[quiz: lyrics] another one of those lyrics quizzes...

  1. "A Big Mac has 26 grams of fat; a Quarter Pounder has 28 grams of fat..." (Wesley Willis, "Rock and Roll McDonald's", Amie, discostu (partial credit!))
  2. "A glass of wine with Gertrude Stein I know I'll never share..."
  3. "All they got inside is vacancy..." (The White Stripes, "Hotel Yorba", slipkid71)
  4. "And all I can do is just pour some tea for two..." (Blind Melon, "No Rain", jenhowel)
  5. "And I'll say it again: I need a brand new friend."
  6. "And the newsman sings his same song." (Golden Earring, "Radar Love", tdunnie)
  7. "And wouldn't it be dumb if all their atrocities were forgiven?"
  8. "Any news was good news/And the feeling was bad at home..." (Steely Dan, "The Boston Rag", lbangs)
  9. "Anyway, I hate divorces."
  10. "Besides, if you leave, I'll feel a certain guilt..."
  11. "But for the grace of God she cries herself to sleep, because the grace of God is something she can keep..."
  12. "But oh! that magic feeling: nowhere to go." (The Beatles, "You Never Give Me Your Money", slipkid71, AAA (partial credit!))
  13. "But the letter jacket wasn't yours to own/And it proves to be on a temporary loan."
  14. "Can I have some time alone?" (backing vocals) (R.E.M., "It's the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)", slipkid71)
  15. "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, get through it." (Blur, "Tender", AAA, jenhowel (partial credit!))
  16. "Crowds of people standing everywhere/Cross the street, I'm at this laugh affair..."
  17. "Don't know what I want but I know how to get it." (The Sex Pistols, "Anarchy in the U.K.", tdunnie)
  18. "Don't worry about a thing/Every little thing is gonna be all right..." (Bob Marley, "Three Little Birds", slipkid71)
  19. "Everyone around here, everyone is so near..." (Radiohead, "The National Anthem", Amie)
  20. "Far away, across the field/The tolling of the iron bell..." (Pink Floyd, "Time", slipkid71)
  21. "Follow me into the desert, as desperate as you are..." (Soundgarden, "Burden in My Hand", slipkid71)
  22. "For whom the bell tolls, let the rhythm explode/Big bad and bold, b-boys of old."
  23. "G. Gordon Liddy under my table, table, table."
  24. "Gotta make a move to a town that's right for me." (Lipps Inc., "Funkytown", slipkid71 (with big assistance from his wife!))
  25. "Guess I'll have to break the news/That I got no mind to lose." (Ramones, "Teenage Lobotomy", tdunnie)
  26. "He only grows for guys he knows and me."
  27. "Hey listen here: now I got mortgages on homes/I got stiffness in my bones." (Queen, "Fat-Bottomed Girls", slipkid71)
  28. "History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man." (Blue Oyster Cult, "Godzilla", tdunnie)
  29. "I believe in the Immaculate Conception and I believe in the Resurrection." (Buzzcocks, "I Believe", lbangs)
  30. "I don't ever want to play the part of a statistic on a government chart." (The Police, "Invisible Sun", slipkid71)
  31. "I don't know karate, but I know crazy." (James Brown, "The Payback", AAA)
  32. "If my rhyme was a drug, I'd sell it by the gram." (Vanilla Ice aka Robert Van Winkle, "Ice Ice Baby", Amie)
  33. "If you want my last dime, take it, baby..."
  34. "I met your children. What did you tell them?" (The Buggles, "Video Killed the Radio Star", AAA)
  35. "I'm never gonna know you know but I'm gonna love you anyhow." (Elliott Smith, "Waltz #2 (XO)", Amie)
  36. "I'm not trying to make a difference/I've stopped trying to make a difference."
  37. "I'm not trying to run your life/I know you wanna do what's right..." (The Isley Brothers, "It's Your Thing", lbangs)
  38. "I'm young and I'm underpaid." (Alanis Morissette, "Hand in My Pocket", jenhowel)
