11 words people tend to use to describe me

  • 1.Nuturing
  • 2.Kind
  • 3.Kooky
  • 4.Imaginative
  • 5.Stubborn
  • 6.Affectionate
  • 7.Thrill-seeker
  • 9. Open-minded
  • 10. Day dreamer
  • 11. Incandescent
  • 12. Thrifty

you could rename this list 9 things I'm looking for a in a woman and 1 I'll undoubtedly get.


Is Stubborn the thing you will undoubtedly get?

Stubborness is'nt always bad. Sometimes it means she does'nt quit so easily.

that was the one, but you put a nice spin on it... imaginitive indeed.

Yup, Imaginitive I aim to please :)