What Band/Group/Artist Do you think is/was the best live? ( Comment On Who You Think Is )

  • Please comment and say what band/artist/group is in your opinion the best live artist/group/band and once I have about 30 different artist choices I will make a poll on listology called Who's the best live performing band/artist/group and you can vote for your favorite. Comments will be appreciated and not criticized (at least not by myself because I can't stop what other people do duh :) ) and no matter how much I dislike an artist/band/group I will put them on the poll I will be making after I have 30 different bands/groups/artists more or less. Also you can recommend multiple bands/artists/groups, I just wanted to say that so no one would be confused.

For me, it would have to be Phish [in their prime of course]. Unpredictable (both in setlist and the turns the improv would take) and ecstatic. For me, the best kind of live band. But I'll also nominate Acid Mothers Temple and Feelies, the best two shows I've seen lately. Acid Mothers is surreal and wild -- totally recommend them to any fans of psych rock.

@callanyvegetable Thanks for the input I'll put those bands/groups in my poll when I have about 27 other groups/bands/artists plus my favorite live band.

Pearl Jam, they give it their all and change their setlists every night, unlike many other bands do.

Yeah, I heard Pearl Jam was really good live.