Episodes Of The Simpsons

  1. Season One (1989-1990)

  2. 7G08 17-Dec-1989 Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire
  3. 7G02 14-Jan-1990 Bart The Genius
  4. 7G03 21-Jan-1990 Homer's Odyssey
  5. 7G04 28-Jan-1990 There's No Disgrace Like Home
  6. 7G05 04-Feb-1990 Bart The General
  7. 7G06 11-Feb-1990 Moaning Lisa
  8. 7G09 18-Feb-1990 The Call Of The Simpsons
  9. 7G07 25-Feb-1990 The Telltale Head
  10. 7G11 18-Mar-1990 Life On The Fast Lane
  11. 7G10 25-Mar-1990 Homer's Night Out
  12. 7G13 15-Apr-1990 The Crepes Of Wrath
  13. 7G12 29-Apr-1990 Krusty Gets Busted
  14. 7G01 13-May-1990 Some Enchanted Evening
  15. Season Two (1990-1991)

  16. 7F03 11-Oct-1990 Bart Gets An F
  17. 7F02 18-Oct-1990 Simpson And Delilah
  18. 7F04 25-Oct-1990 Treehouse Of Horror
  19. 7F01 01-Nov-1990 Two Cars In Every Garage And Three Eyes On Every Fish
  20. 7F05 08-Nov-1990 Dancin' Homer
  21. 7F08 15-Nov-1990 Dead Putting Society
  22. 7F07 22-Nov-1990 Bart vs. Thanksgiving
  23. 7F06 06-Dec-1990 Bart The Daredevil
  24. 7F09 20-Dec-1990 Itchy & Scratchy & Marge
  25. 7F10 10-Jan-1991 Bart Gets Hit By A Car
  26. 7F11 24-Jan-1991 One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish
  27. 7F12 31-Jan-1991 The Way We Was
  28. 7F13 07-Feb-1991 Homer VS. Lisa And The 8th Commandment
  29. 7F15 14-Feb-1991 Principal Charming
  30. 7F16 21-Feb-1991 Oh, Brother, Where Are Thou?
  31. 7F14 07-Mar-1991 Bart's Dog Gets An F
  32. 7F17 28-Mar-1991 Old Money
  33. 7F18 11-Apr-1991 Brush With Greatness
  34. 7F19 25-Apr-1991 Lisa's Substitute
  35. 7F20 02-May-1991 The War Of The Simpsons
  36. 7F21 09-May-1991 Three Men And A Comic Book
  37. 7F22 11-Jul-1991 Blood Feud
  38. Season Three (1991-1992)

  39. 7F24 19-Sep-1991 Stark Raving Dad
  40. 8F01 26-Sep-1991 Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington
  41. 7F23 03-Oct-1991 When Flanders Failed
  42. 8F03 10-Oct-1991 Bart The Murderer
  43. 8F04 17-Oct-1991 Homer Defined
  44. 8F05 24-Oct-1991 Like Father, Like Clown
  45. 8F02 31-Oct-1991 Treehouse Of Horror II
  46. 8F06 07-Nov-1991 Lisa's Pony
  47. 8F07 14-Nov-1991 Saturdays Of Thunder
  48. 8F08 21-Nov-1991 Flaming Moe's
  49. 8F09 05-Dec-1991 Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk
  50. 8F10 26-Dec-1991 I Married Marge
  51. 8F11 09-Jan-1992 Radio Bart
  52. 8F12 23-Jan-1992 Lisa The Greek
  53. 8F14 06-Feb-1992 Homer Alone
  54. 8F16 13-Feb-1992 Bart The Lover
  55. 8F13 20-Feb-1992 Homer At The Bat
  56. 8F15 27-Feb-1992 Separate Vocations
  57. 8F17 12-Mar-1992 Dog Of Death
  58. 8F19 26-Mar-1992 Colonel Homer
  59. 8F20 09-Apr-1992 Black Widower
  60. 8F21 23-Apr-1992 The Otto Show
  61. 8F22 07-May-1992 Bart's Friend Falls In Love
  62. 8F23 27-Aug-1992 Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes?
  63. Season Four (1992-1993)

