best thrash metal bands I know of

  • 1.Megadeth
  • 3.Slayer
  • 4.Metallica
  • 5.Anthrax
  • 6.Annihilator
  • 7.Exodus
  • 8.Angkor Wat
Author Comments: 

if you know any other thrash metal bands please tell me and I will check them out and they may get on the list but actually these five bands are the only thrash metal bands I know of so if you could please tell me of others. thanks

If you ever get a chance check out When Obscenity Becomes The Norm...Awake! by Angkor Wat

ya I checked out 2 of their songs off that album but I didnt really like it so I will put them at #6 for now.

also I just have to say Im almost certain the top 5 will stay in the same places theyre in but the ones bellow I havent really heard much of so Im putting them in their places basically after listening to just one song by them.

Some great Thrashers to check out if you haven't already:
*Venom - though not really 'true' thrash, they're the innovators of it though
*Exumer - Highly Underrated
*Tankard - Alcoholic Metal!!! :3
*Evile - Great Modern Thrash Band
*Fueled By Fire
*DOOM - Japaese Thrash Metal Band; had Pirarucu, one of the greatest bass players of all time, R.I.P.

I'd also recommend that you give Exodus more of a chance, they have a lot more to offer than Paul Baloff :P