My favorite top 50+ overlooked modern trance tracks

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  • Mostly what this list is about is modern dreamy uplifting trance, a genre now practically dead and overlooked. Nowadays trance seems very cheesy and uplifting has lost its greatest essence: soul. Great promising beats with bland musical content. This is still just my personal favorites list and I really don't know that many trance tracks. There's a LOT of tracks from Anjunabeats here because it used to be an example. Absolutely the king of trance label from 2000-2009 imo. Kind of like shock treatment for trance music until it got corrupted as well. So here's the best modern tracks I know of and feel free to share the best tracks in your opinion as well! Not all of these are uplifting tracks like Fluke - Zion. There may be some progressive trance too.

  • Before, a few classic tunes as a honorary mention that I really like but couldn't add here since I'm only taking from this millenia:

  • Armin van Buuren - Communication (Original Mix)

  • Chicane - Saltwater (Original Mix)

  • Banco De Gaia - Last Train to Lhasa & Heliopolis

  • Hybrid - Symphony (Original Mix)

  • BBE - 7 Days and One Week

  • Gouryella - Gouryella (Original Mix)

  • Humate - Love Stimulation (Paul van Dyk's Love Mix)

  • Solar Stone - Seven Cities (Solar Stone's Atlantis Mix)

  • L.S.G. - Netherworld (Original Mix)

  • Energy 52 - Café Del Mar (Three 'N One Remix)

  • Albion - Air (Original Mix)

  • Sasha - Xpander (Original Mix)

  • Enigma - Age of Loneliness (Enigmatic Club).

  • Scooter - Time and Space

  • The Top 10 in no particular order.

  • Endre - Kallocain (Whole release) [2004]
  • There's a lot of debating which one is the superior mix. Endre's or Nickson's? Both are amazing tracks to be sure. So which one wins? Neither because the Original made something unique and Nickson made something more standard BUT also filled Endre's work with his own ideas. I've always thought that the original is more atmospheric and moody in comparison to Nickson's work whereas Nickson's is more coherent and organized after dozens of listens.

  • And what is Kallocain? A swedish dystopian novel for instance. And the word itself? Truth drug used in the novel. A fitting name for this work from paradise.

  • Stoneface & Terminal - Blueprint (Club Mix) [2008]
  • I don't know what people think of this track generally but it has gotten great reviews. I made my own review in because this has to be my all-time favourite. There's no other tune like this and probably never will be. Stoneface & Terminal are occasionally brilliant. This is their pride. Blueprint is also a style that S&T have been repeating a couple of times, not so successfully in my opinion. Hence the name Blueprint? Well, their remixes of Cressida's Onyric and Corsten's Out of the Blue were okay, former being better than latter.

  • Sunny Lax - P.U.M.A (Original Mix) [2005]
  • I've had it in my mind. The greatest of all time? There is no such thing but this one is sitting on a throne anyways. Levente Márton's first release for Anjunabeats was P.U.M.A and is still by far his finest work. P.U.M.A has one of the most memorable atmospheres and intriguing and energetic build-ups in the history of trance music for me. A combination of brilliant composition and production, this track runs like a puma for almost 10 minutes, which never feels even half that long. Pure rush. There's really a lot to say about the track. I read a review that said it's hard to tell what you're feeling when you're listening to P.U.M.A and I tend to agree.

  • Michael Dow - Ascent [2007]
  • Michael Dow. Michael who? Well here he is and this is his masterpiece. Recently I got confirmed that this is actually a remix of Brian Eno's "An Ending" (Ascent). Nonetheless, Michael made his own beef with this experimental tour de force track, bringing even more variety to Eno's original. Leama & Moor Remix is also very good though it doesn't really add nearly as much as Dow's mix to the original. Plus the gated pad is a little annoying. Anyone dissing Dow's mix has to be a pure idiot or a trance hater, which I've noticed around.

  • Aalto - 5 (Original Mix) [2006]
  • One of the most powerful trance productions to date. This track is like drug withdrawal or ultimate downfall in life for me. Hardly it's definable as uplifting trance because of its depressive nature. It's downfalling trance or something. 5 has such a rush in the rise towards climax that demonstrates just how deep you can go with trance, even with all its flaws. Clever sound choices and timings make this a groundbreaking achievement.

  • Mike Foyle & Signalrunners - Love Theme Dusk (Mike's Broken Record Mix) [2005]
  • This is what older trance lacks. Gentle classical piano melodies. Pretty long track and absolutely worth every second, this is a trance masterpiece. It's really quiet at first but then starts opening up. I've had my moments with this track and it's really something special. Thank you Mike Foyle for creating something out of the ordinary.

  • Nitrous Oxide - Aurora & Orient Express [2009, 2007]
  • The two best tracks by Nitrous Oxide.

  • For a long time, I've considered Aurora being very different from this guy's other works. There's no glide portamento bassline or anything else that can be seen too clichéd. Instead, the track is just unique. I can hardly compare the build-up to any other trance works directly with its plucks and twisted chords. Of course, you've heard nothing until you're at the breakdown and see what this guy can really do when producing. Be ready for some goosebumps. Only thing I don't like about the track is the name because there's too much of Auroras around in trance music.

  • Orient Express is one of N2O early classics. While N2O often gets cheesy, this track is just elegant and tasteful. I suppose the name "Orient Express" fits because the track is luxury of trance music. The other side of the EP: Morning Light is also well above average tunes and I consider it very good but it doesn't even come near to this track.

  • Sunny Lax - Blue Bird (Daniel Kandi Remix) [2007]
  • In my opinion, Daniel Kandi's finest work to date. He has his own way with track dynamics and melodies which you might recognize. Prince of melodic trance, I don't understand why any of his tracks aren't mentioned on any list. He's now somewhat a semi-commercial trance artist though. Anyways, I've read a few topics where the original mix is more liked and I honestly don't know why. I own both of them, both great but Kandi's mix goes way beyond the original. Original is a bit too hard-rocking for my ear, not so smooth, melody not going as far. Kandi has made tens of great tracks, this being his dreamiest, softest, most subtle and deepest effort of them. To this day, he's probably the most respectable melodic trance artist. Quite a statement but who is it then?

  • Push - Strange World (2000 Remake) [2000]
  • Sort of repetitive, yet there's not much to add. One of the finest female vocal samples of all time for sure and an ominous atmosphere. Is the track overrated would be the ultimate question? Not badly. It deserves to be on every trance top list. It doesn't get old. It was made a long time ago and still sounds incredible. I recently heard the Original Album Mix, which was intresting as well. The little number that started it all and it got this far.

  • Kyau & Albert - Falling Anywhere (Rework) [2004]
  • I think that this track didn't get the attention it really needed. It has numerous releases on different labels but it never made a "breakthrough". A melodic bomb, this track is the best track by Kyau & Albert in my opinion by far. Made in 2004, I can compare it to some other great works from that year and it beats them.

  • 11. Sundawner - Krystal Dreams (Marcus L Remix) [2004]
  • Perfect remix to the great original. I simply have nothing to add. Where did a tune like this appear? Please let me know... I know that Markus L didn't cut any slack to himself while making this.

  • 12. Fire & Ice - Souvenir De Chine [2001]
  • Today it's clearly gotten old but that's not bad. It's a bit oddball of a track but it's also brilliant. Good bassline, complex supersaw melody and chords, this is my favourite of the older tracks most likely. I wonder why nobody really added this to the "greatest" lists. Also the breakdown is one of the most intresting in the history of trance music, believe me. This is a remix of Jean Michel Jarre's Souvenir of China but it managed to create the exact nature of the track but without the original's rather surreal theme.

  • 13. Jorn van Deynhoven & Temple One - Halo (Jorn van Deynhoven mix) [2010]
  • This is by far the best track I've heard from Jorn. I'm considering it a masterpiece so I decided to radically escalate its position here. It gets better after every listen. Halo is a good example of modern trance's potential but also demonstrates how bad most of it is. This beauty just stands out. So here you have a great mixdown and a powerful beat driving these adorably soft and epic chords accompanied by that Daniel Kandi -like lead. The thing is that this is better than many of Kandi's works and I wouldn't say it's copying Kandi badly either.

  • As a sidenote, Temple One's version of Halo is one dynamic choon. I have to criticize Garrett's version being a bit hollow or unremarkable because of its lack of impact. I mean sure, it uses the same music as in Jorn's mix, but has a very different and unwanted effect to my ears.