  64. 8F24 24-Sep-1992 Kamp Krusty
  65. 8F18 01-Oct-1992 A Streetcar Named Marge
  66. 9F01 08-Oct-1992 Homer The Heretic
  67. 9F02 15-Oct-1992 Lisa The Beauty Queen
  68. 9F04 29-Oct-1992 Treehouse Of Horror III
  69. 9F03 03-Nov-1992 Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie
  70. 9F05 05-Nov-1992 Marge Gets A Job
  71. 9F06 12-Nov-1992 New Kid On The Block
  72. 9F07 19-Nov-1992 Mr. Plow
  73. 9F08 03-Dec-1992 Lisa's First Word
  74. 9F09 17-Dec-1992 Homer's Triple Bypass
  75. 9F10 14-Jan-1993 Marge vs. The Monorail
  76. 9F11 21-Jan-1993 Selma's Choice
  77. 9F12 04-Feb-1993 Brother From The Same Planet
  78. 9F13 11-Feb-1993 I Love Lisa
  79. 9F14 18-Feb-1993 Duffless
  80. 9F15 11-Mar-1993 Last Exit To Springfield
  81. 9F17 01-Apr-1993 So It's Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show
  82. 9F16 15-Apr-1993 The Front
  83. 9F18 29-Apr-1993 Whacking Day
  84. 9F20 06-May-1993 Marge In Chains
  85. 9F19 13-May-1993 Krusty Gets Kancelled
  86. Season Five (1993-1994)

  87. 9F21 30-Sep-1993 Homer's Barbershop Quartet
  88. 9F22 07-Oct-1993 Cape Feare
  89. 1F02 14-Oct-1993 Homer Goes To College
  90. 1F01 21-Oct-1993 Rosebud
  91. 1F04 28-Oct-1993 Treehouse Of Horror IV
  92. 1F03 04-Nov-1993 Marge On The Lam
  93. 1F05 11-Nov-1993 Bart's Inner Child
  94. 1F06 18-Nov-1993 Boy Scoutz N' The Hood
  95. 1F07 09-Dec-1993 The Last Temptation Of Homer
  96. 1F08 16-Dec-1993 $pringfield (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love Legalized Gambling)
  97. 1F09 06-Jan-1994 Homer The Vigilante
  98. 1F11 03-Feb-1994 Bart Gets Famous
  99. 1F10 10-Feb-1994 Homer And Apu
  100. 1F12 17-Feb-1994 Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy
  101. 1F13 24-Feb-1994 Deep Space Homer
  102. 1F14 17-Mar-1994 Homer Loves Flanders
  103. 1F15 31-Mar-1994 Bart Gets An Elephant
  104. 1F16 14-Apr-1994 Burns' Heir
  105. 1F18 28-Apr-1994 Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song
  106. 1F19 05-May-1994 The Boy Who Knew Too Much
  107. 1F21 12-May-1994 Lady Bouvier's Lover
  108. 1F20 19-May-1994 Secrets Of A Successful Marriage
  109. Season Six (1994-1995)

  110. 1F22 04-Sep-1994 Bart Of Darkness
  111. 1F17 11-Sep-1994 Lisa's Rival
  112. 2F33 25-Sep-1994 Another Simpsons Clip Show
  113. 2F01 02-Oct-1994 Itchy & Scratchy Land
  114. 2F02 09-Oct-1994 Sideshow Bob Roberts
  115. 2F03 30-Oct-1994 Treehouse Of Horror V
  116. 2F04 06-Nov-1994 Bart's Girlfriend
  117. 2F05 13-Nov-1994 Lisa On Ice
  118. 2F06 27-Nov-1994 Homer Badman
  119. 2F07 04-Dec-1994 Grandpa VS. Sexual Inadequacy
  120. 2F08 18-Dec-1994 Fear Of Flying
  121. 2F09 08-Jan-1995 Homer The Great
  122. 2F10 22-Jan-1995 And Maggie Makes Three
  123. 2F11 05-Feb-1995 Bart's Comet
  124. 2F12 12-Feb-1995 Homie The Clown
  125. 2F13 19-Feb-1995 Bart VS. Australia
  126. 2F14 26-Feb-1995 Homer VS. Patty And Selma
  127. 2F31 05-Mar-1995 A Star Is Burns
  128. 2F15 19-Mar-1995 Lisa's Wedding
  129. 2F18 09-Apr-1995 Two Dozen And One Greyhounds
  130. 2F19 16-Apr-1995 The PTA Disbands
  131. 2F32 30-Apr-1995 Round Springfield
  132. 2F21 07-May-1995 The Springfield Connection
  133. 2F22 14-May-1995 Lemon Of Troy
  134. 2F16 21-May-1995 Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part 1)
  135. Season Seven (1995-1996)

