Worst Metal Sub/Fusion Genre? (POLL)


pick the sub/fusion genre of Metal which you think is the worst.

Hmm, wish more people would vote on this, would be interesting to see. I voted for Metalcore..absolutely hate it with a passion..surprised to see Nu Metal in the lead, there's actually a couple decent Nu Metal bands out there (No I hate Korn :P), but I still don't care for the genre.

Christian metal could be considered one of the worsts, though I do like the album "To Hell With The Devil" by Stryper.

Though I really hate rap metal (God I hate that Aerosmith/Rum DMC collaboration..way overrated), I do like "I'm The Man" by Anthrax, it's so fun :3..and their collaboration with Public Enemy is some what decent.

Finally, Thrash Metal is the best genre to me in Heavy Metal, love it with a passion.