  • 14. ALT+F4 - ALT+F4 (Original Mix) [2004]
  • One of the best trance productions from Finland, this utterly likable track touched many of my friends, who didn't even like trance in the first place. ALT + F4 combination means shutting a software in computer basically and that's probably where the name comes from. Because it's a 1 project artist that shuts down right after the project is complete. Clever ;p.

  • 15. Moogwai - Viola (Original and Tek^Tonik mixes) [2000, 2005]
  • No, I did not add Armin's mix. I know it's the most valued but.. let's just have an argument once in a while. I thought that Armin's mix lost the idea of the original, while Tek^Tonic remix kept it and even enhanced it.

  • 16. Temple One - Venus (Original Mix) [2013]
  • This is the second track from 2013 I'm adding here. Temple One is back with a track called Venus and I have to say Garrett has finally outdone himself. This is his best work. The track has a loud kick, a massive bassline and really great mixing. It's ultra clean and powerful at the same time and it probably can't get any better by today's standards. As typical in trance, Venus isn't saying much at first but breakdown is. There's some of the most thoughtfully made chords progressions I've ever heard in trance, a bit similar to Kandi & Nickson's Rewire at first. After the chords, a twisted lead synth comes and the track drops really soon. Venus is a beautiful, peaceful track and a masterpiece while at it.

  • 17. Saltwater - Serenity (Alphazone Remix) [2005]
  • Alphazone's best work I think and sadly, not many really know about it. It's darkly euphoric but also relaxing at the same time. Exhilaration to the maximum.

  • 18. Flutlicht - The Fall (Original Mix) [2002]
  • This "sequel" to Icarus has one of the best arpmelodies I can think of. I like the Deep Fall mix as well when it peaks but it's a little bleak. This is Flutlicht's best work and immediately after hearing this in a game movie, I needed to find the track but didn't for years. Finally around 2009 I found out what the track was when I got to asking around.

  • 19. Flutlicht - Icarus (Original Daedalus Mix) [2001]
  • This is the track that started it all for Flutlicht. Some may call this track a bit cheesy but I don't care. It's still a great track. 2Players Remix of The Fall clearly imitates the simple 1-tone melodic pattern from this, which really doesn't need any adjusting in Icarus for some strange reason.

  • 20. Fluke - Zion [2003]
  • Originated from Fluke's track called "Slap It". It's not standard trance, thank the lord, and is most definitely an euphoric track although maybe not in the happy sense of euphoria. It works more like a drug. First time I heard this was when I was watching Matrix Reloaded in the movie theaters. Not the best scene but the track sure is close.

  • 21. Thomas Bronzwaer - Resound & Look Ahead [2007, 2009]
  • I really love Sean Tyas remix's variation to the original melody in Resound but otherwise the original rocks more. Resound has one of these big resonant sawleads and it's a very memorable melody too. Respect to Thomas for keeping this type of trance alive for a bit longer.

  • Look Ahead is just as good as Resound with a recognizable sound. I watched an interview with Thomas a long time ago, which was funny to watch, where he talked about Look Ahead. It's a pretty simple track but definitely professional work. Deep bassline and energetic progression, which never seems to end. It's no wonder why this got to annual ASOT album.

  • 22. Cold Blue - Mount Everest (Original Mix) [2009]
  • This track is named just right. It will take you to a journey that you will love, even if you hate travelling, like me. It's going to be chilling thrilling ride to the top of the mountain.

  • 23. Nitrous Oxide - Show Me & Sunny Lax - Reborn (Nitrous Oxide Remix) [2009]
  • Yes, I'm a Nitrous Oxide fan. Fact is that many of his works from 2006-2009 were plain and simply masterpieces. Classic after classic. Show Me takes an interesting and unexpected turn in the breakdown with chords and shows us a another great lead melody. Deep stuff.

  • Reborn is another remix breakthrough from Nitrous Oxide. Like Aurora, it's a heavy tune but unlike it, it's not all that emotional. I consider this one of the smartest and wildest uplifting trance tracks available today. Please enjoy!

  • 24. Idee Fixe - Entry To Heaven & Hydro Aquatic - Hydrosphere [2006, 2008]
  • Idee Fixe / Vir2l Vision has made a top notch celesteal trance track far from generic. Entry To Heaven is an ambitious chill tune that shows us that you can do something a little differently with trance music. You don't need a supersaw or vocals to make the track speak. Instead, Idee Fixe made the track beautifully flowing with both driving trance and lounge music elements.

  • A moody and a little twisted trance track made by a new artist from Poland. I've heard a few of his records and they're clearly N2O influenced. Hydrosphere has a lovable piano melody, epic choir-pads and a very nice crunchy bassline. Weirdly, the track reminded me a bit of American Beauty's soundtrack. Just that the piano melody has something similar to one track in it, when Lester Burnham blackmails his boss and tells him to go f**k himself and walks out.

  • 25. Nitrous Oxide - North Pole (Original Mix) & Magenta [2006, 2009]
  • North Pole is probably this guy's ultimate classic work which might even be responsible for creating that N2O sidechained sawbass, which became pretty popular at some point. I just love the way this guy combined choral music with trance drums. Downside of North Pole is definitely the lead melody which can get a bit boring.

  • Magenta was voted as Nitrous Oxide's best work in some poll and I would definitely agree it being one of his finest works. Magenta has gorgeous vocal chop work that sounds like someone speaking although in reality it's just gibberish :p. This is how skilled this man really is at producing trance.

  • 26. Solar Stone - Solarcoaster [2002]
  • Initially I wasn't into Solar Stone's music but the man has made pretty damn impressive tracks. Solarcoaster is the second best I've heard from him, slightly behind Seven Cities (Atlantis Mix). This track opens up magically with mysterious bells which instantly give me a sense of the track's atmosphere. Guitar sound from Seven Cities returns and voilá, a masterpiece is made.

  • 27. Juventa - Dionysia (Original Mix) & Selu Vibra - Divine (Original Mix) [2011, 2006]
  • Dionysia is a boomy tune with a monstrous uplifting drive I'm looking for. Without a doubt it's just about the heaviest track I've heard in trance music. Very well selected sounds make this track futuristic and ahead of its time. When you're done with the intro, sub bass appears (which is pretty darned powerful btw). It just might break down your car's windows if you're playing it in there ;p. I think that Dionysia has some of the finest synth progressions and dialog ever driven by its massive bass and drums. Breakdown fully opens the chords and the track takes an interesting turn towards jazzy music with its main melody. I find the lead so beautiful and well thought out, I can never forget about it.

  • A nice track suggested to this list and it's very welcome. Divine is a deep uplifting track with a powerful drive. Sebastian Brandt liked Ludvig Holm's track called Stargazing and decided to make Divine in a similar manner. Works even better than Stargazing after hearing it.

  • 29. Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann - Madness (I Prefer This Mix) [2008]
  • A show of skill is what this is. Hard banging reverbed kick, great tribal percussions and crazy voodoo themed synthlines make this track unique. An exclusive experience, at first I simply glanced at this thinking "oh, boring, typical progressive stuff" afterwards realizing how stupid I was. More like a mix of tribal and uplifting trance.

  • 30. Robert Nickson - Spiral (Original Mix) [2004]
  • One of Nickson's classic tracks that made it to one of the first ASOT albums, also being one of Nickson's most respected tracks. I find peace and meaning listening to this track's amazing and unique string lead.

  • 31. Dallas Superstars - Higher (Long Version) [2006]
  • Never heard of this track? Well Paul van Dyk insisted on having it in his own compilation and it's been hunted by DJs even before its release. It's arguably epic trance by definition with its own kind retro mood. Dallas Superstars made their breakthrough with a track called Helium in 2002 before they made album Higher State. It has some really cool tunes.

  • 32. Mr. Sam - Cygnes [2008]
  • One of 2008's trance hits and best, exceptional tunes. It's sort of uplifting, poppy trance but not cheesy in a bad way. To me, it stands out well even after many years and is very inspirational. I find the vocal chops and words beautifully resonating and blending just right in.

  • 33. Gaia - 4 Elements (Extended Version) [2000]
  • My personal favourite from Armin van Buuren. Blue Fear and Viola Remix usually take the spot in most "Greatest trance music" lists but this deserves a spot here as well. 4 Elements is just clearly different from Armin's most tunes. It's calm and thematic. I love the sounds of nature, water drops and thunder, which create "elements" as the track is named.

