Books I've Read in 2009

  1. Twilight - Stephanie Meyer
  2. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Now I wish I hadn't.

  3. Masquerade - Terry Pratchett
  4. The Truth - Terry Pratchett
  5. Making Money - Terry Pratchett
  6. I can always tell when I've finished with school, because I start rabidly consuming science fiction/fantasy, trying to drive the learning out. I love Kurt Vonneguet with a mad passion.

  7. Armagadeon in Retrospect - Kurt Vonnegut
  8. Anti-war treatise as only Kurt V. can do it. A brilliant mix of short stories, speeches, and essays.

  9. All Shall Be Well; And All Shall Be Well; And All Manner of Things Shall Be Well - Tod Wodicka
  10. Every year my dad gets me a random group of novels, on top of the ones that I'd asked for. This year I resolved to read them all. This was the first one. Features family drama and medival re-enactment. It wasn't BAD, persay, but it definitely had one of those annoying we-won't-tell-you-what's-going-to-happen endings. And it was no where good enough to pull it off.

  11. The Brief and Wonderful Life of Oscar Wao - Junot Dias
  12. This is another one of the random novels. Absolutely brilliant, in a hard to define way.

  13. The Taming of the Shrew - William Shakespeare
  14. Aaaaand then school started again.

  15. Mrs. Dalloway - Virginia Woolf
  16. I love when I have to read for class a book I've been trying to get through on my own. Mrs. D was another pretty good novel. I plan to build a time machine to travel back in time and seduce Virginia Woolf.

  17. Passing - Nella Larson
  18. I never heard of the concept of "passing" (pretending to be a different race) until this novel.

  19. Days of Awe - Achy Obejas
  20. Patient - Anna Maria Shua
  21. And then I dumped Ceramics for Black Latin-American Jewish Lesbians, the class. Good times.

  22. The Essential Dykes To Watch Out For - Allison Betchdel
  23. My "bonus reward" book that I bought with my first round of text books. While the collection preserves the major plot points, I feel like it's definitely lacking the some of the character that I got from reading the little collections. Still, worth it.

  24. Plum Bun - Jessie Fauset
  25. Another novel about passing. My conclusion is that in the 1920's no one knew what bi-racial people looked like. This book was great. Gave me my idea for my senior thesis class and everything. If you like musing, you'll like this one.

  26. Erzulie's Skirt - Ana-Maurine Lara
  27. The thing about Black Latin-American Jewish Lesbian authors is that all they write about is depressing.

  28. Little School - Alicia Partnoy
  29. Did you know that there were concentration camps in 1970's Argentina? Now you do. But really, this woman's story is well written, a very sound mix of fantastic and realistic.

  30. Luna - Julie Anne Peters
  31. Oh god. Why did the lady at the book store give me trashy coming out literature when I explicately asked for NOT trashy? Just 'cos it's about transfolk don't mean it has class. Not worth my time.

  32. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit - Jeanette Winterson
  33. Good imagery. Lesbian cannon? Still not useful on Senior Thesis Quest.

  34. The Color Purple - Alice Walker
  35. Worth reading once. Not worth reading twice.

  36. Telling - Patricia Weaver Francesco
  37. I was going to skip this book, 'cos I DO NOT need to read a book about rape. But then the author was coming to our class, so I figured I'd have to read it, so as not to be rude. The lady melded statistics, personal stories, myth, tradgey, and hope well; the book was suprisingly good.

  38. Zami: A New Spelling of My Name - Audre Lorde
  39. Who loves Audre Lorde? I do.

  40. Poisoned Ivy - Toni A. H. McNaron
  41. My one true novel for my senior thesis was not, in fact, a novel. Lots of personal accounts of the dangers and benefits of outing yourself in a professional academic setting. Not a bad mix.

  42. Dune - Frank Herbert
  43. Summer break! Dune is like crack. It's not well-written (but it's not poorly written). The plot isn't that gripping. But.You.Can't.Stop.Reading.

  44. Fool - Christopher Moore
  45. Dad Mystery Book. Fantasy with fart jokes. Also: Shakespeare parodies are one of my weaknesses.

  46. Dune Messiah - Frank Herbert
  47. CRACK!

  48. Cunt - Inga Muscio
  49. I got this as my bonus book when I bought round two of text books. Turns out I can read non-fiction really well when the language isn't non-fiction-y.

  50. The Well of Loneliness - Radclyffe Hall
  51. Finally finished. I was reading this for senior thesis, and didn't have time to finish it before the paper was due. Pretty good, except for the last bit. I like 1920's writing.

  52. It's Too Late To Say I'm Sorry - Joey Comeau
  53. A collection of short stories by the guy who writes the A Softer World webcomic. Some of them are just plain bizzare, but others are the same mixture of charming and unsettling. My favorite was the last story, the namesake of the book, about dying alone on a spaceship.

  54. The Two Towers - J.R.R. Tolkien
  55. Operation: Re-Read The Lord of the Rings is nearing success! I'm discovering that while I find that while I find The Fellowship of the Ring to be inspiring and absorbing, I can't get the same high from The Return of the King; The Two Towers occupies a weird middle ground between uninteresting and enthralling.

  56. Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
  57. I've been meaning to read this book for forever. It was great; modern fantasy as only Gaiman can do it.

  58. Third Girl - Agatha Christie
  59. Family cabin's magical supply of Agatha Christie novels! My conclusion about Agatha Christie's novels is that she grew super-bitter about modern society the older she got, and was less and less worried about her dislike showing up in her novels.
  60. Children of Dune - Frank Herbert
  61. This book wasn't as enthralling as the first two Dune books. It started really slowly, and never got anywhere near as interesting.

  62. Sula - Toni Morrison
  63. I cannot figure out why this book is on the "1001 books to read before you die" list. The only moral I could discern was a feminine version of "Bros before hos."

  64. The Kiss of the Spider Woman - Manuel Puig
  65. One of the best books I've read. The plot was so suspenseful I had to skip ahead in the book just to see what happened. The characters were believable both for their despicableness and their amicability.

  66. The God of Small Things - Arundhati Roy
  67. Odd. Inga Muscio talked about the paradigm-shifting awesome power of this book. It was a good book, sure, but not crazytasm world changing good. Eh.
Author Comments: 

I read:
-books for class (Spring: "Silence and Breaking Silence: Lady Writers Doing Things - Your Senior Thesis" and "Black Latin American Jewish Lesbians The Class")
-stuff actually relevant to my senior thesis
-science fiction
-mystery (as in random) books from my father
-"classic" cannon: because if school won't force me to read it, I'll just have to force myself.