Favorite kinds of Food

  • 1.Mexican-Chicken Quesadillias.
  • 2.Filipino-ShoPau,a steamed dumpling filled with beef,chinese sausage,chicken,egg and scallions.
  • 3.Chinese-Crab Rangoon.
  • 5.Spanish-Arroz con pollo,yellow rice with peas and chicken.
  • 6.Cuban-A good ol cuban sandwich.
  • 7.Jamaican-Curried Goat.
  • 8.Soul Food-Fried Chicken,Mac and cheese and Cornbread with honey butter.
  • 9.Food to get at a sports bar-The hottest wings they got.
  • 10.Seafood-Oysters.
  • 11.Soup-Broccoli and cheese
  • 12.Foods to get at a fair-A corndog with mustard.
  • 13.Italian-Risotto,a creamy filling rice dish.
  • 14.Greek-Gyro's
  • 15.Middle eastern-Falafel,Fried and spiced ground chick pes in Lavash bread and a wonderful sauce.
  • 16.Side order-Cheese fries or Onion rings.
  • 17.Vegetable-Aspargus or spinach.
  • 18.Japanese-Sushi
  • 19.Pie-Pecan
  • 20.Ice cream-Mint chocalate chip
  • 21.Cookie-Peanut butter
Author Comments: 

This list might grow.

I just read in my Sunday paper's magazine one of those meaningless filler blurbs that attempts to map your personality to your favorite pie. As a pecan pie lover, it says you are "simple in your tastes and seeking more sweetness in life."

My favorite pie declares me "an overachiever who just wants to relax and not be in charge." Care to guess that pie?

I think, if im'm not mistaken it's cherry.

A fine pie, but no, the pie that sets my heart aflutter is banana cream.

Interesting,banana creme.

That is nice. Thanks for your explanation