  • 34. Airbase - Ocean Realm [2004]
  • A mysterious and thrilling track. For me, it's much more intresting than Escape, another hit from Airbase.

  • 35. Mike Foyle - Firefly & Pandora [2007, 2008]
  • Mike Foyle nails it down. He's a good pianist who experiments and succeeds. I don't really know if anyone creates "pianotrance" but at least Foyle is one who does. It's pretty clear that he can play the instrument well and not just play but compose.

  • Pandora uses a similar style, perhaps even more experimenting than Foyle's previous work with all the percussive fx. It's sort of gamey, creating a positive, likable theme all-around.

  • 36. PROFF - Tell & Sergey Tkachev - Alien & Butterfly [2010]
  • Progressive house / uplifting trance elements in both tracks and the result is really quite something in my opinion. Well, technically this is house music but as they're from Anjunadeep label, it has a lot of trancey stuff. Tell sounds like it's directly from the 80's with nice groovy progression. Breakdown starts with a huge sub bass followed by a beautiful and a little weird melody (weird in a good way mind ;p).

  • Alien & Butterfly is a very sensitive track. Also a very big brave bite to swallow by Tkachev. Perhaps the name implies some kind of meeting by the alien and butterfly or 2 themes in the track, butterfly definitely being the friendlier one while alien is the more conquering one, like people fear. I think I have yet to see a more brilliant mix of themes in trance music. Makes you think that just when the alien comes with his UFO with bad intentions, it sees a beautiful butterfly and just flies away to its own home planet. This is how the track makes me think.

  • 37. Super8 & Tab - Won't Sleep Tonight (Original Mix) [2006]
  • Dark vocal trance in the flesh.. I mean waveform. Super8 & Tab have other good works like Elektra, Black is the New Yellow and some remixes. But no, this one fits in my list.

  • 38. Mat Zo - Fractal Universe & Lucky Strike [2009]
  • A name recently praised but has been under critique as well, even my own. Mat's definitely talented and makes fantastic sounds on his own. Only minus would be his constant minimalism. My opinion is that his best productions pale to the best of other Anjunabeats artists such as Sunny Lax's first releases or Nitrous Oxide's. Daniel Kandi mentioned that he's a promising newcomer, which he is.

  • 39. Stephen J. Kroos - Formalistick [2007]
  • Minimalistic artist with a unique style, Stephen brilliantly mashes together trance and house elements in Formalistick. There's plenty of speed and style here with some nostalgic retro ingredients. I can't say I've heard anything like it.

  • 40. Tom Colontonio - The Sun (Original Mix) [2011]
  • Wow, now here is a real non-mainstream vocal trance masterpiece. The Sun is a bit Sean Tyas -esque with its bassline and has a really nice light build-up. A soft euphoric piano, stabs and small vocal nuances keep things interesting. Breakdown is when the sun rises. A smooth chorus sound, absolutely brilliantly blended vocals and piano make this a great moment. After they've been playing for a while, the track gives full room for a big stabbing lead melody. Just before the track drops, heavenly chorus returns and there it is. A simple but brilliant track. I think that clean and simple is one of Colontonio's trademarks. Not too many can respect that.

  • Note: The Sun really influenced my track called Jacob's Ladder found in my soundcloud page above this list.

  • 41. Airbase - Escape (Original Mix) [2006]
  • Probably Airbase's top hit but not his best in my opinion, which goes to Ocean Realm. Airbase is one of the artists that not everyone likes. I've seen comments like "Airbase doesn't have anything great or original in his tracks although he has made some good tracks". What the?! Regardless of what the snob punks say, Escape goes here. I heard the track probably around 2006-2008 for the first time and remembered how great it was a couple of years later.

  • 42. Ernesto vs. Bastian - Thrill & Laserbrain (Spicey Rework) [2008, 2009]
  • Difficult to summarize what genres these tracks represent. They're trashy, progressive and epic. For older generation tranceaddicts, this probably shows as a middle-finger but as a little trance producer myself, I can tell that there's great effort behind them. Great rework by Spicey on Laserbrain too.

  • 43. Alphazone - Flashback (Original Mix) [2004]
  • Flashback is a childhood memory for me. Even more than Rockin. It's a happily euphoric track with one of the very best lead melodies.

  • 44. 7 Skies & Static Blue - Central Park (Original Mix) [2008]
  • Trance is dead? Dead my ass. This track has an incredibly clean sound, superb harmony and driving melody. I like the cop siren sounds around the breakdown and the electronic guitar brings at least semi-acoustic content to the otherwise fully electronic track. 7 Skies is a pretty well known name by now and Static Blue is not unfamiliar either.

  • 45. Lemon & Einar K - Anticipation & RAM - Ramsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) [2008, 2009]
  • Definitely trance. Most people would say that Jorn van Deynhoven stole the whole idea and lead synth from Lemon & Einar. I'd say he took the melody on a whole new different level. Both are very powerful tracks nevertheless.

  • 46. L.S.G. - Netherworld (Oliver Prime Remix) [2005]
  • Even though I'd gladly add the Original Remix before any other remix by far, Oliver Prime managed to keep the spirit alive and he deserves his name here. I think that Prime's mistake is that the track only has basic elements of trance and not much details.

  • 47. Miikka Leinonen - Shadow Hearts & Ill Behaviour [2007, 2008]
  • Shadow Hearts is a light but inspiring little uplifting piece. It's not technically amazing as some of the instruments are sort of thin. Anyways, it creates a memorable, gentle melody and a dreamy mood which you can only try to recreate.

  • Ill Behaviour is often confused with Galactic Evolution. I mean the 7:03 long mix that was on the FIVE AM release. I can't find it on YouTube so it's another track that's just left in the garbage can. It's very similar to ALT + F4 - ALT + F4, only a darker version. Since both of them are Finnish productions, ALT + F4 probably acted as a source of inspiration to it.

  • 48. Max Braiman - Tryptamine & Jumeirah [2012]
  • What would be better than getting to Kandi's Always Alive Recordings in today's trance scene? Not many things I'd imagine. Max opens up Tryptamine beautifully with his upgraded Nitrous Oxide era synth arsenal. This track has a pretty darned powerful intro and build-up with a huge growling monster bass. There's a ton of synth layering work right there on that bass, which I tried imitating (and failed). I also have to give props to how well Max selected the bass notes because it's interesting how the bass suddenly "stops" and then goes on. Goosebumps. I particularly love that slightly distorted whistling synth which really gives some heart to this beast of a track.

  • Two words: very fascinating. Jumeirah with Farid has some of the best intros I've ever heard. A lot of cool creative stuff going on there no doubt not to mention freedom in making music. I would describe Jumeirah much less monstrous than Tryptamine but more suave in nature. I give more credit to Tryptamine for that awesome bassline whereas Jumeirah is stronger in the music department and it has cleaner mixing.

  • 49. Bjorn Akesson - Painting Pyramids (Original Mix) [2011]
  • At first I had a hard time getting used to listening to this to be honest but it finally worked for me. Clearly it's been influenced by music a little more from the eastern side of the planet. It's pretty unusual and stands out from other uplifters, if this can be called uplifting. Eastlifting?

  • 50. Anhken - Always Look Back (Original Mix) [2011]
  • Thomas Bronzwaer says Look Ahead and Anhken tells you to do it the other way around. This track is beautiful but so melancholy it actually makes me sad in a grey day. I can't recommend it if you have an active depression or a bad day but otherwise I wouldn't miss it ;).

  • Breakfast - The Sunlight (Original Mix) [2007]
  • Breakfast is a name sometimes popping around. The Sunlight is a wonderful track and far from generic. When the breakdown opens up, I feel a warm and deep feeling of well-being. I wouldn't call this track's euphoria the happy type of euphoria.

  • Alphazone - Rockin (Original Mix) [2003]
  • This is one of Alphazone's greatest hits, no question about that. Pretty much like Flashback, I don't really have much to add. Great oldschool hard trance.

  • Cressida - Onyric (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) [2009]
  • S&T continued to use the "Blueprint" -style successfully, making an even smoother beat and very nice track progression. The bright melody is very easy to remember because it's so darned good, especially with S&T's brilliant mixing skills. Better than the original mix, which is not to say it's bad either.

