An accurate list for the top 15 Pink Floyd songs of their whole career span.

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    some person made a list of some good Pink Floyd songs, but certainly not their best, so I'm going to give this a go. I didn't think the list was very accurate, myself.
  • 1.)Echoes.
  • 2.)Dogs
  • 3.)Time
  • 4.)Shine on You Crazy Diamond (all parts merged)
  • 5.)Hey You
  • 6.)Sheep
  • 7.)Interstellar Overdrive
  • 8.)High Hopes
  • 9.)Brain Damage
  • 10.)Wish You Were Here
  • 11.)See Emily Play
  • 12.)A Pillow of Winds
  • 13.)When The Tigers Broke Free
  • 14.)Remember a Day
  • 15.)The Nile Song
Author Comments: 

Now, I think lots of Floyd songs are equal, and I love almost all of them, but I tried to get some variety in there.

you can't make a list like this