Best Power Metal Albums I Own (Ranked)

  • 15.Stratovarius-Polaris
  • 14.Sonata Arctica-The Days Of Grays
  • 13.Sonata Arctica-Unia
  • 12.Demons & Wizards-Touched By The Crimson King
  • 11.Blind Guardian-Battalions Of Fear
  • 10.Blind Guardian-A Twist In The Myth
  • 9.Dragonforce-Valley Of The Damned
  • 8.Dragonforce-Inhuman Rampage
  • 7.Blind Guardian-Imaginations From The Other Side
  • 6.Blind Guardian Somewhere Far Beyond
  • 5.Dragonforce-Ultra Beatdown
  • 4.Dragonforce-Sonic Firestorm
  • 3.Blind Guardian-Nightfall In Middle-Earth
  • 2.Blind Guardian-A Night At The Opera
  • 1.Blind Guardian-At The Edge Of Time
Author Comments: 

Just ask for information on each album and why I put it there and I'll give you as much info on it and stuff as possible.