  136. 2F20 17-Sep-1995 Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part 2)
  137. 2F17 24-Sep-1995 Radioactive Man
  138. 3F01 01-Oct-1995 Home Sweet Home-Diddly-Dum-Doodily
  139. 3F02 08-Oct-1995 Bart Sells His Soul
  140. 3F03 15-Oct-1995 Lisa The Vegetarian
  141. 3F04 29-Oct-1995 Treehouse Of Horror VI
  142. 3F05 05-Nov-1995 King-Size Homer
  143. 3F06 19-Nov-1995 Mother Simpson
  144. 3F08 26-Nov-1995 Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming
  145. 3F31 03-Dec-1995 The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
  146. 3F07 17-Dec-1995 Marge Be Not Proud
  147. 3F10 07-Jan-1996 Team Homer
  148. 3F09 14-Jan-1996 Two Bad Neighbors
  149. 3F11 04-Feb-1996 Scenes From The Class Struggle In Springfield
  150. 3F12 11-Feb-1996 Bart The Fink
  151. 3F13 18-Feb-1996 Lisa The Iconoclast
  152. 3F14 25-Feb-1996 Homer The Smithers
  153. 3F16 17-Mar-1996 The Day The Violence Died
  154. 3F15 24-Mar-1996 A Fish Called Selma
  155. 3F17 31-Mar-1996 Bart On The Road
  156. 3F18 14-Apr-1996 22 Short Films About Springfield
  157. 3F19 28-Apr-1996 Raging Abe Simpson And His Grumbling Grandson In The Curse of the Flying Hellfish
  158. 3F20 05-May-1996 Much Apu About Nothing
  159. 3F21 19-May-1996 Homerpalooza
  160. 3F22 19-May-1996 Summer Of 4ft2
  161. Season Eight (1996-1997)

  162. 4F02 27-Oct-1996 Treehouse Of Horror VII
  163. 3F23 03-Nov-1996 You Only Move Twice
  164. 4F03 10-Nov-1996 The Homer They Fall
  165. 4F05 17-Nov-1996 Burns Baby Burns
  166. 4F06 24-Nov-1996 Bart After Dark
  167. 4F04 01-Dec-1996 A Milhouse Divided
  168. 4F01 15-Dec-1996 Lisa's Date With Density
  169. 4F07 29-Dec-1996 Hurricane Neddy
  170. 3F24 05-Jan-1997 El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Homer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)
  171. 3G01 12-Jan-1997 The Springfield Files
  172. 4F08 19-Jan-1997 The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson
  173. 4F10 02-Feb-1997 Mountain Of Madness
  174. 3G03 07-Feb-1997 Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious
  175. 4F12 09-Feb-1997 The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show
  176. 4F11 16-Feb-1997 Homer's Phobia
  177. 4F14 23-Feb-1997 Brother From Another Series
  178. 4F13 02-Mar-1997 My Sister, My Sitter
  179. 4F15 16-Mar-1997 Homer VS. The 18th Amendment
  180. 4F09 06-Apr-1997 Grade School Confidential
  181. 4F16 13-Apr-1997 The Canine Mutiny
  182. 4F17 20-Apr-1997 The Old Man and the Lisa
  183. 4F18 27-Apr-1997 In Marge We Trust
  184. 4F19 04-May-1997 Homer's Enemy
  185. 4F20 11-May-1997 The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase
  186. 4F21 18-May-1997 The Secret War Of Lisa Simpson
  187. Season Nine (1997-1998)

  188. 4F22 21-Sep-1997 The City Of New York VS. Homer Simpson
  189. 4F23 28-Sep-1997 The Principal And The Pauper
  190. 3G02 19-Oct-1997 Lisa's Sax
  191. 5F02 26-Oct-1997 Treehouse Of Horror VIII
  192. 5F01 02-Nov-1997 The Cartridge Family
  193. 5F03 09-Nov-1997 Bart Star
  194. 5F04 16-Nov-1997 The Two Mrs Nahasapeemapetilons
  195. 5F05 23-Nov-1997 Lisa The Skeptic
  196. 5F06 07-Dec-1997 Realty Bites
  197. 5F07 21-Dec-1997 Miracle On Evergreen Terrace
  198. 5F24 04-Jan-1998 All Singing, All Dancing
  199. 5F08 11-Jan-1998 Bart Carny
  200. 5F23 08-Feb-1998 The Joy Of Sect
  201. 5F11 15-Feb-1998 Das Bus
  202. 5F10 22-Feb-1998 The Last Temptation of Krust
  203. 5F12 01-Mar-1998 Dumbbell Indemnity
  204. 4F24 08-Mar-1998 Lisa The Simpson
  205. 5F13 22-Mar-1998 This Little Wiggy
  206. 3G04 29-Mar-1998 Simpson Tide
  207. 5F14 05-Apr-1998 The Trouble With Trillions
  208. 5F15 19-Apr-1998 Girly Edition
  209. 5F09 26-Apr-1998 Trash Of The Titans
  210. 5F16 03-May-1998 King Of The Hill
  211. 5F17 10-May-1998 Lost Our Lisa
  212. 5F18 17-May-1998 Natural Born Kissers
  213. Season Ten (1998-1999)

