What is this site for?


It all started with two observations:

1. Most folks like to create and share "best" and "worst" lists relating to movies, books, and music and...

2. Comparing lists and finding people of similar tastes is a great way to find new things to watch, read, or listen to.

The Listology allows you to share all manner and variety of lists relating to movies, books, and music. You no longer have to content yourself with some "official" body telling you what "The Most Influential Novels of All Time" are. Instead, you can publish your own version of that list here.

Even better, you can search all the lists that have been submitted to The Listology. Suppose your favorite movie is "Ishtar," and you haven't been able to find anyone who shares your tastes. How are you supposed to get reliable movie recommendations? Just navigate to our "search" screen, plug in "Ishtar," and see what lists it appears on. If you find a list titled, "The 10 Best Movies Ever," you might have found a compatriot!

Of course, this site is only useful if The Listology contains lists, so if you like the site, please contribute! Just click on "My Content" in the menu, and start sharing your favorite movies, most hated books, most overrated albums, or anything else you can think of.