  • E-Nomine - Schwarze Sonne (Talla 2XLC Remix) [2003]
  • This is an epic track! Talla 2XLC, however annoying it is to write that nickname, is an oldschool trance producer by now. I heard this years ago as a kid. Perfectly blended vocals and build-up.

  • Stoneface & Terminal - Another Day (Original Mix) [2006]
  • Another Day is one of the duo's best tracks for sure. It's a smart track with a kind of neutral mood. It's very similar to Airbase - Ocean Realm, which is higher on this list but this is not exactly a copy of it.

  • Arksun - Arisen (Original Mix) [2006]
  • This is a very long trance track but it doesn't always bother me. It has a trademark lead synth and the melody that comes from it. I believe that if this track would've been released around the late 90's or early 21st century, it would be legendary by now. Reason it's not in the top 50 is because it has aged very badly.

  • System F - Exhale [2001]
  • I really don't appreciate Ferry Corsten always repeating the same style. Madagascar remix (supersaw), Gouryella's many tracks (supersaw), Out of the Blue (supersaw) and finally Exhale (supersaw). This is still very good, I can't deny it. I like it more than Out of the Blue and equally to Gouryella - Gouryella. Something more mystic about this track than his former works.

  • Glensk - Polish Pierogi (Juventa Remix) [2010]
  • One of those tracks that randomly peek out of the generic radio's crap and fly up to the sky, ultimately clean. This has to be the most random name given to a trance track as well. Polish Pierogi? It has a very smart and edgy lead melody and bass pattern. Infrasonic Records is a promise for consistently good sound quality, like Enhanced or Anjunabeats but mostly releases bland music, only not this time. This is worth a purchase.

  • Fire & Ice - Tour De Trance (Original Mix) [2008]
  • Airwave is a part of Fire & Ice, that is probably one of the most respected aliases in the history of anthem trance. No wonder why this track is so great. Manuel Le Saux's remix is probably the weakest of the lot while DJ Fire remix is a more calming experience. Anyways, I think the Original beats them all.

  • Paul van Dyk - Nothing But You (Original Mix) [2003]
  • Personally I don't think there's anything WRONG with this track although people tend to complain about it. Good vocals and harmony, I think this deserves an add, even if it isn't PvD's best.

  • Art of Trance - The Horn (Original Mix) [2011]
  • Maybe not uplifting by definition, more like experimental acid trance. But it's thrilling and driving, which is something that goes here. One of Simon Berry's newest works and it's just weird in a very good way. He uses his oldschool sounds and manages to make it seem like it's classic trance. The track uses soundtrack from "Perfume: Story of a Murderer" or at least its vocals. Very nice sampling and that horn simply makes my jaw drop in awe :o.

  • Sean Tyas - Banshee (Original Mix) [2011]
  • Tyas really hit the nail on the head with Banshee. It's might just be his best track. Tyas demonstrates here that he is a master at mixing and is really hard to top.

  • Plastic Boy - Silver Bath [2002]
  • A very big downfall from Push but still one of his most memorable works. It just sounds it's getting really old and Strange World isn't nearly as much. Anyhow, not saying much about the track so far. Silver Bath may have gotten old by now but it has one of these very well known trance climaxes, which rocked the floor in its time.

  • Art of Trance - Mongoose (Tek^Tonic Remix) [2004]
  • Art of Trance and Tek^Tonic is one of the most amazing combinations I've seen. Very much Tek^Tonic's Viola remix, this track has plenty to offer.

  • Armin van Buuren - Shivers (Alex M.O.R.P.H Red Light Dub Mix) [2005]
  • Note: I REALLY SUGGEST the 6 minute version from Armin's 10 Years album. The 9 minute version can be just utter pain. Almost 5 minutes of just building up. I mean, what?! Anyways, the 6 minute version is totally worth it.

  • Barthezz - On the Move (Original Mix) [2001]
  • On the Move is a total exception in the list. I can't take the track's brightness too seriously but because it's just so unique and adorably cute, it HAS to be somewhere here.

  • Hydro Aquatic & Vir2l Vision - Vigor (Original Mix) [2010]
  • Vigor by Hydro Aquatic & Idee Fixe and has some of the coolest compositions I've heard pop out from MonsterTunes. The strings accompanied by a piano are magnificent and just "big". I actually replaced the Cold Blue remix with Original here, even if Original is slightly more raw. Cold Blue remix is too cheesy and happy >_<. I think that the original gets the big picture and art of chords.

  • Bobina - More than Love (Heatbeat Remix) [2009]
  • I liked the radio version more. This is maybe going to that "video game trance" -style but what's wrong with that? It's driving, uplifting and positive. Heatbeat made a "bass melody" before the climax, which distinguishes this track from others.

  • ATN - Miss a Day [2004]
  • This is quite likely a classic now. It's not one of the ultimate trance tracks ever made, nonetheless it sounds good.

  • JayB - Eleven Thirty (Suncatcher Remix) [2010]
  • Good stuff here. Suncatcher doesn't seem like a brilliant producer to me but this is clearly a great track. Original mix is okay as well except that it sounds too thin. This is the blood-pumping and aggressive version. Build-up is not perfect but after the breakdown, intresting things start happening.

  • Sean Tyas - Lift (Sean Tyas Live Rework) [2010]
  • I can't imagine adding this to the top 50 but Tyas is a good artist, I have to admit, this being one of his best works.

  • Saviour - Solarflare (Both mixes) [2004]
  • A very unfamiliar trance release which I just happened to find on Platipus Euro and it's very hard to buy online anymore since Platipus is dead. Right now Spotify has it though. I can't pick my favourite mix. Original is darker and Satori Remix is perhaps a bit more furthered.

  • Robert Nickson - Circles (Andy Blueman Remix) [2009]
  • I think that both Nickson's and Blueman's works are wonderful tunes with different tones. Original is definitely darker or more suspenseful at least, while Blueman's mix is technically more impressive overall. Depends on the mood which I like to listen but I think Blueman did a better job than Nickson in this case.

  • Tiddey - Taylla (Original Mix) [2009]
  • Pretty hard uplifting trance, Taylla is a power tune. Twisted chords and a very unusual melody that keeps suspension up. Otherwise a pretty standard trance track just quite perfectly made.

  • Onova - Platitude (Original Mix) [2007]
  • I simply love this tune. It's actually pretty standard uplifting trance but there's a certain uniqueness to it. I really love the "buddhist theme". It just gives me a feeling like I'm in some temple, being enlightened and awakened while there.

  • Giuseppe Ottaviani & Stephen Pickup - No More Alone [2008]
  • Yes, quite amazing trance music to be honest. I heard this in 2008 and it hasn't aged badly at all. In these modern false trance days, nothing like this could ever get a release.

  • Sean Tyas - Ivy [2009]
  • I have to say that it's at least on par with Lift with much more composition.

  • Gareth Emery - Metropolis (Original Mix) [2009]
  • This is an absolutely fantastic track from Emery. I wouldn't hold my breath to hear another one quite like this though :(.

  • Dimension - Yellowstone (Ultimate Remix) [2011]
  • Quite a tune. This man clearly has shown his talent in making melodies with this track's amazing lead. At first I figured it sounds a little too weak in the bass area but in today's loudness war you need some balance. Kind of like what Sunny Lax did with M.I.R.A. Soft and epic, which is in contrast to Daniel Kandi's hard and epic.

  • The Flyers & Mike Sonar - Supreme (Daniel Kandi Remix) [2010]
  • Another flawless remix by the Kandi man, what you can one say? Great mixing, great bass and woah that lead is huge. Although the original sounds just fine as well, it's hardly in the same league with this one.

  • Endre vs. Jano Acta - Eternal Hunger (Unreleased track) [2004 I think]
  • This tune has been playing a lot on my list. Endre always adds heart to each of his works: Kallocain, I Kill for You and this. This swedish guy made a few classics on some very prestigious labels like Anjunabeats and Lost Language, then he ran off to do god knows what. How unfortunate. I've even gotten some feedback from Endre to my own music.

  • Adam Stodtko, Sundriver - Monique (Redstar vs. Evbointh Remix) [2008]
  • Redstar's input seems to do the trick for me. Best out of all other mixes by far. What I particularly love about Evbointh's original remix is that fast arp melody pattern which sounded unusual to my ears.