  214. 5F20 23-Aug-1998 Lard Of The Dance
  215. 5F21 20-Sep-1998 The Wizard Of Evergreen Terrace
  216. 5F22 27-Sep-1998 Bart the Mother
  217. AABF01 25-Oct-1998 Treehouse of Horror IX
  218. 5F19 08-Nov-1998 When You Dish Upon A Star
  219. AABF02 15-Nov-1998 D'oh-in' In The Wind
  220. AABF03 22-Nov-1998 Lisa Gets An A
  221. AABF04 06-Dec-1998 Homer Simpson in Kidney Trouble
  222. AABF05 20-Dec-1998 Mayored To the Mob
  223. AABF06 10-Jan-1999 Viva Ned Flanders
  224. AABF07 17-Jan-1999 Wild Barts Can't Be Broken
  225. AABF08 31-Jan-1999 Sunday, Cruddy Sunday
  226. AABF09 07-Feb-1999 Homer To The Max
  227. AABF11 14-Feb-1999 I'm With Cupid
  228. AABF10 21-Feb-1999 Marge Simpson In 'Screaming Yellow Honkers'
  229. AABF12 28-Feb-1999 Make Room For Lisa
  230. AABF13 28-Mar-1999 Maximum Homerdrive
  231. AABF14 04-Apr-1999 Simpsons Bible Stories
  232. AABF15 11-Apr-1999 Mom And Pop Art
  233. AABF16 25-Apr-1999 The Old Man And The C Student
  234. AABF17 02-May-1999 Monty Can't Buy Me Love
  235. AABF18 09-May-1999 They Saved Lisa's Brain
  236. AABF20 16-May-1999 Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo
  237. Season Eleven (1999-2000)

  238. AABF23 26-Sep-1999 Beyond Blunderdome
  239. AABF22 03-Oct-1999 Brother's Little Helper
  240. AABF21 24-Oct-1999 Guess Who's Coming To Criticize Dinner
  241. BABF01 31-Oct-1999 Treehouse Of Horror X
  242. AABF19 07-Nov-1999 E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)
  243. BABF02 14-Nov-1999 Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder
  244. BABF03 21-Nov-1999 Eight Misbehavin'
  245. BABF05 28-Nov-1999 Take My Wife, Sleaze
  246. BABF07 19-Dec-1999 Grift Of The Magi
  247. BABF04 09-Jan-2000 Little Big Mom
  248. BABF06 16-Jan-2000 Faith Off
  249. BABF08 23-Jan-2000 The Mansion Family
  250. BABF09 06-Feb-2000 Saddlesore Galactica
  251. BABF10 13-Feb-2000 Alone Again Natura-Diddly
  252. BABF11 20-Feb-2000 Missionary: Impossible
  253. BABF12 27-Feb-2000 Pygmoelian
  254. BABF13 19-Mar-2000 Bart To The Future
  255. BABF14 09-Apr-2000 Days Of Wine And D'oh'ses
  256. BABF16 30-Apr-2000 Kill The Alligator And Run
  257. BABF15 07-May-2000 Last Tap Dance In Springfield
  258. BABF18 14-May-2000 It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge
  259. BABF19 21-May-2000 Behind The Laughter
  260. Season Twelve (2000-2001)

  261. BABF21 01-Nov-2000 Treehouse Of Horror XI
  262. BABF20 05-Nov-2000 A Tale Of Two Springfields
  263. BABF17 12-Nov-2000 Insane Clown Poppy
  264. CABF01 19-Nov-2000 Lisa The Tree Hugger
  265. CABF04 26-Nov-2000 Homer vs. Dignity
  266. CABF02 03-Dec-2000 The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
  267. CABF03 10-Dec-2000 The Great Money Caper
  268. CABF06 17-Dec-2000 Skinner's Sense Of Snow
  269. BABF22 07-Jan-2001 HOMR
  270. CABF05 14-Jan-2001 Pokey Mom
  271. CABF08 04-Feb-2001 Worst Episode Ever
  272. CABF07 11-Feb-2001 Tennis The Menace
  273. CABF10 18-Feb-2001 Day Of The Jackanapes
  274. CABF12 25-Feb-2001 New Kids On The Blecch
  275. CABF09 04-Mar-2001 Hungry Hungry Homer
  276. CABF11 11-Mar-2001 Bye Bye Nerdie
  277. CABF13 01-Apr-2001 Simpson Safari
  278. CABF14 29-Apr-2001 Trilogy Of Error
  279. CABF15 06-May-2001 I'm Goin' To Praiseland
  280. CABF16 13-May-2001 Children Of A Lesser Clod
  281. CABF17 20-May-2001 Simpsons Tall Tales
  282. Season Thirteen (2001-2002)

