.

Haha, I was talking to a guy at work, and there was another festival on last week, with Paul van Dyke and INFECTED MUSHROOM. He looked in at IM and said it was some crazy hard sh!t. If I had known they were going, I might have went.

I live in Perth, south west coast of Australia. We have a lot of people (1.3 million), but being the most isolated large city in the world, not all bands touring Oz come here (stupid Gary Numan), as it costs too much. But yeah, this year, lots of people are coming, like the Prodigy in February.

But it sounds like you had an awesome time afterwards, whereas all I did was sober up and went home. I'm still tossing up whether to go and see Underworld/De La Soul/Adam Freeland/Faithless in early Jan.

Haha, Gary Numan, he's still around?

I really do recommend seeing them, it's a really good show. It's an odd experience - imagine a punk show where psytrance comes out of the instruments and the mosh pit is a rave, and you have an idea of what it's like.

Oh yeah, it was awesome, both pre, during, and post. A fun advantage of LSD: you tend to make a lot of acquaintances on it (at least, I do), and the night's not over for 12 hours.

GO TO UNDERWORLD/ADAM FREELAND/FAITHLESS/DE LA SOUL!!!! I mean it, that's once in a lifetime, and apparently all 4 put on an incredible show (Adam Freeland, for example, is apparently bonkers, and Underworld and Faithless)

Mr Numan's made a resurgence, and he isn't that old (50 odd)?

I'll have to go see them, but the main prob is don't know anyone that likes EDM. I'll have to dig up someone I guess.

Ah, that's too bad. I was lucky, a friend initially got me into EDM, which makes it easier.

I was never the biggest Numan fan anyway, and I find revival tours are usually boring money-grabs from artists who squandered their fortune and now perform their old hits as a form of pension.

Sounds awesome.

Then again, I had a pretty wicked time too. Infected Mushroom played all of their "big hits," but also some of their older, more purely psytrance stuff as well, and the warm-up DJ (Martin Villeneuve, a Max Graham disciple, actually I think Graham may have been there too - it was really a rave, not a concert for DJ-worship, so I'm not sure) was all acid trance and psytrance, which is great.

Infected even played Mush Mushi, my personal favorite of theirs, which is apparently usually neglected live. When it broke into its final "anthem" (if you can call that freeform freak-out an anthem), I turned into a soundwave and bounced from wall to wall for the next hour (I was on LSD, since I don't drink or take E, and well, it was a psytrance rave). By the time I morphed out of it, some sort of sped-up Astral Projection type track was playing which for some reason turned me into a bucking bronco, and I started doing a kind of bullfight dance with the other ravers before settling into a demented little kung-fu routine. Infected was gone by this point, so I got on the now vacant stage and started doing "the worm," and had the whole club clapping (until the bouncers kicked me off).

We ended up actually meeting most of the other partygoers that night thanks to my eccentric (and apparently quite funny) behaviour, and we brought a bunch of our new acquaintances back to one of my accompanying friend's' house, where I DJed some "downtempo" (ambient psy/ambient dance/ambient/IDM) for them on his mixing software as a soundtrack to the sunrise while we discussed existential philosophy, Tiplerian concepts of utopia, the endpoint of modernism, electronic music, and general Lewis Carroll-ian nonsense. I then headed to my morning class on the afterglow (without sleep), and took the best notes I've taken in my entire university career (in fact, I still remember almost all of them). I felt pretty smug about that, actually - all of my friends in that class who were hungover got me to send them my notes from that day. All in all an intense, fantastic night.

Digweed perhaps.

Digweed, indeed. +adds


Infected Mushroom is listed twice. Does that mean it has 4 votes total? either way could you fix it please...

Yes, good point. I fixed it. Thanks.

I haven't tested this, but I think if you list one thing twice, votes count towards both. If someone knows the answer to this, let me know (not that there's much I can do about it either way).

Juan Atkins
Derrick May
Joey Beltram
Laurent Garnier

Indeed. +adds

no Yahel? :P i vote for oliver lieb anywayz but i think yahel deserves a place on the list ;)

I don't think Yahel is THAT good (pretty good, but no all-time master), but I'll add him anyway.

Agreed... he's not that good... but i saw others on the list which aren't way over his value... so to speak :P

Good point, I guess that happens when you take every suggestion. Plus, I used to be into pretty bad dance music :P

I voted for Astral Projection. I considered Oliver Lieb, but I find Astral Projection more mindblowing.

Good point - I've left out quite a number of artists who should certainly be on here...I'll update this with a whole bunch of new names. Thanks for pointing that out.

Oliver Lieb? If he was put in I'd go for him but without i go for Sasha.

You're right. You're definitely right.

And he's my personal choice too. Honestly, what was I thinking?

Now of course the only problem for me is that i can't change my vote to Lieb. Still, I'm far from unhappy having chosen Sasha given the initial choice.

i cant believe ferry corsten is winning :|.

Yeah, I wasn't even going to put him on the list initially, since he hasn't really innovated anything. The only reason he went on is because I wanted everyone to be able to express their opinions.

Still, some opinions are certainly better than others.

hi thnks for the reference darktremor, dno if you've seen but i've updated it anyway

no prob. :)