The Story of Muhammad Ali in Ten Fights

  • Win Tunney Hunsaker Decision (unanimous) Round 6 1960-10-29 Louisville, KY First Fight
  • Win Sonny Liston Corner retirement Round 7 1964-02-25 Miami Beach, FL Won WBA/WBC Heavyweight titles; Stripped of WBA title on 1964-06-19 Shook up the World in one of the greatest upsets in boxing history. Ali is blinded by what is thought to be a cream on Listons gloves, causing much suspicion and controversy.
  • Win Sonny Liston KO Round 1, 2:12 1965-05-25 Lewiston, ME Retained WBC Heavyweight title Beats Liston in less than a round. First fight as Muhammad Ali, an avowed member of the Nation of Islam.
  • Loss Joe Frazier Decision (unanimous) Round 15 1971-03-08 New York City, NY "The Fight of the Century"; Match was for WBA/WBC Heavyweight titles
  • Loss Ken Norton Decision (split) Round 12 1973-03-31 San Diego, CA Lost NABF Heavyweight title Loses belt again. Would beat Norton six months later to reclaim belt, and beat him again three years later.
  • Win Joe Frazier Decision (unanimous) Round 12 1974-01-28 New York City, NY Retained NABF Heavyweight title; Vacated title later in 1974
  • Win George Foreman KO Round 8, 2:58 1974-10-30 Kinshasa, Zaire "The Rumble in the Jungle"; Won WBA/WBC Heavyweight titles
  • Win Joe Frazier TKO Round 14, 0:59 1975-10-01 Quezon City, Philippines "The Thrilla in Manila" Retained WBA/WBC Heavyweight title
  • Win Leon Spinks Decision (unanimous) Round 15 1978-09-15 New Orleans, LA Won WBA Heavyweight title; Vacated title on 1979-09-06
  • Loss Larry Holmes TKO Round 10 1980-10-02 Las Vegas, NV Match was for WBC Heavyweight title
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