  39. "In the ocean where the sharks be at, just ODing..."
  40. "I say, 'Be careful, his bowtie is really a camera.'" (Simon and Garfunkel, "America", jenhowel)
  41. "It looked like everyone was having fun/The kind of feeling, I waited so long..."
  42. "It's just that when you touch me/I can't stand up."
  43. "I want a doctor to take your picture, so I can see you from the inside as well." (The Vapors, "Turning Japanese", AAA, jenhowel)
  44. "Light my candles in a daze cos I found God." (Nirvana, "Lithium", AAA)
  45. "Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy." (Cat Stevens, "Father and Son", bertie)
  46. "Love is like a dying ember: only memories remain." (Willie Nelson, "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain", lbangs)
  47. "Love your parents as how you love yourself..."
  48. "Met him on a Monday and my heart stood still." (The Crystals, "Da Doo Ron Ron" AJDaGreat)
  49. "Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy, and alcohol..." (Queens of the Stone Age, "Feel Good Hit of the Summer", slipkid71)
  50. "Oh my corazon..." (The Clash, "Spanish Bombs", AAA)
  51. "Preserving the old ways from being abused; protecting the new ways, for me and for you." (the Kinks, "Village Green Preservation Society", noahveil)
  52. "Racism is schism on a serious tip." (Beastie Boys, "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun", auralm)
  53. "Raindrops will hide my teardrops and no one will ever know that I'm cryin'..."
  54. "She's got a sister/And God only knows how I've missed her." (Oasis, "She's Electric", lbangs)
  55. "Singing up to a Capulet on a balcony in your mind..."
  56. "Some strange machine was beating beats and thumping bass."
  57. "Sometimes you would send me a birthday card with a five-dollar bill." (Everclear, "Father of Mine", AAA)
  58. "Stop the bus! Don't wanna be lonely." (Ben Folds Five, "Jackson Cannery", noahveil)
  59. "Take out the garbage, maybe, but the dishes don't get done."
  60. "Tears may blind the eye, but the heart is never fooled."
  61. "Ten times out of nine, and if I'm lying find the quickest muzzle, throw it on my mouth and I'll decline."
  62. "There'll be icicles and birthday clothes and sometimes there'll be sorrow..." (Joni Mitchell, "Little Green" AAA)
  63. "These are the words but not the truth."
  64. "They were put there by a man in a factory downtown..." (The Presidents of the United States of America, "Peaches", AAA)
  65. "This case, this case, this case that I've - I've been working on so long, so long..." (Television, "Prove It", tdunnie)
  66. "Tryin' to be more assured; tryin' to be more right there; tryin' to be less uptight; tryin' to be more aware..." (Yo La Tengo, "Sugarcube", noahveil)
  67. "We are tired of your abuse/Try to stop us, it's no use!"
  68. "What I feel, I can't say, but my love is there for you any time of day."
  69. "When a man lies he murders some part of the world/These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives." (George Harrison, "What Is Life", bertie)
  70. "When I'm tired and thinking cold/I hide in my music, forget the day." (Boston, "More Than a Feeling", tdunnie)
  71. "When you see him again, tell him everything you told me."
  72. "Yeah... want to travel south this year." (Alice in Chains, "I Stay Away", slipkid71)
  73. "You are a walking antique." (Bob Dylan, "She Belongs to Me", lbangs)
  74. "You know what they say: study long, study wrong."
  75. "You've been sitting much too long: there's a permanent crease in your right and wrong." (Sly and the Family Stone, "Stand!", lbangs)
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you know this: artist y song.