  283. CABF19 06-Nov-2001 Treehouse Of Horror XII
  284. CABF22 11-Nov-2001 The Parent Rap
  285. CABF20 18-Nov-2001 Homer the Moe
  286. CABF18 02-Dec-2001 Hunka Hunka Burns In Love
  287. CABF21 09-Dec-2001 The Blunder Years
  288. DABF02 16-Dec-2001 She Of Little Faith
  289. DABF01 06-Jan-2002 Brawl In The Family
  290. DABF03 20-Jan-2002 Sweets And Sour Marge
  291. DABF05 27-Jan-2002 Jaws Wired Shut
  292. DABF04 10-Feb-2002 Half-Decent Proposal
  293. DABF06 17-Feb-2002 The Bart Wants What It Wants
  294. DABF07 24-Feb-2002 The Lastest Gun In The West
  295. DABF09 10-Mar-2002 The Old Man And The Key
  296. DABF08 17-Mar-2002 Tales From The Public Domain
  297. DABF10 31-Mar-2002 Blame It On Lisa
  298. DABF11 07-Apr-2002 Weekend At Burnsie's
  299. DABF12 21-Apr-2002 Gump Roast
  300. DABF13 28-Apr-2002 I Am Furious Yellow
  301. DABF14 05-May-2002 The Sweetest Apu
  302. DABF15 12-May-2002 Little Girl In The Big Ten
  303. DABF16 19-May-2002 The Frying Game
  304. DABF17 22-May-2002 Papa's Got A Brand New Badge
  305. Season Fourteen (2002-2003)

  306. DABF19 03-Nov-2002 Treehouse Of Horror XIII
  307. DABF22 10-Nov-2002 How I Spent My Strummer Vacation
  308. DABF20 17-Nov-2002 Bart VS. Lisa VS. The Third Grade
  309. DABF18 24-Nov-2002 Large Marge
  310. DABF21 01-Dec-2002 Helter Shelter
  311. EABF01 15-Dec-2002 The Great Louse Detective
  312. EABF02 05-Jan-2003 Special Edna
  313. EABF03 12-Jan-2003 The Dad Who Knew Too Little
  314. EABF04 02-Feb-2003 Strong Arms Of The Ma
  315. EABF06 09-Feb-2003 Pray Anything
  316. EABF05 16-Feb-2003 Barting Over
  317. EABF07 16-Feb-2003 I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can
  318. EABF08 02-Mar-2003 A Star Is Born-Again
  319. EABF09 09-Mar-2003 Mr. Spritz Goes To Washington
  320. EABF10 16-Mar-2003 C.E. D'oh!
  321. EABF11 30-Mar-2003 Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky
  322. EABF12 13-Apr-2003 Three Gays Of The Condo
  323. EABF13 27-Apr-2003 Dude, Where's My Ranch?
  324. EABF14 04-May-2003 Old Yeller Belly
  325. EABF15 11-May-2003 Brake My Wife, Please
  326. EABF16 18-May-2003 The Bart Of War
  327. EABF17 18-May-2003 Moe Baby Blues
  328. Season Fifteen (2003-2004)

  329. EABF21 02-Nov-2003 Treehouse Of Horror XIV
  330. EABF18 09-Nov-2003 My Mother The Carjacker
  331. EABF20 16-Nov-2003 The President Wore Pearls
  332. EABF22 23-Nov-2003 The Regina Monologues
  333. EABF19 30-Nov-2003 The Fat And The Furriest
  334. FABF01 07-Dec-2003 Today, I Am A Clown
  335. FABF02 14-Dec-2003 'Tis The Fifteenth Season
  336. FABF03 04-Jan-2004 Marge VS. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples And Teens And Gays
  337. FABF04 11-Jan-2004 I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot
  338. FABF05 25-Jan-2004 Diatribe Of A Mad Housewife
  339. FABF06 08-Feb-2004 Margical History Tour
  340. FABF07 15-Feb-2004 Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  341. FABF09 22-Feb-2004 Smart And Smarter
  342. FABF08 14-Mar-2004 The Ziff Who Came To Dinner
  343. FABF10 21-Mar-2004 Co-Dependent's Day
  344. FABF11 28-Mar-2004 The Wandering Juvie
  345. FABF12 18-Apr-2004 My Big Fat Geek Wedding
  346. FABF14 25-Apr-2004 Catch 'Em If You Can
  347. FABF15 02-May-2004 Simple Simpson
  348. FABF13 09-May-2004 The Way We Weren't
  349. FABF17 16-May-2004 Bart-Mangled Banner
  350. FABF18 23-May-2004 Fraudcast News
  351. Season Sixteen (2004-2005)

