Mix-Tape Madness: Hip-Hop Hits 96-98


01 7L & Esoteric: "Headswell"
02 Medina Green: "Crosstown Beef"
03 De La Soul: "Big Brother Beat"
04 Wu-Tang Clan: "Triumph"
05 Missy Elliot: "Beep Me 911"
06 Smut Peddlers: "One by One"
07 Blackalicious: "Clockwork"
08 Raekwon: "Criminology"
09 Nas: "The Set-Up"
10 Pharcyde: "Drop"
11 Dr. Octagon: "Blue Flowers"
12 Outkast: "Mainstream"
13 Roots: "No Alibi"
14 High & Mighty: "Open Mic Night"
15 Company Flow: "Population Control"
16 Dan the Automator: "Better Tomorrow"
17 Mobb Deep: "Nighttime Vultures"
18 Hieroglyphics: "Off the Record"
19 Lootpack: "Anthem"
20 Timbaland & Magoo: "Clock Strikes"
21 Cut Chemist: "Let's Dance on Planet Rock"
22 Mike Ladd: "Kissin' Kecia [After Jayne Cortez]"
23 DJ Shadow: "Midnight in a Perfect World"

This is a mix I made for my friend Rachael. I started high school in 96, so a lot of these songs are sort of nostalgic, although I think that they all hold up pretty well. I don't know how well I did in defining the underground hip-hop of those years but I think there's a good cross-section here.