My Favourite Sculptures

  1. Michelangelo: The Pietà (1498 - 1500)

  2. Unknown Sculptor: Winged Victory of Samothrace (C. 200 BC)

  3. Michelangelo : David (1501 - 1504)

  4. Bernini : The Ecstacy of Saint Therese (1647 - 1652)

  5. Rodin : Le Penseur (1880)

  6. Giambologna : The Rape of The Sabine Women (1574 - 1582)

  7. Michelangelo : Moses (1513 - 1515)

  8. Unknown Sculptor : Belvedere Torso

  9. Agesander, Athenodorus & Polydorus : Laocoon & His Sons (C. 100 BC)

  10. Unknown Sculptor : Venus De Milo

Author Comments: 

To Be Expanded Soon.

How about Rodin's Gates of Hell? It's certainly one of the most monumental sculptures ever made.

It certainly is great, but it has The Thinker and The Kiss as part of it, so I can't really have both (as the Kiss will be added at a lower spot). I'll think about adding it all as one though, and thanks for the rec. What are your thoughts on the list so far?

Ah, I see. Great list man; I'm looking forward to seeing the later additions.

Nice list. No Donatello though? Oh, and there are definitely many greater Berninis than the two you have there (which are both early works).

Ahh I'm intrigued, which sculptures by Bernini are you referring to? Some of Donatello's works are great, and will make placements somewhere a bit lower down this list.

Firstly, there's of course "The Ecstasy of Saint Therese." There's a lot of astounding works of his in St. Peter's Basilica. One of the last is the Monument to Alexander VII. He made many amazing works throughout his life, and they tend to get better and better the later you go. I wish I could be more exact, but at the moment I'm having trouble finding much online to show as examples.

I'd not seen that before, it's an astonishing sculpture! I will add it soon, it will probably replace apollo & daphne, thankyou for the rec!

I was in the Basilica earlier this year and was fascinated by the vast array of sculpture there, no doubt when I extend the list much of that will be included too.

I like sculptures. It is a pity nowadays this form of art is now so popular as it was for example in ancient Greece. As for me I like Michelangelo's The Pietà most of all. David is also a masterpiece. You know it is only recently that I've understood why it is extaordinary. Not to retell it here is a video . It is bilingual but there is nice explanation in English too. I think to the layman it is just a statue but to a sculptor or any artist it was a revolution, a return to the forgotten traditions.