Tennis: ATP World #1 Ranked Players

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  1. Ilie Nastase
  2. John Newcombe
  3. Jimmy Connors
  4. Björn Borg
  5. John McEnroe
  6. Ivan Lendl
  7. Mats Wilander
  8. Stefan Edberg
  9. Boris Becker
  10. Jim Courier
  11. Pete Sampras
  12. Andre Agassi
  13. Thomas Muster
  14. Marcelo Ríos
  15. Carlos Moya
  16. Yevgeny Kafelnikov
  17. Patrick Rafter
  18. Marat Safin
  19. Gustavo Kuerten
  20. Lleyton Hewitt
  21. Juan Carlos Ferrero
  22. Andy Roddick
  23. Roger Federer
  24. Rafael Nadal
  25. Novak Djokovic
Author Comments: 

Rankings were first computed in 1973, so no Fred Perry or Rene Lacoste here. Sorry.

The #1 ranked player can often change. Indeed, during the 1980s, the #1 position kept switching between Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg, to name a few. For simplicity, I have named each player only once, in order of chronology when they first reached #1.