  • DJ Kim - Jetlag (Alphazone Remix) [2005]
  • This is a legendary tune by now. The first time I heard that lead melody, I was in awe. Now I realize Alphazone has done better tracks though.

  • Ultimate - Wonderland (Colonial One Remix) [2011]
  • What a sweet proglifting wonder. I have to give props for the original mix as well. It has sadder and more intense emotions but some really bad sound samples used. This one is definitely better mixed and there are 2 different lead melodies that take turns one after another, which is a well thought out alternation.

  • Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Sunshine (Nitrous Oxide Remix) [2008]
  • Like Daniel Kandi, Nitrous Oxide always remixes something to just.. better. This is the case with Sunshine. As nitpicker, I might say that the mixdown is a bit hollow or muddy.

  • Algarve & Cold Blue - Sakura (Original Mix) [2008]
  • I think I accidently found this track by YouTubing some trance tracks. Sakura is one of Cold Blue's older tracks and nobody knows it. It has a story to tell. Nitrous Oxide didn't do so well as a remixer this time.

  • Stonevalley - Twilight (Original Mix) [2011]
  • One of Enhanced Recordings' gems. I might say that structure wise the track is a bit hasty. It immediately starts with acids, bassline and kick drum. At breakdown, you get to hear a brilliant, ethereal lead melody. This is something I would consider "hopeful trance", a type of euphoric trance music that obviously makes you feel as if there was hope. Not overly happy trance but a good way to increase your mood.

  • Avenger - Pegasus (Original Mix) [2009]
  • If you want good fairy tale -like trance music, Pegasus is a good example. As usual with uplifting trance, it doesn't show much for the first 2,5 minutes. That's very essential if you want a track to open up more beautifully. Sudden impact. What I particularly love is that mellow, slow saw synth that comes in 2:49. Perhaps the kick and noise clap sound choices are a bit peculiar. I don't mind at all though.

  • Adymus - Kaleidoscope Eyes [2009]
  • Great basic uplifting. Compared to most releases around 2008-2009, this hasn't aged one bit. Actually when I think about it, this might still get radio play (2013).

  • BK - Revolution (Original Mix) [2002]
  • Hard trance. The drive and speed this track has hardly aged. I would so want to hear out a mint rework of this track on the dance floor, imitating the original's style.

  • Nu NRG - Dreamland (Original Mix) [2002]
  • Dreamland to me sounds like it's one of the predecessors to project Flutlicht. It's very similar when compared to The Fall, which was made in 2004. All the way, a very nice euphoric track.

  • Temple One - Sahara Nights (Original Mix) [2009]
  • First purchase from Enhanced Recordings. I haven't really been too keen on them but they're really drawing a lot of big names, which definitely means something. Anyways, I heard this while listening a TATW podcast and was desperately trying to find out what the track was at that time, as I was looking for new trance music. The breakdown here is just holy although maybe the climax failed to impress me as much.

  • Thomas Bronzwaer - Collider (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) [2010]
  • Wow, just wow. Even though this track is quite standard routine, it's still amazing remix work. Bronzwaer's lead melody gets much darker, more serious and just plain bigger in Deynhoven's brilliant revision. As a fan of that superloud kick drum, I felt that it was the only thing missing. For most people, I bet it's already too loud as it is.

  • Juventa - Sapphire (Original Mix) [2010]
  • This is the kind of trance I need more to be able to stand listening to ASOT these days. Where are all the little gentle melodies full of soul? Instead mostly in ASOT I get to hear the same typical classical or pop music chords replayed over and over again. After many many listens of Sapphire, I decided to add it here. It's a very melancholy track though. Note: It may take a few listens to start appreciating it properly!

  • Probspot - Blueberry (Original Mix) [2004]
  • Having quickly gone through some of Blueberry remixes, the original is definitely the one that gets here. Now how about that lead melody? Hell yes.

  • Thomas Datt - It's in the Past (Original Mix) [2012]
  • It seems to me that Datt is one of the best current trance producers around with his sharp, clean and pounding mixdowns. Datt has quite a futuristic sound. I picked this track from his album "Picking Up the Pieces" and it's not to be missed. I have to say it sounds a lot like Thomas Bronzwaer's Look Ahead. Very powerful and formidable melody.

  • Peran Van Dijk - Good Time [2001]
  • I can't believe I've forgotten this tune. It kind of has a retro mood, which even I as a non-dancer would probably dance to. Play it when you "wanna have a good time" ;).

  • Tranquility Base - Oceanic (Original Mix) [2007]
  • My favorite anthem by Above & Beyond. They have plenty of good ones like Volume 1, Buzz and Razorfish but they made an even better track after these 3. Initially Sean Tyas mix was the right one for me but it's a little too "Tyas" and overdone again. This keeps things in balance.

  • Adam Szabo - Arcade (Original Mix) [2011]
  • This guy Szabo has taken influence from 8-bit music. Very gamey sounds. He has some brilliant synth engineering skills and seriously adds some detail and complexity in his works. His talent with melodies is obvious here as he always makes them perfect and adds his vibrato trademark sound in those leads.

  • Thomas Bronzwaer - Shadow World (Original Mix) [2006]
  • One of Bronzwaer's early productions, it certainly stands well enough even today. A pretty dark and massive sound.

  • Hydro Aquatic & Idee Fixe - Avatar (Original Mix) [2012]
  • Here some of my favorite producers collaborated and did an exceptional job. Avatar really has something of its own going on. Groovy acids, elegant piano melodies, mystic atmosphere and interesting progression in general but the truly amazing part here is breakdown. You can find the track from soundcloud. Please enjoy and let more people hear their music!

  • Photographer - Kervansaray (Original Mix) [2013]
  • This is a really good hard trance track. Great mixing, overall tension and a fresh supersaw melody. I'd criticize though how simple harmony this track has. No chords and no extra melodies other than that lead. Just a beat, bass and a good melody. I heard about a track called Airport by this artist before, but it really sounds like Thomas Bronzwaer's Shadow World. I find it a bit sad how much Airport has gained popularity and Shadow World has not.

  • Cold Blue - Atlantis (Original Mix) [2012]
  • What can I say? Cold Blue is one of the best trance artists of our time. He can always be recognized from his rapid lead melody habit. Atlantis is a moody profliting track that has a really wide sound. Interestingly I also get some acoustic vibes from percs. During build-up, arpeggio bells have a very warm chords progression. Breakdown then takes a darker turn with chords. This has so much soul that I have to say it's been a while I've heard something this good.

  • Daniel Kandi & Timmus - Symphonica (Original Mix) [2010]
  • 2 years ago I remember remixing this track. Of course back then I didn't know what I was even doing. Symphonica isn't your typical Daniel Kandi's banging tune. This track is pretty experimental. Percussion aren't as wide as normally in Kandi's works. Instead they're pretty sharp and spicy. Intro is pretty basic and only has drums playing. Build-up has a really nice pluck which has a lot of pre-delayed reverb on it. Later a whistling sound appears, creating more suspense. Build-up subtly ends with every sound being slowly filtered off. It then takes a sudden dramatic turn with complex, epic but also smooth chords that slowly progress into utter perfection. Wow, that is one great clean moment in trance music. Right after the first time chords have fully played, an emotional lead melody comes blasting in. Symphonica is a great example of a trance track that knows exactly how to use classical music right. It's not cheesy in the slightest, like remixing Adagio For Strings or something.

  • Cold Blue - Downhill (Original Mix) [2010]
  • Downhill is so damn well produced, it has to be here. It would very easily get a release even today (2013). Nice sound choices for percussion and a crunchy bassline give this a nice drive. I like the mixdown here more than in Mount Everest but music isn't nearly as intriguing! Still, it works very well despite being kind of simplistic.

  • Sunny Lax - M.I.R.A. (Original Mix) [2006]
  • This is one of Sunny Lax's classic works. Intro starts with one the older Vengeance Essential Club sounds sample pack effects. Sunny Lax took it as one of his trademark sounds for years. Build-up here isn't as intriguing as in P.U.M.A but breakdown is when the good stuff really starts. Warming strings come first and suddenly get boosted by resonating extra saw pads. Then the lead melody shows up and the real treat here is the female vocal chop. This track is sunny but also goes in some serious dimensions. I find it sad but comforting at the same time.

  • Phynn - Lucid (Original Mix) [2005]
  • No doubt is this track welcome in here. What a lovely lead melody. Later some happy chords show up too and together achieve a great trance harmony.