  352. FABF23 07-Nov-2004 Treehouse Of Horror XV
  353. FABF20 14-Nov-2004 All's Fair In Oven War
  354. FABF19 21-Nov-2004 Sleeping With The Enemy
  355. FABF22 05-Dec-2004 She Used To Be My Girl
  356. FABF21 12-Dec-2004 Fat Man And Little Boy
  357. FABF16 16-Jan-2005 Midnight Rx
  358. GABF01 30-Jan-2005 Mommie Beerest
  359. GABF02 06-Feb-2005 Homer And Ned's Hail Mary Pass
  360. GABF03 13-Feb-2005 Pranksta Rap
  361. GABF04 20-Feb-2005 There's Something About Marrying
  362. GABF05 06-Mar-2005 On A Clear Day I Can't See My Sister
  363. GABF06 13-Mar-2005 Goo Goo Gai Pan
  364. GABF07 20-Mar-2005 Mobile Homer
  365. GABF08 03-Apr-2005 The Seven-Beer Snitch
  366. GABF12 17-Apr-2005 Future-Drama
  367. GABF10 01-May-2005 Don't Fear The Roofer
  368. GABF11 01-May-2005 The Heartbroke Kid
  369. GABF13 08-May-2005 A Star Is Torn
  370. GABF14 08-May-2005 Thank God It's Doomsday
  371. GABF15 15-May-2005 Home Away From Homer
  372. GABF09 15-May-2005 The Father, The Son, And The Holy Guest Star
  373. Season Seventeen (2005-2006)

  374. GABF18 11-Sep-2005 Bonfire Of The Manatees
  375. GABF16 18-Sep-2005 The Girl Who Slept Too Little
  376. GABF19 25-Sep-2005 Milhouse Of Sand And Fog
  377. GABF17 06-Nov-2005 Treehouse of Horror XVI
  378. GABF20 13-Nov-2005 Marge's Son Poisoning
  379. GABF21 20-Nov-2005 See Homer Run
  380. GABF22 27-Nov-2005 Last Of The Red Hat Mamas
  381. HABF02 11-Dec-2005 The Italian Bob
  382. HABF01 18-Dec-2005 Simpsons Christmas Stories
  383. HABF03 08-Jan-2006 Homer's Paternity Coot
  384. HABF04 29-Jan-2006 We're On The Road To D'ohwhere
  385. HABF05 26-Feb-2006 My Fair Laddy
  386. HABF06 12-Mar-2006 The Seemingly Neverending Story
  387. HABF07 19-Mar-2006 Bart Has Two Mommies
  388. HABF08 26-Mar-2006 Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife
  389. HABF09 02-Apr-2006 Million Dollar Abie
  390. HABF10 09-Apr-2006 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore
  391. HABF11 23-Apr-2006 The Wettest Stories Ever Told
  392. HABF12 30-Apr-2006 Girls Just Want To Have Sums
  393. HABF13 07-May-2006 Regarding Margie
  394. HABF14 14-May-2006 The Monkey Suit
  395. HABF16 21-May-2006 Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play
  396. Season Eighteen (2006-2007)

  397. HABF15 10-Sep-2006 The Mook, The Chef, The Wife, And Her Homer
  398. HABF18 17-Sep-2006 Jazzy And The Pussycats
  399. HABF20 24-Sep-2006 Please Homer Don't Hammer 'Em
  400. HABF17 05-Nov-2006 Treehouse of Horror XVII
  401. HABF12 12-Nov-2006 G.I.D'oh
  402. HABF19 19-Nov-2006 Moe'N'A Lisa
  403. HABF22 26-Nov-2006 Ice Cream of Margie (With the Light Blue Hair)
  404. JABF02 10-Dec-2006 The Haw-Hawed Couple
  405. JABF01 17-Dec-2006 Kill Gil, Volumes 1 & 2
  406. JABF03 07-Jan-2007 The Wife Aquatic
  407. JABF05 28-Jan-2007 Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Three Times
  408. JABF04 11-Feb-2007 Little Big Girl
  409. JABF07 18-Feb-2007 Springfield Up
  410. JABF09 04-Mar-2007 Yokel Chords
  411. JABF08 11-Mar-2007 Rome-Old and Julie-eh
  412. JABF06 25-Mar-2007 Homerazzi
  413. JABF10 22-Apr-2007 Marge Gamer
  414. JABF11 29-Apr-2007 The Boys Of Bummer
  415. JABF13 06-May-2007 Crook and Ladder
  416. JABF12 13-May-2007 Stop Or My Dog Will Shoot
  417. JABF14 20-May-2007 24 Minutes
  418. JABF15 20-May-2007 You Kent Always Say What You Want
  419. Season Nineteen (2007-2008)

