List of Lists/Articles I Intend to Create (Some sooner, some much later)

  • My philisophical beliefs (this could be split into numerous ones though) [IN PROGRESS]
  • Essential philisophical reading
  • Reviews of all my favourite albums [COMING SOON]
  • Reviews of all my favourite films
  • Things to do before I die

I'm voting to bump "My philosophical beliefs" into the "Some sooner" category.

I could make a very brief one now if you'd like, though for an extended one explaining my belief I may take a bit longer.

I've started it, but I haven't had time to write much, and only very briefly outline my aesthetic beliefs (I will get to other topics such as Metaphysics and Epistemology later on), but I'd like to see your thoughts on what I have so far.

Nah, take your time. I'm just letting you know I look forward to it. :)