  • Stacccato - Changes (Vince the Saint vs. Villa Club Mix) [2004]
  • I've had this track for years and it's for sale online. Cool clubby track with a wonderful bassline layered with a typical Benassi sawbass and a deep abstract main melody. It's sort of a mix of tech and uplifting. Only 1 thing I don't understand. It's a remix? It doesn't really sound anything like the original.

  • Robert Nickson & Daniel Kandi - Rewire (Original Mix) [2008]
  • This tune opened a whole new world of production quality for me. Around 2007-2008 is probably when the so called "loudness war" started, meaning that people started boosting bass kicks, drums etc. with compressors until they make the track much louder. I have to say that the mix here is not very clear after a lot of listens but the track sounded fresh when it came out the first time, making many other tunes sound smaller. Some people like giant sounds, some absolute hate them. I like them.

  • Moonsouls - Run To You & Resolution [2013]
  • Run To You is the first track I heard from Moonsouls and it's of exceptional quality. The track starts with a rolling bassline but simultaneously uses a saw bass, which works interestingly well. Many of the percussive elements blend extremely well together. Breakdown is pretty basic uplifting saw chords stuff but lead melody is what really makes up for it. One of the best leads I've heard in a long time. It uses at least 2 layers, of which the second comes right before drop. Brilliant, pure and deep sound.

  • Resolution is much more temperate than Run To You. I didn't like it that much at first but after a couple of listens, I realized that it's amazing. It pretty much has the same start as in Run To You, except without a sidechained sawbass. There's some nice vocal work, plucky saw chords and an arpeggio. At breakdown, chords are well tamed for the upcoming great lead, which gives much more intensity to this track. Really well balanced and smooth track.

  • Hazem Beltagui - Eclipse (Original Mix) [2013]
  • If you want to hear real emotions, you'll find them in this mellow and mature progressive work of art. This track brings to mind about someone's losses in life. It's not depressing, it just sounds like life. Grief. I'm thinking about a shadowy day at a funeral, but also about thriving on after what's been lost. There's a sense of hopefulness and comfort in this track.

  • Pizz@dox - Abracadabra (Original Mix) [2013]
  • Emotional, gentle and kind of a small track. There are beautiful synth lines and a mesmerizing supersaw lead melody. I don't think I've ever heard a trance track that uses a young boy's voice as vocals. At first I hated the vocals, now I really think Pizz@dox did something a little different than others. GREAT track, absolutely and will remain as one of my favorites from 2013.

  • Vlind - Distorted Anger (Original Mix)[2013]
  • What happens when you mix together some psytrance with Sean Tyas' leads? Distorted Anger is what. I have to say that I'm just utterly impressed by Vlind's mixing skills here. It's just top notch. The musical progression is very Infected Mushroom -esque, because obviously this track does what it wants. It's wild and free.

  • Nick Sentience - Meridian (feat. Nick Rowland) [2009]
  • Here's some fast paced mix of hard/psy-trance. Made in 2009 and it hasn't aged a bit in my opinion. Mixing is really clean, sound choices are cool and the drive will blow your mind. There's not a lot of musical content, but that's just the nature of these types of tunes.

  • Adam Nickey - Perfect Destiny (Original & Alexey Selin Remix) [2006]
  • Nickey's Original is definitely a slow and smooth builder. The truly epic part of this track is the breakdown. With its beautiful chorus, vocals and tribal drums, it's a very hard original to top.

  • Alexey Selin's remix is faster, more straightforward and aggressive. Selin used very clever effects and drums, created a nice crunchy bassline and kept the original's soul intact. However this remix perhaps lacks the slow smoothness of the original and a proper breakdown. Not that it's bad at all, it's just more of a banger track in my opinion. I made a personal remix, which you can find here:

  • Lethyx - Oceanfront (Original Mix) [2013]
  • A debut original release by a friend of mine, Reinis Neimanis from Latvia. Oceanfront uses a chilled, light and oldschool sound arsenal. Note: oldschool, not outdated. Pads/chords are wide and airty and melodies euphoric. Kind of similar to Juventa's Sapphire melodically, although completely original as well. Atmospherically this is a really great experience.

  • Orjan Nilsen - So Long Radio (Original Mix) [2010]
  • This is probably Nilsen's best original score. So Long Radio is like straight from the 80's with its rapid bassline and oldschool kick drum. Bass reminds me a lot of Michael Jackson's Thriller, which is interesting and the lead melody here is just awesome. Awesome. Check out the music video here:

  • Safri Duo - Samb-Adagio (Original Club Version) [2001]
  • Now here's some really fine stuff. There's also a classical version of this called "Adagio". I actually feel like this might have been composed by someone much bigger a long ago, but my friend who's a classical fanatic didn't recognize Samb-Adagio being a cover of anything. So I don't know.. Anyhow Samb-Adagio is a highly inspiring piece of work. It's obviously not typical trance, which you can hear from the great acoustic drumming. I think that this is better than the commercially more successful "Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)", which is nice too. I highly recommend this.

Nice idea for a list. Although this list has some nice songs, I personally think the better trance songs are made between 1990-2001. After that, trance began to sound gimmicky (like pop music). I rarely hear good new trance songs (it's only my opinion), but I'll give the ones on your list a listen. I know Ascent, and think it's a pretty good song. Also take a listen to some songs by Aurosonic, like Hawaii. Pretty good imo. Oh yeah, Estuera is pretty good too, with songs like Castamara, Tales From The South, Travels and Flow.

Keep up the list

Thanks, I'll take a listen.

I've never liked the older trance in general. However, I love tracks like Love Stimulation (PvD Love Mix), L.S.G - Netherworld (Original) or Gouryella - Gouryella. Tracks like Greece 2000 or Acperience however, are hardly "great". I mean they sound good but Greece 2000 is so ridiculously monotonous and simple that I can't understand where people get the idea of putting it on "Greatest trance tracks" -lists. Responsible for creating a trance sub genre? I don't know nor care for that matter. Compare Greece 2000 to Thomas Bronzwaer - Resound for instance. Now, there's a big time and technical difference but is Greece 2000 an outstanding idea? Not really. 2 bars that repeat. Another example is The Age of Love (Jam&Spoon), which I like but it's highly overrated.

But.. I agree that trance is no longer trance. There's almost no chance to hear anything good out there anymore on the radio so fuck it. I was never old enough to hear out some of the good stuff back in the day on the radio.

Hmm, Greece 2000.. You just took one of the songs I really love. It sounds simple, but OK. Trance songs don't need to have many layers for it to sound interesting. The melody in Greece 2000 sounds a little out of pass, but it really isn't. This is a cool feature of the song. But hey, those are only our opinions. I think I listen to trance for over 4 years now, I was born in the early 90's, the beginning years of trance. I also never heard the stuff on the radio, only later stuff like Gouryella and Robert Miles - Children. I started off with songs by Hyrdoid (Greek Trick & The Eternal) and Scoop - Drop It. I thought these songs were awesome when I first heard them. I heard Age Of Love, but didn't like it at first. I listened to it a few more times, and I loved it. Just a matter of time.


No denying that Greece 2000 is a good tune. It's a chilling and clean mix but it's one of those tunes that I'd prefer listening shortened (Radio mix). I can't find Aurosonic's Hawaii. I also liked Estuera.

Hi, I respect your list. When I was an avid following of the "modern generation" Trance, I was listening to similar songs that you have on there. Blueprint by Stoneface & Terminal used to be my favorite track when I first heard it. Ah, back in the 2008 days when I was really into the Armin stuff.

You say you don't like the old school sound, but you have Alphazone - Flashback on there, which is clearly old school by now. Also, have you ever heard these?

Gouryella - Walhalla [1999] (I think it was 1999)
Selu Vibra - Divine
Majai - Lightwave (Airbase Dub Mix)
The Quest - C Sharp
Rank 1 - Airwave
Pulser - Cloud Walking (Astral Mix)
Solar Stone - Seven Cities (Atlantis Edit)
TasteXperience - Summersault

How could you not like these tracks? It ponders to me. How is Airwave commercial? It was underground and obscure before it became commercial. The original mix, that is.

I was just like you when I only liked newer club Trance tracks, with the higher and sharper sound quality. But do you ever find yourself getting bored of the new tracks rather easily and fast? It might be in your best interest to listen to the 1995-2002 era again. For there are tracks that are Euphoric & Epic, that come in different flavors than your average "fluffy" euphoria. Do you know the "dark" side of euphoria? It's when euphoria is still maintained, but with a darker, moodier, and dramatic/emotional tone to it.

