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List Every single way to say "Goodbye" darktremor 101
List Current Addictions marygabucan 70
List Strange Facts About Me lbangs 50
List Darktremor believes... darktremor 48
List Things I Hate Oedipus 43
List Famous, beautiful women (a complete list of every single one) darktremor 40
List Actresses I Have a Crush On lbangs 36
List Random Thoughts Regarding Listology slipkid71 34
List The Top Twenty Most Dangerous Drugs According to BBC Horizon neptune 30
List L. Bangs' Current Crazy Wish List lbangs 28
List Favorite quotes marygabucan 27
List Bipolar 2 (soft bipolar) - what it is, tips for dealing, famous people with it, my own experience, etc. darktremor 27
List Things Darktremor Finds Absurd darktremor 26
List Possible ways the world could end darktremor 25
List Food Cravings2/03/05 marygabucan 25
Article My Johari Window lbangs 23
List Top 75 Most Annoying Things To Do In An Elevator darktremor 20
List Geek's Current Joys geek 19
List Attractive Females Wezzo 18
List Wezzo's Current Addictions Wezzo 17
List How to stay up the entire night painlessly and efficiently darktremor 17
List College Majors I Considered shan2001 17
Article Your Proudest Under-Rated Listology Contribution? lbangs 17
List Current Addictions openstacks 16
List List of Useful/Interesting Websites neptune 16
Article Tribute to Griffin and Zoe dayfornight 16
List Personal Favorites - Best Stand-Up Comedians slipkid71 16
List Welcome to My World lbangs 14
List Crazy people encountered working at a call centre darktremor 14
List Top 5 favorite Homestarrunner Characters marygabucan 13
List Things I hate,my Non-addictions marygabucan 12
List Welcome to My World marygabucan 12
List Things On My Bedroom Walls geek 12
List Classes I'm Taking [Fall 2003] geek 12
Article personal recommendations kbuxton 11
List Names I Like Wezzo 10
List People I've been told I Supposedly look like marygabucan 10
List Top 5 favorite ice cream flavors marygabucan 10
List Women On Whom I Have A Crush slipkid71 10
List European Countries I've Visited Wezzo 9
List My Favourite Sculptures neptune 8
List Things I will always find sexy marygabucan 8
List Haunted Locations in Minnesota I've Visited (One Way Or Another) AlacritMusic 7
List Celebrities I've Met marygabucan 7
List Marygabucan Believes that... marygabucan 7
List 100 Things I WILL do before I die alyson 6
Article I Work At The Tim Horton Lassic 6
List Off-the-Beaten-Path Jobs For Me to Consider shan2001 6
List Programs I Use hinterland 6
List Small Things That Make Me Immeasurably Happy( thanks to geek) marygabucan 6
List things that, if vanished tomorrow never to return, i would not feel sad about marygabucan 6
List Wierd Celebrity Baby Names Oedipus 6
List I am bored so here is a list of 10 Random things. Part 5 marygabucan 6
List Favorite Voices marygabucan 6
List Things That Creep Me Out marygabucan 6
List Me on an island with supplies! marygabucan 6
List Things I like on my hot dog marygabucan 6
Article Gmail Invites dayfornight 6
List Small Things That Make Me Immeasurably Happy geek 6
List Things I want for Christmas nerd 5
List Bad pun based porn movie titles darktremor 5
List Favorite kinds of Food marygabucan 5
List Synonyms for the word "High" marygabucan 5
List Other famous sexy people who are not Actors or Musicians marygabucan 5
List Things That I am Buying Now That I Have Money! xfanatic50 5
List Once and For All, The 25 Best Baseball Players Ever In One Roster slipkid71 5
List College courses I've taken shan2001 4
List Places I've Been of Patricia Schultz's 1,000 Places To See Before You Die openstacks 4
List 11 words people tend to use to describe me marygabucan 4
List Favorite beers marygabucan 4
List List of Lists/Articles I Intend to Create (Some sooner, some much later) neptune 4
List Things to do before I perish... Menindrag 4
List States I’ve Been In ash_campbell 4
List Great Places to eat in Florida and what you should eat when your there. marygabucan 4
List Top 53 Things You Don't Want to Hear on The Operating Table darktremor 4
List Trees Knocked Down By Tropical Storm Cindy On My Property dayfornight 4
List Languages I want to learn marygabucan 4
List Top Ten Frustrated Sports Cities ash_campbell 4
List Classes I'm Taking [Fall 2003] nerd 4
List ahhh memories...Things about high school I remember fondly marygabucan 4
List Favourite Scents marygabucan 3
List Small Things That Make Me Enormously Happy xfanatic50 3
List My Favorite Pokemon AlacritMusic 3
List hinterland's global travel index hinterland 3
List To Do alyson 3
List My Top Ten Favourite Stand-up Comedians of All Time xfanatic50 3
List Places I've been (under construction) ukaunz 3
List Podcasts To Which I Subscribe openstacks 3
List Fun Quotes Taken Completely Out of Context lbangs 3
List Women On Whom I Have A Crush (That Are Not Musicians or Actresses) slipkid71 3
List Slipkid's Current Addictions slipkid71 3
List Delights nerd 3
List Worst Late-Lead Collapses in Pro Sports History slipkid71 3
List Forums: "You Know You're A New Yorker When...: - From the New York Times slipkid71 3
List Oh The Places We'll Go and Have Been openstacks 2
List Odd facts about me (Yes, another one of these.) Lassic 2
List Countries visited rudolf55 2
List My Favourite Listology Lists/Articles neptune 2
List Select Personal Pet Peeves. AlacritMusic 2
List My Favorite Kinds of Cheese AlacritMusic 2