have fun!

oh yeah... no cheating (i.e., searching online and the ilk)...

Wow. I thought I'd get here early and nail a few of the easier ones. I only know one:

48 is "Da Doo Ron Ron", which was sung by many groups, but the most famous version is probably by The Crystals.

#11 "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End" by the Beatles off of Abbey Road

#44 "Lithium" by Nirvana off of Nevermind

#62 "Little Green" (one of the best songs of all time) by Joni Mitchell off of Blue

#14 "Tender" by Blur off of 13

#31 "Big Payback" by James Brown no clue what album

#34 "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles no clue what album

#43 "Turning Japanese" be The Vapors off of New Clear Days

#50 "Spanish Bombs" by The Clash off of London Calling

#57 "Father of Mine" by Everclear off of So Much for the Afterglow

#64 "Peaches" by the Presidents of the USA no clue what album

Sorry for guessing at so many, but I was very excited to recognize some, I'm usually terrible at these games.


all excellent. #11 is close but not quite.

yes, you posted a lot, but 1) it's all good and 2) you also included albums when appropriate, which is gravy.

#53- "I Wish It Would Rain", Temptations.

And all I can do... BLIND MELON, NO RAIN
C'mon, c'mon... BLUR (damn can't think of title) LOVE'S THE GREATEST THING?
I say be careful his bowtie is really... AMERICA, SIMON AND GARFUNKEL
I want a doctor to take your picture TURNING JAPANESE, THE VAPORS

I think 45 is also "hand in my pocket" by AM. But I probably wouldn't have gotten it without jenhowel breaking the ice for me; I stink at these lyric quizzes.

it's not Ms. Morissette, but it's someone who also isn't American and practices an Eastern religion.

OK, here goes:

3. "Hotel Yorba", White Stripes
11. "You Never Give Me Your Money", Los Be-ah-tles
13. "It's the end of the world...", REM
17. "Three Little Birds", Bob Marley & The Wailers
19. "Time", Pink Floyd
20. "Burden in My Hand", Soundgarden
23. "Funkytown", Lipps, Inc. (my wife got this one!)
26 & 27. "Fat Bottom Girls", Queen
30. "Invisible Sun", The Police
49. "Feel-Good Hit of the Summer", Queens of the Stone Age
72. "I Stay Away" (???), Alice in Chains

So, is I right???

yes you is. and I is wrong for putting the Queen song on two lines. I'll post something else to make it an even (odd?) 75... good work, both of you!

6. Radar Love - Golden Earring
17. Anarchy in the UK - Sex Pistols
25. Teenage Lobotomy - Ramones
28. Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult
65. Prove It - Television
70. More Than A Feeling - Boston

Ach! My brain hurts!

but a well-done effort just the same. "Godzilla" is one of my personal favorite inclusions here.

in the immortal words of the too-mortal Chris Farley: "Need sleepy."

until tomorrow, all.

8 - Boston Rag - Steely Dan
29 - I Believe Buzzcocks (?; not entirely sure)
37 - It's Your Thing - Isley Brothers
46 - Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain - Willie Nelson ( I just bought a record with this on it, so I think that's it)
54 - She's Electric - Oasis
73 (L. Bang's obligatory Dylan catch) She Belongs to Me - Bob Dylan
75 - How could i miss this? Stand - sly and the Family Stone

Well, there's a few...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

yeah, I figured Dylan and Sly were money in the bank for ya.

#45 Father And Son / Cat Stevens.

#68 My Sweet Lord / George Harrison

No, not My Sweet Lord...but it's on the same record. Can't think of it.

you will get it, i'm sure.

I should have said I "must pass" on this one, but my curiousity and frustration overwhelmed me and I looked the song up...it's titled What Is Life. I'll settle for half credit.

it's all good

i really want to say it is wesley willis.

1) yr listology name is excellent 2) you are correct, sir, it is Wesley Willis...

#1--Rock 'n Roll McDonald's--Wesley Willis, Greatest Hits

#18--The National Anthem--Radiohead, Kid A

#31--Ice, Ice Baby--Vanilla Ice (or Robert VanWinkle to some)

#34--Waltz #2 (XO)--Elliot Smith--XO

#65 is killing me...maybe it'll come to me later

is it #65 or another one? tdunnie got the Television one.

Yeah, I meant #66. It wasn't a good day for counting. (For the record, I also meant #19 for Radiohead, #32 for Vanilla Ice, and #35 for Elliot Smith).

I wasn't even paying attention to those other numbers. did you get my e-mail? yr CD should arrive tomorrow, I think.

#52 Beastie Boys - Looking down the barrel of a gun

Three late entries:
51. The Kinks - 'Village Green...'
58. Ben Folds (Five) - 'Jackson Cannery'
66. Yo La Tengo - "Sugarcube"

happiness, man. good work.

9. velvet underground "new age"
36.pearl jam "pilate"

33. Yo La Tengo - You Can Have It All

68. George Harrison - What Is Life?

9. The Velvet Underground - "New Age"

surprised nnobody's gotten it yet

5 The Doors- Hyacinth house

"And I'll say it again: I need a brand new friend."
Is a Doors song its called Hyacinth House

Number 36 : No Way, by Pearl Jam

#67 Rise Above - Black Flag

Dang! These are good ones!

"Ten times out of nine, and if I'm lying find the quickest muzzle, throw it on my mouth and I'll decline."

Oooh...oooh.....ahh I give up! I know I know it :-)

"What I feel, I can't say, but my love is there for you any time of day."

Probably the easiest one on the list. George Harrison, What Is Life, from All Things Must Pass, 1971.


number twenty six. get myself arrested by gomez

I think #60 is The The, "Love is Stronger than Death" but I believe the lyric is "tears may blind the eyes but the soul is not deceived."