My Box Sets

  1. Adventures of Indiana Jones (VHS)
  2. Batman, The Motion Picture Anthology (Bluray)
  3. Blair Witch Experience, The
  4. Blood, Sweat and Fear
  5. Boris Karloff Collection
  6. Christmas Story Ultimate Collector's Edition tin, A
  7. Chucky Killer Collection
  8. Dracula's: 4 Film Favourites
  9. Elvira's Box of Horror
  10. Exorcist: The Complete Anthology
  11. Gore And More
  12. Guinea Pig Box Set (2 Disc)
  13. Guinea Pig Box Set (Unearthed)
  14. Herschell Gordan Lewis Collection, The
  15. Highschool Flashback Collection (tin)
  16. Lord Of The Rings The Motion Picture Trinity
  17. Masters of Horror Season One
  18. Masters of Murder Collection
  19. Monty Python Holy Trinity, The
  20. Nightmare On Elm Street Collection, A
  21. The Omen Collection
  22. Paranormal Activity (trilogy)
  23. Predator Triple Feature
  24. Rocky Horror Lip Box, The
  25. Scream Collection, The Complete
  26. Stanley Kubrick Collection (VHS)
  27. Stanley Kubrick Limited Edition Collection (Bluray)
  28. Star Wars Trilogy (VHS)
  29. Star Wars The Complete Saga (Bluray)
  30. Tarantino (blu)
  31. Underworld: The Legacy Collection (Bluray)
  32. Vengeance Trilogy, The (Bluray)
  33. Vincent Prince Scream Legends Collection
  34. Wes Craven Horror Collection, The
  35. X-Men Trilogy
  36. Zombie Pack, The
  37. Zombie Pack 2, The