  420. JABF20 23-Sep-2007 He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs
  421. JABF18 30-Sep-2007 Homer of Seville
  422. JABF21 07-Oct-2007 Midnight Towboy
  423. JABF19 14-Oct-2007 I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
  424. JABF16 04-Nov-2007 Treehouse of Horror XVIII
  425. JABF22 11-Nov-2007 Little Orphan Millie
  426. JABF17 18-Nov-2007 Husbands and Knives
  427. KABF01 25-Nov-2007 Funeral for a Fiend
  428. KABF02 16-Dec-2007 Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind
  429. KABF03 06-Jan-2008 E Pluribus Wiggum
  430. KABF04 21-Jan-2008 That 90's Show
  431. KABF05 17-Feb-2008 Love, Springfieldian Style
  432. KABF06 02-Mar-2008 The Debarted
  433. KABF07 09-Mar-2008 Dial 'N' for Nerder
  434. KABF08 30-Mar-2008 Smoke on the Daughter
  435. KABF09 13-Apr-2008 Papa Don't Leech
  436. KABF10 27-Apr-2008 Apocalypse Cow
  437. KABF11 04-May-2008 Any Given Sundance
  438. KABF12 11-May-2008 Mona Leaves-a
  439. KABF13 18-May-2008 All About Lisa
  440. Season Twenty (2008-2009)

  441. KABF17 28-Sep-2008 Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes
  442. KABF15 05-Oct-2008 Lost Verizon
  443. KABF14 19-Oct-2008 Double, Double, Boy in Trouble
  444. KABF16 02-Nov-2008 Treehouse of Horror XIX
  445. KABF18 09-Nov-2008 Dangerous Curves
  446. KABF19 16-Nov-2008 Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words
  447. KABF20 30-Nov-2008 Mypods and Boomsticks
  448. KABF21 07-Dec-2008 The Burns and the Bees
  449. KABF22 25-Jan-2009 Lisa the Drama Queen
  450. LABF01 15-Feb-2009 Take My Life, Please
  451. LABF02 01-Mar-2009 How the Test Was Won
  452. LABF03 08-Mar-2009 No Loan Again, Naturally
  453. LABF04 15-Mar-2009 Gone Maggie Gone
  454. LABF11 22-Mar-2009 In the Name of the Grandfather
  455. LABF05 29-Mar-2009 Wedding for Disaster
  456. LABF06 05-Apr-2009 Eeny Teeny Maya Moe
  457. LABF07 19-Apr-2009 The Good, the Sad and the Drugly
  458. LABF08 26-Apr-2009 Father Knows Worst
  459. LABF10 03-May-2009 Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D'oh
  460. LABF09 10-May-2009 Four Great Women and a Manicure
  461. LABF12 17-May-2009 Coming to Homerica
  462. Season Twenty-One (2009-2010)

  463. LABF13 27-Sep-2009 Homer the Whopper
  464. LABF15 04-Oct-2009 Bart Gets a "Z"
  465. LABF16 11-Oct-2009 The Great Wife Hope
  466. LABF14 18-Oct-2009 Treehouse of Horror XX
  467. LABF17 15-Nov-2009 The Devil Wears Nada
  468. LABF18 22-Nov-2009 Pranks and Greens
  469. LABF19 29-Nov-2009 Rednecks and Broomsticks
  470. MABF01 13-Dec-2009 O Brother, Where Bart Thou?
  471. MABF02 03-Jan-2010 Thursdays with Abie
  472. LABF20 10-Jan-2010 Once Upon a Time in Springfield
  473. MABF03 31-Jan-2010 Million-Dollar Maybe
  474. MABF05 14-Feb-2010 Boy Meets Curl
  475. MABF06 21-Feb-2010 The Color Yellow
  476. MABF04 14-Mar-2010 Postcards from the Wedge
  477. MABF07 21-Mar-2010 Stealing First Base
  478. MABF10 28-Mar-2010 The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed
  479. MABF11 11-Apr-2010 American History X-cellent
  480. MABF09 18-Apr-2010 Chief of Hearts
  481. MABF14 25-Apr-2010 The Squirt and the Whale
  482. MABF12 02-May-2010 To Surveil with Love
  483. MABF13 09-May-2010 Moe Letter Blues
  484. MABF11 16-May-2010 The Bob Next Door
  485. MABF15 23-May-2010 Judge Me Tender
  486. Season Twenty-Two (2010-2011)

