Age and Communication Media

Author Comments: 

I've been wondering about age and how many communication devices someone uses. The popular theory would be the younger you are, the more types of media you own/use. Now, this poll will obviously be slanted for the computer users, but I'm curious if this stretches out to other types of communication.
For this poll, I'm counting "types of media communication" as follows: land-line phone, cell phone, beeper, e-mail, instant messaging, voice over IP phone calls (VoIP), and if you maintain a blog (Jim, you get listology). I figure everyone here will have at least two (email and a phone of some sort), but if you don't mind, please put in the comments if you (or your family) do NOT have a landline. I'd also take suggestions on other electronic media styles I might be missing. Any other thoughts, feel free to throw them in the comments.