Albums of 2011

  1. Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer - Re:ECM
  2. Outstanding.
  3. Andy Stott - Passed Me By
  4. Radiohead - The King Of Limbs
  5. Thom is finally free from his white walled, electronic prison and into the free, open, cavernous nature. The mind expanding fusion of genres of Kid A/Amensiac, filtered through the warmth and humbleness of In Rainbows. A new style for Radiohead. The first 4 tracks are based on loops and rhythmns, four tet flying lotus burial actress shackleton etcetcetc. But still with Radiohead's signature sound. Thom invites us to open our mouth wide. This is the universal sigh, no more bellyaches. Where the wings take root. Instead of crashing into it, Thom is jumping into the lake, dragonflies around. This is mature Radiohead. Feral sounds like a dance in the woods at night, Give Up The Ghost. Don't haunt me, don't hurt me, don't hau. There's been alot of discussion about this album. It's only 8 tracks. The songs aren't as good as In Rainbows, Hail to the, OK c. But this is a new stage of Radiohead, a new open fantastic sound. It's the sound of a band confident within itself that it can make good music. It's an album that points to the future of Radiohead, because it learns from the past. If you think this is over then you're wrong.
  6. Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues
  7. After the first few listens, it seems like they've stepped up to a whole new level. More thoughts will prob come later. I suspect this will be viewed by the critics as worse than their debut album, I promise you it's not.
  8. Panda Bear - Tomboy
  9. Shabazz Palaces - Black Up
  10. Lucy - Wordplay for Working Bees
  11. Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - Seeping Through The Veil Of The Unconscious
  12. The Weeknd - House of Balloons
  13. Bon Iver - Bon Iver
  14. Wild Beasts - Smother
  15. Toro y Moi - Underneath The Pine
  16. Battles - Gloss Drop
  17. The Antlers - Burst Apart
  18. Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972
  19. Ducktails - Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics
  20. Deerhoof - Deerhoof vs Evil
  21. James Blake - James Blake
  22. Hype Williams - One Nation
  23. Desolate - The Invisible Insurrection
  24. Lil B - Angels Exodus
  25. Earth - Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1

  26. disposable/destructable
  27. ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Tao of the Dead
  28. Destroyer - Kaputt
  29. Dominik Eulberg - Diorama
  30. Tennis - Cape Dory
  31. Hercules & Love Affair - Blue Songs
  32. Smith Westerns - Dye it Blonde
  34. The Decemberists - The King Is Dead
  35. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Belong
  36. PJ Harvey - Let England Shake
  37. Jamie Woon: Mirrorwriting
  38. Low: C'Mon
  39. Tyler, the Creator: Goblin
  40. Bill Callahan: Apocalypse
  41. Sandwell District - Feed-Forward

  42. reading/waiting/willing to listen to
  43. Cold Cave: Cherish the Light Years
  44. Bob Dylan: In Concert: Brandeis University 1963
  45. Autechre: EPs 1991-2002
  46. TV on the Radio: Nine Types of Light
  47. Vivian Girls: Share the Joy
  48. Dr. Dre: Detox
  49. Kode9 and the Spaceape: Black Sun
  50. Explosions in the Sky: Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
  51. Times New Viking: Dancer Equired
  52. *AR: Wolf Notes
  53. Jesu: Ascension
  54. Mark McGuire: A Young Person's Guide to Mark McGuire
  55. 13 & God: Own Your Ghost
  56. Thurston Moore: Demolished Thoughts
  57. Melvins: Sugar Daddy Live
  58. Death Cab for Cutie: Codes and Keys
  59. The Appleseed Cast: Middle States
  60. Jackie O Motherfucker: Earth Sound System
  61. Fucked Up: David Comes to Life
  62. Bjork: TBA

I can't stres how good this is. Definatly the track of the year so far. Just utterly hypnotic.

I genuinely thought as a joke that the link would be for Rebecca Black - Friday. The track does indeed sound good. Good to see you liked King of Limbs; bit less that you didn't like Let England Shake. Any opinions on older PJ Harvey stuff?

Great shout on Andy Stott, but this list is incomplete without Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin Love.