Why Not? Another Lyric challenge...

  • Okay, here are the Songs Not Yet Identified:
  • ---------
  • 3. It's the only thing I know how to do
  • 6. the dream is lost (It's not Pink Floyd)
  • 8. We went out one night
  • 16. take my sorrow and my sin
  • 21. In the beginning in the days before time
  • 22. All things dead must rise again
  • 27. Standing at the dock a pink flamingo cryin' in the rain
  • 29. Under a pale gray sky, we shall arise
  • 30. Then he caught me messin' with his friend
  • 31. Ask me for some money cause he wants crack
  • 33. Skankin' as real as it can be, understand?
  • 34. I couldn't be saved by John the Pope
  • 35. Where cockroaches and crabgrass are the only crop
  • 36. Do we say this means less than we know it does
  • 37. On through the dead of night
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  • And these have been Identified by a Select Few:
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  • 1. but I could not hold on to her very long--Isis, Bob Dylan (jgandcag)
  • 2. my world crumbles when you are not near--I Try, Macy Gray (ender22d)
  • 4. Would you lie to me--If You Had My Love, Jennifer Lopez (Jacq)
  • 5. On the calendar of your events, I'm last week--Flushed down the Bathroom of your Heart, Johnny Cash (jgandcag)
  • 7. Like a movie scene--Waiting for tonight, Jennifer Lopez (jenhowel)
  • 9. Sometimes is never quite enough--Perfect, Alanis Morissette (MarkW)
  • 10. I thought i saw a man brought to life--Torn, Natalie Imbruglia (barbie00)
  • 11. Guess mine is not the first heart broken--Hopelessly Devoted to you, Olivia Newton-John (jenhowel)
  • 12. you waste your time with pain and regret--Frozen, Madonna (Jacq)
  • 13. where the winds hit heavy on the borderline--Girl from the North Country, Bob Dylan (MarkW)
  • 14. demented as the motives in your head--Inside Out, Eve 6 (Triv)
  • 15. you come out at night--Building a Mystery, Sarah Maclachlan (barbie00)
  • 17. "never look back" we said--From the Bottom of My Broken Heart, Britney Spears (Jacq)
  • 18. When i was young and knew everything--The Freshman, The Verve Pipe (MarkW)
  • 19. Sirens ring, the shots rang out--6th Avenue Heartache, The Wallflowers (ender22d)
  • 20. Who doesn't know what I'm talking about--Wide Open Spaces, The Dixie Chicks (ender22d)
  • 23. The name she gave was Caroline--Tecumseh Valley, Townes VanZandt (jgandcag)
  • 24. I'm crossin' you in style--Moon River, actually by Mancini/Mercer, not Williams(daraflo)
  • 25. just close your eyes and think of me--You've Got a Friend, James Taylor (Jen108)
  • 26. It don't snow here, it stays pretty green--River, Joni Mitchell (ender22d)
  • 28. Like a worn-out recording of a favorite song--Escape (the "Pina Colada Song"), Rupert Holmes (daraflo)
  • 32. Image what my body would sound like--Hyperballad, Bjork (drtyhalo)
  • 38. Like car parts, bottles and cutlery, whatever I find lying around--Hyperballad, Bjork (drtyhalo)
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Have fun! (if I think of any more, I'll add them soon!)












I don't know if it's what you're looking for, but #7 is a line in "Waiting for Tonight" by Jennifer Lopez. #11 is definitely "Hopelessly Devoted to You" sung by Olivia Newton-John in "Grease". And #12 sounds SOOOOO familiar but noo... it's not coming.

You're right on both #7 & #11! I'm impressed. You'll probably get #12 too unless someone beats you to it.

14 is Eve 6's first single. The name escapes me at the moment, I always just referred to it as the 'heart in a blender' song.

6 could be anything, really. "the dream is gone" is from a pink floyd song, and "the dream is over" is from a queensryche song.

19 sounds awful familiar too. Springsteen?

Gotta have the title for 14.

I believe the dream is "lost" not "gone" or "over," so it really isn't Floyd or that awful pop/rock band you mentioned. (sorry, never liked them)

19 isn't Springsteen.

Keep guessing!

#2: Macy Gray--I Try

Great job! I love her! It took me a few listens to catch what she was actually saying, that's why I included it on the list.

BTW, a couple lyric sites quote another part of the song as "I play it off but I'm dreaming of you, I'll keep my cool but I'm fiedin' " I don't believe " fiedin' " is a word--any ideas? Fading, feeling, what are your thoughts?

hmmm, I always assumed it was "fading" or "failing". Seems to me that there definately is a "d" in there somewhere....

#20: "Wide Open Spaces" by the Dixie Chicks? "...who'se never left home, who'se never struck out..."


Here are a few of the easier ones. Nice list, Min!

9 is "Perfect" - Alanis Morissette

18 is "Freshman" - Verve Pipe

13 is "Girl from the North Country" - Bob Dylan


oops, i didn't see mark had already guessed #18!

Right, right, right! Great job.

hi min,
here are my guesses:
#10-torn by natalie imbruglia
#15-building a mystery by sarah maclachlan
#18-freshmen by the vervepipe

#14 also sounds awfully familiar...maybe i'll get back to you on that one.

Good guessing! For a hint on #14, look at the comments above...

Is this all you guys are going to get? Or did you forget about my little list? Guess on, please! :-) Min (too lazy to log in)

#14, which everyone seems to be having trouble with, IS Eve6 and is called "Inside Out."


That's right! Finally!

#12 is Madonna's Frozen.
Gotta say that you are really good at choosing lines. =) There are so many lines that sound familiar, but the melodies just lurk somewhere in my head and refuse to emerge. I shall return!!

Hey, anyways, is #21 by Coco Lee??

#4 is If You Had My Love by Jennifer Lopez

#17 is From the Bottom of My Broken Heart by Britney Spears

Hey, congratulations!! And thanks for the compliment on the list! You were right on all but #21...keep guessing!

#19: "Sixth Ave. Heartache" by the wallflowers, right? I think I heard it today on the radio as I came back from Northern VA

This one slipped by me somehow. You are correct.

ah, and #26 is "River" by Joni Mitchell; I have that one on MY list, which, *SHAMELESS PLUG* is still up and running with 74 song lyrics to study and comment on--so y'all come on over after yer finished with the excellent Min's quiz *END SHAMELESS PLUG WITH BACKHANDED COMPLIMENT*...hehehe...

You're right--one of my favorites! (incidentally, I love Robert Downey Jr's version of this--hope he can get his act together and stay out of the slammer)

By the way, I think I visited your list!

#25 You've Got a Friend, James Taylor?

Correct! One for you....any more guesses?

1. I think is from Dylan "Isis"
5 Johnny Cash doing "Flushed from the Bathroom of your Heart" Now that is an obscure lyric.

#23 I knew i knew this one it just came to me "Tecumseh Valley" which I think was written bt Townes Van Zandt but done by a few folkies...

You're right. The version I like is Nanci Griffith's (with Arlo Guthrie).

You're right on both. Can't believe Isis stood unidentified for so long!

#6...Comfortably Numb?

...by Pink Floyd, of course

Sorry--#6 is a tough one.

Could numbers 32 and 38 both be from "Hyperballad" by Bjork? And i KNOW i know number 28. i know it. Drivin' me crazy.

You're right! And I didn't even realize that I had that song twice--I really like it! Two for you.

# 24 is from Moon River (Williams)
# 28 is from Escape-The Pina Colada Song (Holmes)

Thanks. And thank you, too, Jim.

Sir Dave! Nice to see you out and about! When you going to kick in some lists?


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