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List 0018: My Favorite Albums of the 00's AAA 92
List 0002. 10 (or more) Over-Rated Films lbangs 92
List Greatest Songs/Tracks/Movements of All Time (Classical, Rock & Jazz) [in-progress] AfterHours 91
List Why Christians Fail lukeprog 91
List 0012. Over-Rated Artists lbangs 91
List Top Listology Requests lukeprog 90
List Greatest Music Works of All Time (ARCHIVED ... NOTHING NEW TO SEE) AfterHours 89
List Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2007 RosieCotton 89
List DIRECTOR GAME ripped off from the wacky AAA jblack 89
List Film Log Marquee 88
List Films seen: in 2005 socialretard 88
List Best Albums of the 1960's AfterHours 86
List Greatest Rock Albums seanseansean 86
List Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2009 kaplan 86
List Top 50 Favorite Music Artists (a.k.a. The Consistently Lame List) AJDaGreat 86
Article Films Peeps like that I Hate Jesus_Freak 86
List Most Important Thinkers of All Time lukeprog 85
List Worst Movies of All Time darktremor 85
List g: the black knight always logs: 2006 jay_b 85
List TV Shows Owned On DVD Wezzo 84
List (What I Currently Think Are) The Greatest Films of All Time neptune 83
List The Fifty Best Films of the Decade lbangs 83
List Films I've Seen of the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die RosieCotton 83
List When You Reach the Top You're On the Bottom - Another stab at this lyric quiz thing... lbangs 82
List _Movies Seen in 2006 RosieCotton 82
Article My Favourite Rock Albums neptune 81
List Rolling Stone: 100 Greatest Drummers blindsider 81
List Favorite Films of the Decade Marquee 81
List Films Seen 2005 heyrocker 81
List Reading Log for 2005, 2006 lukeprog 80
List Original - Books you should read if you want to consider yourself well-read theduckthief 79
List Favorite Win32 Freeware & Shareware Stardust_HR 79
List My Greatest Albums Lists (2000-2006) AfterHours 78
List 2003: Movies Sorted By Tier jim 78
List GAME: Guess Game By Screenshot! lukeprog 78
List Listologists Have Voted: The Ten Best Contemporary Actors!!! (The Results) 1922 78
List Media Log 2014 HumanEmotions 77
List Best Trance Music of 2003 darktremor 77
List Top 20 trance mixes of all time darktremor 76
List Top 10 Movies & Albums of the Week (2011) AfterHours 75
List A Lyric Game marygabucan 75
List Favorite Action Scenes/Sequences jim 75
List Quiz: Taglines (finished!) 1922 74
List Best Movies Never Made lukeprog 74
List Top 10 Movies, Music & Visual Art of the Week (2016) AfterHours 73
List Top 10 Music & Film of the Week (2009) AfterHours 73
List 0024: Character Game (stolen from jblack, thanks!) lbangs 73
List Films seen: In 2005 hinterland 73
List Ultimate Classic House List (1984-1989) sljiva 72
List Opening Lines (A Game from the opening lines of books) Oedipus 71
List All TV Shows I've Seen lukeprog 71
List An Still-Entirely-Redundant (But More Useful than Expected) Viewing Log for 2007 Cosgrove 71
List A list of all Cliches darktremor 71
List Jim's Current Addictions jim 71
Article Listology Movie Club - Intro lukeprog 71
List TV Shows: Top 100 Favourite TV Shows Wezzo 70
List Current Addictions marygabucan 70
Article My Scrubs Quotes (with Pics & Sounds) Rushmore 70
List 0023: L. Bangs' Great Film Challenge lbangs 70
List 50 Chick Flicks A Man Can Love And Why stooky 70
List Name the Song xfanatic50 69
List 0020: My First Lyric Quiz! AAA 69
List AJDaGreat's Current Joys AJDaGreat 68
List The Best Rock Albums by Year 1963 - 2007 lbangs 68
List A Year of Themes: Stuff Read in 2006 misscurly 68
List _Movies Seen Recently lukeprog 68
List Professor's Concert Calendar (I have tickets) professor 67
Article Tracks/Albums I like from other genres karan129 66
List Best Movies Ever (according to me) lukeprog 66
List Darktremor's current favorite tracks and albums - November 2008 on darktremor 66
List The Last Ten Songs to Play on My Launch Radio Station lbangs 66
List Seen in 2005 Part II lukeprog 66
List movies with long RUN Times Rushmore 66
List Best Films of the 2000's & 2010's AfterHours 65
List The '04 Movie Hierarchy Cosgrove 65
List 2005: Complete Viewing Log SteveR 65
List Vote: What are the Top 10 Black & White Visual Experiences in Film History? (ARCHIVED) AfterHours 64
List *Current* Favourite T.V shows Rushmore 64
List Best Comedy Movies (Rank Ordered) baker 64
List to do list lukeprog 64
List Albums Heard: 2006 Kza 64
List Books I Read in 2005 - Final List professor 64
List Another Character Game....thanks to whomever thought this idea up. jgandcag 64
List Critics Ranked and Reviewed AmirKhosro 63
List Books I Read in 2000 Rhaam 63
Article Dismissing Piero Scaruffi views on the Beatles Jazz99 63
List _All the movies that I have ever seen: Part I RosieCotton 63
List Movies Showing in Tulsa I Wish to See (In Order) lbangs 63
Article Chess 1922 63
List Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard dayfornight 63
Article _All Movies I've Seen, ranked and sorted by year lukeprog 63
Article GAME: Identify GreenCine Daily Header Pieces! lukeprog 63
List Longest Movie Titles Ever lukeprog 62
List Movies I've Seen In 2006 staup2005 62
List Top Ten 2005 Films lbangs 62
List Movies That Well Illustrate Action/Suspense Plot Number One bertie 62
List Damn, I only have time to watch movies on weekends part 09: hey, I'm majoring in Listology! AJDaGreat 62
List _READ: The Ten Best Contemporary Actresses According to Listologists 1922 62
Article Movie Club - The King of Comedy (1983) lukeprog 62
List films i'm avoiding for one reason or another taryn 62