Best Trance/House/Rave/Techno from 1990-1996

  1. ***Not in any particular order except for the top 10***

  2. Jam and Spoon - Follow me (1993)

  3. Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Break Trance) (1992)
  4. Papua New Guinea

  5. Hardfloor - Acperience 1 (Acid) (1993)
  6. Acperience

  7. Orbital - Halcyon + on + on (Trance) (1992)
  8. Halcyon

  9. Age of Love - Age of Love (Watch of for Stella Mix) (Trance) (1992)
  10. Age of Love

  11. Quench - Dreams (Trance) (1994)
  12. Dreams

  13. Li Kwan - Point Zero (1994)
  14. Point Zero

  15. Jam and Spoon - Follow Me (1993) (Classic trance)

  16. Nexus 6 - Ab Chic (Acrid Abeyance Mix) (Hard Acid) (1994)
  17. Nexus 6

  18. Pump Panel - Ego Acid (Hard Acid) (1995)
  19. Ego Acid

  20. Union Jack - Red Herring (Trance) (1995)
  21. Red Herring

  22. Dj Misjah & Dj Tim - Access (Hard Acid) (1996)
  23. Access

  24. Poltergeist - Vicious Circles (Union Jack Rmx)(Hard Trance) (1993)
  25. Vicious Circles

  26. Marco Polo - A Prayer to the Music (Bedrock Mix) (House/Trance) (1995)
  27. A Prayer to the Music

  28. Underworld - Rez (Trance/House) (1994)
  29. Rez

  30. Public Energy - Three O' Three (Hard Acid) (1992)
  31. Three O Three

  32. Sourmash - Pilgrimage to Paradise (Hardfloor Mix) (Trance) (1993)
  33. Pilgrimage to Paradise

  34. Jones & Stephenson - the First Rebirth (Hard Trance) (1994)
  35. NOT the crap Trance Allstars ripoff.
  36. First Rebirth

  37. Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall (Ravey Trance) (1993)
  38. Waterfall

  39. Rabbit in the Moon - Out of Body Experience (Trance) (1994)
  40. Out of Body Experience

  41. Underworld - Cowgirl (Trance/House) (1994)
  42. Cowgirl

  43. Jonny L - Ooh I like It (Rave) (1993)
  44. Ooh I Like it

  45. Robert Armani - Circus Bells (Hardfloor Mix)(Hard Acid) (1996)
  46. Circus Bells

  47. Drax II (Trope) - Amphetamine (Trance) (1994)
  48. Amphetamine

  49. Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Mix)(Acid) (1994)
  50. Yeke Yeke

  51. Chemical Brothers - Chemical Beats (Acid Breaks) (1995)
  52. Chemical Beats

  53. Tori Amos - Professional Widow (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Mix) (1995)
  54. Professional Widow

  55. Eat Static - Gulf Breeze (1994)
  56. Gulf Breeze

  57. Orbital - Chime (Trance) (1990)
  58. Chime

  59. The Ethics - To the Beat of the Drum (La Luna) (House) (1995)
  60. To the Beat of the Drum

  61. Nikolai - Ready to Flow (Trance) (1994)
  62. Ready to Flow

  63. Paragliders - Paraglide (Trance) (1994)
  64. Paraglide

  65. Bucketheads - The Bomb (House) (1995)
  66. The Bomb

  67. Aphex Twin - Pulsewidth (Ambient) (1993)
  68. Pulsewidth

  69. Drum Club - Sound System (Underworld Mix)(Trance) (1993)
  70. Soundsystem

  71. Vapourspace-Gravitational Arch of 10 (Ambient) (1993)
  72. Gravitational

  73. Moby - Move (Rave) (1993)
  74. Move

  75. Leftfield - Space Shanty (Trancey House) (1995)
  76. Space Shanty

  77. Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds (Ambient) (1990)
  78. Little Fluffy Clouds

  79. The Visions of Shiva - Perfect Day (Trance) (1992)
  80. Perfect Day

  81. Altern 8 - Everybody (2 Bad Mice Remix) (Rave) (1993)
  82. Everybody

  83. C.J. Bolland - Sugar is Sweeter (House) (1996)
  84. Sugar is Sweeter

  85. Cosmic Baby - Fantasia (Celestial Harmonies)(Trance) (1994)
  86. Fantasia (Celestial Harmonies)

  87. Dj Misjah & Groovehead - X-Pact (Hard Acid) (1995)

  88. Moby - Go (Rave) (1992)
  89. Go

  90. Juno Reactor - Conga Fury (Goa) (1996)
  91. Conga Fury

  92. Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness (Acid Breaks) (1995)
  93. Higher State of Consciousness

