How do I add formatting?

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Like links, this is best illustrated by example. This code . . .

I said "to <strong>boldly</strong> go where no man has gone before", not to <em>italically</em> go there.

. . . will appear like so:

I said "to boldly go where no man has gone before", not to italically go there.

Listology also has a couple built-in styles you can use if you like. If you create a list that looks like this:

Godfather <span class="gray">(arguably Coppola's greatest)</span>
<span class="highlight"> Godfather II </span>
Godfather III <span class="gray">(ugh.)</span>

My new entries are highlighted.

. . . it will appear like so:

  • Godfather (arguably Coppola's greatest)
  • Godfather II
  • Godfather III (ugh.)

My new entries are highlighted.

The idea was to create easy, standard methods of [a] highlighting new entries to lists and [b] visually distinguishing notes from list items.