This applies to :
Goldenscan - Sunrise (Tiesto Remix)
Jan Johnston - Flesh (Tiesto Remix)
Agnelli & Nelson ft. Aureas - Holding Onto Nothing (Paul Van Dyk Edit)
Delerium - Heaven's Earth (Matt Darey Remix)

^ I hope you find serenity in these songs here. They are fantastic abstract layered songs with high quality production.

As for melodic....
Tiesto - Sparkles (Original Mix)

As for "modern day sound..."
Cerf, Mitiska, & Jaren - Light The Skies (Retrobyte's Classic Electrobounce Mix)
Lange ft. Sarah Howells - Out of The Sky (Kyau vs Albert Remix)
Mat Zo - Lucky Strike
John O Callghan ft. Josie - Out of Nowhere (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
Arctic Moon - Adelaide (Original Mix)
Afternova - Serenity (Andy Blueman Remix)
Trance Arts - Twisted Tales (Original Mix) <---- very good track

Hopefully something that I put up for you strikes a positive cord with you. I understand how you feel, almost everywhere you go you see "Top ### Trance Tracks" and all you find are "classics" from 1990-2002 with the same old "retro era" of Trance, and you were trying to do something different. I respect that, as there are not a lot of people who have the guts to admit that new Trance has it's shiny side as well. And I admit, modern Trance is indeed pretty good and should not be entirely neglected. Before I appreciated old school classics, I first appreciated modern day.

I just want to say that your list is very great and it takes guts to do something different than what the average elitist old school Trancers would all hop on the wagon about. That's respect, man.

In any case, that's not to say you shouldn't overlook the entire classics/old school era, as there are amazing tracks that you'll find which are literally mind blowing. Tracks that will send you into another world, with a stronger and more emotional expression than any new track nowadays can ever be produced. Try searching up the "Sunrise (Tiesto Remix)" by "Goldenscan" and give it a listen. Do your best to imagine yourself in the atmosphere of that song. It's clearly nuts but amazingly artistic and abstract.

Again just wanted to say, keep up the great work buddy. Your list is considerably respectable.

Hey, thanks for your reply. I do like some old school trance music, of course. Thing with this list is that I'm having a difficulty really explaining what I'm looking for. First of all, tracks have to be made since 2000 since most lists are about tracks before that year. That is not to say I hate old school trance though.

List is looking for something serious sounding, emotional or if neutral, it has to be clever, 100% onwards driving, melodically or harmonically complex (which is what old school mostly lacks in lead melodies), not too happy but not totally depressing either, modern and timeless and production wise distinct if possible. Something you might call deep and driving uplifting trance, not just uplifting, which can mean pretty much anything. I'm talking about tracks that you put in a playlist as a DJ for that right moment in the club. Something that can release all the energy that the other slower, progressive tracks before were building. Something that isn't bound to become popular or overplayed but hopefully very well respected. Get that? ;).

I'm familiar with Pulser, Solar Stone, Gouryella, TasteXperience. Majai or Selu Vibra (Divine sounded very good) don't ring a bell as of before. Rank 1 - Airwave is definitely commercial trance music along with Goyryella's most stuff (Tiesto & Corsten). Only track I took seriously from the duo was their first to be honest. Other ones didn't go nearly as deep imo. I have a few commercial exceptions on the list like System F - Exhale and PPK - Resurrection (latter probably replaced soon). I'm not really into Tiesto. I like Elements of Life and Suburban Train most probably. Also, I said no vocal trance or happy/morning trance in most cases. Just a few exceptions there too.

I went through your tracks, half of them familiar and I'm considering Mat Zo's Lucky Strike and Selu Vibra's Divine. However before Lucky Strike, I'd probably add Fractal Universe from Mr. Zo. The Found is also on par but it's slightly restless with the vocal sounds.

that's awesome that you know of JayB. Look at my list and you can see I have one JayB song in there as well as some more info at the bottom of my post (a link to part of a song that he NEEDS to make into a full track). Other than that looks like our lists have no overlap.. Please check out my list--I put many hours of listening and thought into it :) I'll check this list out as well. Let me know if you add an of mine to your favorites list and I'll do the same.

Registered for Darktremor's top trance list, did not care much about it until I saw this list
Anyways, here I have one suggestion:
DJ Merlin & C Bass - The Human Spirit [2005] [hard/anthem trance]

Awesome list. The short descriptions are really intriguing!

I don't know much about Electronic music, since I've spent most of my time on Rock and Jazz up to know. Lately I've become really interested in Electronic music, mainly because of The Orb and some more electronic Krautrock stuff.

For a noob like me, what Electronic albums would you recommend to get me started?

I've mostly been looking for special loner tracks (singles). My knowledge of electronic music is not very wide ^^ but if by electronic albums you mean any type of electronic albums..

Uplifting trance: Most people would suggest Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise albums. Also try Anjunabeats The Early Years and A State of Trance 2004 and since annual albums. If you wish to hunt for singles, I suggest Try labels like Anjunabeats, Armada, A State of Trance, Euphonic Records, Hooj, Lost Language Recordings.

Psy/goatrance: Try Infected Mushroom's Classical Mushroom (their 2nd album), B.P Empire (3rd) and maybe even their first if you can stomach it. Not that I listen to much of these but you may also want to look into Astrix, Astral Projection, 1200 Micrograms, Man With No Name. They've done a lot of albums.

Ambient: Brian Eno's Ambient albums (I especially love Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks), The Orb, Harold Budd, Robin Guthrie and Aphex Twin to name a few.

90's trance artists: Orbital, Energy52, Age of Love, Oliver Lieb / L.S.G etc.

Start using google. "Best trance albums", "Best ambient albums". Always works best that way. Of course those lists are full of oldschool stuff, new stuff not so much.

I'm downloading In Search of Sunrise and Harold Budd right now.
Thanks for your help! ;)

Some suggestions:
Scot Project - Overdrive [2001]
Altitude - Altitude (S.H.O.K.K. Remix) [2002]
Photon Project ‎– Brainwave [2003]
Fictivision - Ringworld [2003]
Sam Sharp - Twister [2004]
Fictivision vs Phynn - Escape (Phynn Mix) [2004]
B&W - Mistaken (Fictivision Remix) [2005]
Fire & Ice - A New Beginning [2005]
Tom Colontonio - Subdued (Mike Nichol Remix) [2010]
The Digital Blonde - Serenade [2011]
Airwave - Cathedrals of Hope [2012]


Thanks. I'm at Fictivision - Ringworld now, sounds good. Overdrive sounds a lot of like Alphazone, only a beta version :D whereas S.H.O.K.K. sounds like Flutlicht probably because of Marco Guardia. I realized a long time ago that the shitty thing about making a list like this is that "the essentials come first". I've sort of erased that rule from my list though. Looking for the absolute essentials would most certaintly drive me absolutely bonkers.

Good tunes but I'm passing this one :( ..

Haha, no biggies. Most of those tracks don't actually meet the criteria you mentioned, except for the Fictivision and 2010-2012 tracks.
Thanks for the quick reply.

More suggestions (with descriptions):
*Airwave - When Things Go Wrong (Remix). Dark emotional trance. A bit repetitive, though.
*Basic Dawn - Pure Thrust (Nu NRG Remix). Think Dreamland, only darker and stronger. Buildup is not impressive, although I'd consider it better than Dreamland.
*Ace's Delight - The Mental Theme (Ultra Trance Remix). You will definitely love this one. Think Andy Blueman, only stronger and dance-able. The breakdown involves wicked strings and a nice piano melody.
*Pulser - My Religion. More dark emotional trance. The bass and melody are quite neat.
*DJ Tiesto - Heroes. The track is pretty much trance with breakbeats.
*Kenidel Lopez - Ai Suru. Nice layers of sounds, piano melody, great climax.
*Solar Fields - Black Arrow. A different kind of "euphoric" trance. The different layers of samples in this track are great. Mastering is perfect, as well.

Adding to this list:
*Kid Vicious - Proceed. One of the most energetic trance tracks?
*Randy Katana - In Silence (Scratch Bandicoot Remix). It is somewhat similar to 4Strings - Take Me Away, but it has its own soul. It is also better than the "Txitxarro Mix", which everyone raved to in 2004.

