Current Addictions

  • Potato chips
  • Coaching baseball
  • Skyrim

You like greatest film lists of all varieties, eh? I have a few sites to recommend for you. One is, a site which tallies international critical responses (relying heavily on Sight and Sound polls) to come up with the 1000 most acclaimed films of all time. The top 100 are here (, and actually, I just noticed that there's a new feature on the site, with all 1000 films ranked in order! The ranked 1000 can be found here (

I also want to recommend, a site with plenty of movie lists (among others) that lets you keep track of which ones you've seen.

I hope you enjoy those sites if you've never been to them before!

Thanks for the great suggestions. I am familiar with, but not They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?, whic is all sorts of fun. I can't believe I've never come across it before. I've been heavily reliant on Tim Dirks, which has long been my main reference for interesting film lists, including his own (albeit Hollywood/English language only) top 300.

Yeah, is a wonderful site, though I too wish he would include some foreign films in there. Glad you enjoy TSPDT.

This site is a good foreign films reference, though it's more imdb than filmsite.

Strictly Film School is just that: a series of short essays on notable films from the great directors.

Has everybody discovered yet?

I'm familiar with the first and the third (my username is open stacks, although I made the list awhile ago and it could use some tweaking), but SFS is very interesting and I'd never heard of it. So I thank you.

Freezepops, lol. A VERY cheap, good-tasting snack, isn't it?

Indeed. I'm in a process of rediscovering treats from my childhood. This one has been the most successful. (Note: Twinkies are nasty.)

If you're into world music, I liked the 'Putomayo' collection. It seems to be the kind of thing libraries like picking up - or if your system doesn't have it you could order it (if that's one of the things you do). :-)

Ah, Flickr. Pictures also bring a more powerful, personal feel to online content - just like voice.

Yeah, Putumayo releases some great stuff, as does Rough Guide, Nonesuch Explorer and Smithsonian Folkways. As you astutely predict, I am the world music selector for my library.

This prompts me to ask: Where in the world are you? Are you in Papa Wemba?

Odysseus, I'd love to know the same about you.

I'm deep in the heart of the USA. Landlocked as can be.

As for Papa Wemba, I'm familiar (and have selected), but I couldn't honestly say I was into him at this point. That's mostly due to lack of time to really get into any specific artists.

"Where in the world are you? Are you in Papa Wemba?"
Whoops, I intended to sing out in a strictly metaphorical way. (Really)
"...strictly metaphorical way. (Really)" That's also an attempt to be funny/clever.
It was an attempt to be humorous/witty/oxymoronic as well as a fowl reference to Papua New Guinea.
"...fowl... Guinea." Will it ever stop?
It wasn't intended to be a trip to Carmen San Diego or Waldo Pond.

I'm wary of revealing too much information (to both intelligence and counter-intelligence agencies.) This helps me to write in a neutral, accessible, precise way without anyone suspecting that they know me or feeling that some things can go unsaid. It's for much the same reason that I try to be calm and unemoticonable (chat=okay, post=not so much). Part of me dislikes letting even that much slip because it inhibits others. Finally (finally!), it encourages people to "trust, but verify" and to tune out when "Ramble On" is sung out too literally. Which we've hopefully done.

I appreciate your motivations for maintaining such strict anonymity.

Hey, congrats on your pending fatherhood!