  487. MABF21 26-Sep-2010 Elementary School Musical
  488. MABF17 03-Oct-2010 Loan-a Lisa
  489. MABF18 10-Oct-2010 MoneyBART
  490. MABF16 07-Nov-2010 Treehouse of Horror XXI
  491. MABF20 14-Nov-2010 Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life
  492. NABF01 21-Nov-2010 The Fool Monty
  493. NABF02 28-Nov-2010 How Munched is that Birdie in the Window?
  494. MABF22 05-Dec-2010 The Fight Before Christmas
  495. MABF19 12-Dec-2010 Donnie Fatso
  496. NABF03 09-Jan-2011 Moms I'd Like to Forget
  497. NABF04 16-Jan-2011 Flaming Moe
  498. NABF05 23-Jan-2011 Homer the Father
  499. NABF06 13-Feb-2011 The Blue and the Gray
  500. NABF07 20-Feb-2011 Angry Dad: The Movie
  501. NABF08 06-Mar-2011 The Scorpion's Tale
  502. NABF09 13-Mar-2011 A Midsummer's Nice Dream
  503. NABF10 27-Mar-2011 Love is a Many Strangled Thing
  504. NABF11 10-Apr-2011 The Great Simpsina
  505. NABF12 01-May-2011 The Real Housewives of Fat Tony
  506. NABF13 08-May-2011 Homer Scissorhands
  507. NABF14 15-May-2011 500 Keys
  508. NABF15 22-May-2011 The Ned-liest Catch
  509. Season Twenty-Three (2011-2012)

  510. NABF16 25-Sep-2011 The Falcon and the D'ohman
  511. NABF17 02-Oct-2011 Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts
  512. NABF19 30-Oct-2011 Treehouse Of Horror XXII
  513. NABF21 06-Nov-2011 Replaceable You
  514. NABF20 13-Nov-2011 The Food Wife
  515. NABF22 20-Nov-2011 The Book Job
  516. PABF01 27-Nov-2011 The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants
  517. PABF02 04-Dec-2011 The Ten-Per-Cent Solution
  518. NABF18 11-Dec-2011 Holidays of Future Passed
  519. PABF03 08-Jan-2012 Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson
  520. PABF04 15-Jan-2012 The D'oh-cial Network
  521. PABF05 29-Jan-2012 Moe Goes from Rags to Riches
  522. PABF06 12-Feb-2012 The Daughter Also Rises
  523. PABF07 19-Feb-2012 At Long Last Leave
  524. PABF09 04-Mar-2012 Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart
  525. PABF08 11-Mar-2012 How I Wet Your Mother
  526. PABF10 18-Mar-2012 Them, Robot
  527. PABF11 15-Apr-2012 Beware My Cheating Bart
  528. PABF12 29-Apr-2012 A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again
  529. PABF13 06-May-2012 The Spy Who Learned Me
  530. PABF15 13-May-2012 Ned 'n Edna's Blend
  531. PABF14 20-May-2012 Lisa Goes Gaga
  532. Season Twenty-Four (2012-2013)

  533. PABF21 30-Sep-2012 Moonshine River
  534. PABF17 07-Oct-2012 Treehouse of Horror XXIII
  535. PABF18 04-Nov-2012 Adventures in Baby Getting
  536. PABF16 11-Nov-2012 Gone Abie Gone
  537. PABF19 18-Nov-2012 Penny-Wiseguys
  538. PABF22 25-Nov-2012 A Tree Grows in Springfield
  539. PABF20 09-Dec-2012 The Day the Earth Stood Cool
  540. RABF01 16-Dec-2012 To Cur With Love
  541. RABF02 06-Jan-2013 Homer Goes to Prep School
  542. RABF03 13-Jan-2013 A Test Before Trying
  543. RABF04 27-Jan-2013 Changing of the Guardian
  544. RABF07 10-Feb-2013 Love is a Many Splintered Thing
  545. RABF05 17-Feb-2013 Hardly Kirk-ing
  546. RABF06 03-Mar-2013 Gorgeous Grampa
  547. RABF09 10-Mar-2013 Black-Eyed, Please
  548. RABF10 17-May-2013 Dark Knight Court
  549. RABF08 14-Apr-2013 What Animated Women Want
  550. RABF11 28-Apr-2013 Pulpit Fiction
  551. RABF13 05-May-2013 Whiskey Business
  552. RABF12 12-May-2013 Fabulous Faker Boy
  553. RABF14 19-May-2013 The Saga of Carl Carlson
  554. RABF17 19-May-2013 Dangers on a Train

..and [too] many more to come. :)

Perusing this list brings back a lot of good memories.. though when you get to S10 they're hardly 'good' anymore. ;-)

lol ;-) its funny because its true

Yes, the famous season 10. If there is one bad thing about the simpsons, it started there :-(

Na, the decline started in Season 9.

Yeah, that's when the decline STARTED, but it was in full swing in season 10. All downhill from there...shame.

I wonder why this season was the first time since the 1990s that the new season began with a regular episode instead of a Treehouse of Horror episode. Plus, it's the first time a new season started in September (way earlier than November) since the 90s.