Thanks for more suggestions and for (I assume) appreciating my list this much! Here are some of my own works. Some of them are really f***ed up but I even got feedback from Daniel Kandi to my latest efforts but I didn't make it to the labels. Right now I'm not even making music.
and MUCH older although some of them are in soundcloud.

Some of those productions sound like amateur-ish versions of stuff in the list.
It is a great list, by the way. Arisen was the best track, in my opinion.

Yes Arisen is very good. It's one of the most respected trance tracks since 2000. Only reason I don't like it is because it has aged very badly. I know this because I produce, or used to at least.

Hi pal. I listened to Sunny Lax-P.U.M.A.,one of the best intro's to a trance track i've ever heard. Also listened to Stoneface and Terminal-Blueprint,gets better with every listen, however Stoneface and Termninal Feat.Ronski Speed-Incognition is better and I recommend listening to it. I agree with Jorn Van Deynhoven selections, he's a great artist.

Hey, thanks for your input. I'm listening to Incognition for the second time and I really like it. I don't think I've heard any track from S&T that is better than Blueprint though. It never gets old, the mixing stands out well even to this day and it's incredibly uplifting and progressive at the same time. As for Jorn, I think his best is Halo. At least I haven't noticed him being a copycat in that tune. There was/still is a video on YouTube about him copying others. He's still an incredible remixer, in the category of Sean Tyas and the likes.

Hi.I agree,halo is Jorn's best work. Here are some other tunes you might like.

Frank Trax-Neubachan(O.R.G.A.N Mix)
Signum-Third Dimension(Captain Tinrib Remix)
Armin Van Buuren-Sail

Thanks for the suggestions. I can't find Captain Tinrib Remix though. I'll have to do another listen at Sail. I think it was on the 10 Years album like Simple Things etc.

Did you like Frank Trax?

I can't find that one either ^^. There are some clips in YouTube of it playing live. Maybe you can share?

A most excellent & useful list, sir.

I kind of stopped listening to trance after about 2002 so it's going to be enjoyable working through this lot (I'm loving Sunny Lax so far). I've occasionally tuned into the Above & Beyond podcast but found it a bit boring with way too much singing & piano for my liking.

I personally loved the 'Escape from Samsara/Otherworld' stuff (probably acid trance if you needed to peg it?) but then the melodic/euphoric stuff from around 1998 to 2002...stand-out moments were 'Seven Cities Atlantis Mix' (the whole track), Nu NRG Dreamland (great structure & synth lines, before people started throwing the word 'supersaw' around willy-nilly), '1999' (Matt Darey & Goureyella mixes, in that order) & 'Madagascar' (probably my favourite breakdown ever although the rest of the track is pretty boring to me).

I'll let you know how I get on with the list!

Thank you. I'm glad you stopped by ;). Let me know if you ever finish the list, whether you think it's BS or not!

It's definitely kosher, my friend...plenty of heretofore unlistened-to gems (Sunny Lax et al).

In the process of going through all of the associated youtube links I came across

Now that, is awesome.

Ah.. Airport. It's a well produced hard trancer. Sadly it just sounds almost exactly like Thomas Bronzwaer - Shadow World so I can't even consider adding it. I think it's copycatting badly. I commented the track in YouTube. Nickname is Xynth. Check out my latest tune too if you like: Xynth - Jacob's Ladder.

Airport comments:

Jacob's Ladder (my tune):

I was taking a bicycle ride today and had my ear plugs in. I heard a song which I haven't heard for a long time: Probspot - Blueberry (2004). This was one of my favourite trance songs for years. I still think it's amazing now. Do you know it? It might be a good contender for this list.


Nice choon. It reminds me of James Holden - One For You. I'm considering it. Takes a little while to start liking some tracks more ;p.


I was taking a bicycle ride today and had my ear plugs in. I heard a song which I haven't heard for a long time: Probspot - Blueberry (2004). This was one of my favourite trance songs for years. I still think it's amazing now. Do you know it? It might be a good contender for this list.



Re: Good enough to get a place on this list. I've had plenty of listens of the original and none of the remixes really stand out for me. Sure has aged a little bit but it's 9 years old (?).

Great list!

I tend to prefer trance made in the 1990s, but I can appreciate a lot of the newer stuff as well.

Modern uplifting/epic trance gets a bit too much unfair criticism from fans of classic trance in my opinion. It's just a different style. People moan about it being overly commercial, but it's really not when you compare it to a lot of the trash that passes for electronic music these days...

Hey lluvatar88 and thanks for stopping by, I just happened to be updating my list. Seems I made it over 2 years ago, weird heh :D. It's so effin frustrating to do it because I have to change everything manually and thus can make mistakes even with simple copy and paste editing. If you find anything strange, like some of my track comments in the wrong place, let me know. This can happen if I decide to change track rankings.

What music people prefer is not up to me and I respect that. 90's has some really great tracks imo too although I prefer modern music myself just because of its unlimited potential of achieving better mixdowns even after you think you've heard the best ones. Still I don't generally listen to radios because trance has changed to trouse pretty much. I always give trance a chance to see if any gems pop out here and then. I recently added Max Braiman's Tryptamine E.P in the top 50, placing at #48.

PS. Check out my soundcloud page too if you like at the top of this list!

he cool list, youve got some favs of mine in there, but i see you have lost faith in todays Trance!!!!!! theres some awesome tracks out right now, you just have to troll through the shit to get to those gems, check out sy gardner distant memories for example, other artists like A&Z,angel ace,etc etc.. all produce good tracks, like anything you have to move with the times!!!!

Some nice suggestions for your list:
- Marcel Woods - Advanced (2005)
- Phynn - Lucid (2005)
- Riva - Run Away (2004)
- Solid Globe - North Pole (2003) / Sahara (2005)
- Commander Tom - Attent!on (2004) (Might also be house)
- Warrior - If You Want Me (2002)
- Tim Deluxe - Choose Something Like A Star (2004)
Some songs which just popped up in my mind. Let me know what you think. It's possible I will be posting more suggestions.

Phynn - Lucid sounded really good music wise, thanks for that <3. I might look into it later again. It takes a while to get the whole picture. I was never a big fan of Solid Globe's North Pole. It has kind of this Nitrous Oxide's North Pole is here though. Sahara on the other hand is more to my liking. Attention by Commander Tom indeed gives me houseish vibes with that bassline. There are some house tracks on this list like PROFF - Tell, that has a lot of trancey stuff in too. If You Want Me has a nice oldschool melody.

However many of these suggestions are very simplistic, outdated and I guess this is why my list is more open for newer tracks. Of course I'm keeping my eyes open for older tracks too or anything since 2000. But for instance, Phynn - Lucid doesn't sound as good as Flutlich - The Fall production quality wise. Lucid was made 3 years after The Fall and both are oldschool tracks by now. I guess some things stand out much longer than others. My opinion of trance's true potential is when people started using more pads to play chords with. Some nice additional melodies on top of the lead melodies are a must have now. Otherwise it sounds so empty.

Thanks. I'm okay with almost every kind of electronic music, so I will look in my music library if I will find something good for you.

Ah, I see you like Cold Blue. How about "The Wolf"? Do you know that song? I think it sounds pretty neat.

It's not nearly on the same level with Mount Everest, Downhill or Atlantis imo. It's kind of happy-go-lucky to my ear. But I suppose Cold Blue's remix of Hydro Aquatic - Vigor is sort of happy-go-lucky too.

You seem to know a lot about post 2005 trance music :P I'm going to listen to your suggestions.

Also I left a sentence unfinished about Solid Globe - North Pole and can't edit my previous comment for some annoying reason! I meant to say something like "It kind of has this old and simple clubby thing going on with those saw pads."

3rd Moon - Monsun (2009) is another great track. True Uplifting vibes!

Yes I've been considering it (I've had it for a long time ;p). One may would argue Bliss is better, although I like Monsun more.

Good day eclectics! Anyobdy like a good riddle ?

I'm looking for a 90s trance song that was something of a hit that I used to hear together with many of the songs listed here.

There's a woman moaning and I think the title had to do with sex.

It was heavily syncopatic, like Barthezz.

It was something with DJ and 2000.

A shot in the dark tells me there was something to do with 'silver' or something shiny. Not Quiksilver, thank you.

I remember there were some C's in the name.

Any luck?