my favorite beers (the definitive college homeboy list)

  1. Prior
  2. Rohrbach Scotch Ale
  3. Boddingtons
  4. Stella Artois
  5. Heineken
  6. Red Stripe
  7. Sam Adams Oktoberfest
Author Comments: 

Fun fact: I'm drinking one of these right now. Also, I just turned 21. I want suggestions.

Not that I want to contribute to excesses of any kind (and I'm not suggested that you drink to excess), I do believe appreciating a good beer is a fine thing to be capable of.

Where to begin?

1) Czechvar (known in Europe as Budvar) is miles away from Budweiser, and well popular over here.
2) Belgian trappiste beers (Chimay, Orval, etc.) Made for sipping, not chugging.
3) My personal favourite, Leffe (which cramoukji informs me is not a real trappiste beer, but I love it regardless)
4) If you like Boddington's, start trying other English bitters. There are hundreds, if not thousands, and they're all distinct. Blue Bird is a Northern English one that stands out. By the way, Boddington's is the "cream of Manchester", even though its no longer brewed here :(
5) Try McEwan's Scotch ale. Thick Scottish cure for what ails ya.
6) Kronenberg White Premier Cru. Mmmm.
7) Amstel. I prefer it over Heineken for the Dutch beers.
8) Augustiner beers from Bavaria. Lager, dunkel or weiss bier, all quality. Augustiner is the brewer, not the style.
9) Pop on over to this list for further listings. Check out the recommendations cramoukji has in the comments below the list. Being Belgian, he oughtta know beer!

My ultimate fave is Stella. I drink it "all the time". I'm boring, I know. ;)
Haven't got the chance to try much of the others you guys are recommending, but I sure want to. Maybe one of these days.

Duval, Delirium Tremens, Chimay Triple, Old Speckled Hen, that organic beer that tastes like apricots that John bought (it's British), I actually like Harp, etc. ;-)

If anyone offers you Lord Chesterfield, punch him/her right in the mouth.