  94. Hardfloor - Kangaroos and Bubbles (Acid) (1995)
  95. Kangaroos and Bubbles

  96. Dj Misjah & Dj Tim - Purple Road (Hard Acid) (1995)
  97. Purple Road

  98. Green Velvet - Flash (Techno, House) (1995)
  99. Flash

  100. Orb - Perpetual Dawn (Ambient) (1992)
  101. Perpetual Dawn

  102. Dave Clarke - Red 1 (Techno) (1994)
  103. Red 1

  104. Bump - House Stompin' (Big Bump Mix)(House) (1994)
  105. House Stompin

  106. Beyond - Silver (Trance) (1993)
  107. Silver

  108. Luxor - the Big Bang (Hard Trance) (1993)
  109. Big Bang

  110. Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Trance) (1994)
  111. Sacred Cycles

  112. Lil Mo' Yin Yang - Reach (House) (1996)
  113. Reach

  114. Marmion - Schoneberg (Trance) (1996)
  115. Schoneberg

  116. Dave Clarke - Wisdom to the Wise (Techno) (1994)

  117. Snitzer & McCoy vs. Humate - Oh My Darling, I Love You (Hard Acid)
  118. Oh My Darling I Love You

  119. Pizzaman - Trippin on Sunshine (House) (1994)
  120. Trippin' On Sunshine

  121. CLS - Can You Feel It (Rave) (1992)
  122. Can You Feel It

  123. Baby Doc & the Dentist - Catalan Rising/Catalan Dawn (Trance) 1994)
  124. Catalan Rising

  125. Elevator - Shinny (House/Trance) (1994)
  126. Shinny

  127. Clanger - Sea Dog (Trance) (1994)
  128. Seadog

  129. CJ Bolland -(Ravesignal III) - Horsepower (Techno) (1992)
  130. Horsepower

  131. Acen - Window in the Sky (Rave) (1993)
  132. Window in the Sky

  133. Messiah - Thunderdome (Rave) (1993)
  134. Thunderdome

  135. Wippenberg - Neurodancer (Hard Trance) (1995)
  136. Neurodancer

  137. Baby Doc & the Dentist - Tales of the Seraphim (Hard Trance) (1995)
  138. Tales of the Seraphim

  139. Adamski - Killer (Rave) (1990)
  140. Killer

  141. Tempest - Salamander (Union Jack Rmx)(Trance) (1995)
  142. Tempest

  143. Capricorn - 20HZ (Rave) (1993)
  144. 20Hz

  145. Aphotheosis - O-Fortuna (Rave) (1991)
  146. O Fortuna

  147. Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby (Old Trance) (1992)
  148. Sweet Lullaby

  149. Union Jack - Cactus (Trance) (1994)
  150. Cactus

  151. Plastikman - Spastik (Techno) (1993)
  152. Spastik

  153. Paul Van Dyk - My World (Trance) (1995)
  154. My World

  155. Faithless - Insomnia (House?) (1996)
  156. Insomnia

  157. Acen - Close Your Eyes (Rave) (1992)
  158. Close Your Eyes

  159. Faithless - Salva Mea (Housey Trance) (1997)
  160. Salva Mea

  161. Dj Misjah & Groovehead - Acid Energy (Hard Acid) (1995)
  162. Acid Energy

  163. Blue Alphabet-Cybertrance (Trance) (1994)
  164. Cybertrance

  165. Utah Saints-Something Good (Rave) (1993)

  166. Messiah - Temple of Dreams (Hardcore) (1992)
  167. Temple of Dreams

  168. Utah Saints - What Can You Do For Me (Rave) (1991)
  169. What can you do for me

  170. Mark Hooper - This Chemical Life (Acid Trance) (1996)

  171. Orbital - Lush 3-1 (Trance) (1993)
  172. Lush 3-1

  173. Moby - Thousand (Trance) (1993)
  174. Thousand

  175. The Prodigy - Everybody in the Place (Rave) (1991)
  176. Everybody in the Place

  177. Underworld - Mmm Skyscraper I Love You (Trance) 1993)
  178. Mmm Skycraper I Love You

  179. Humate - Love Stimulation (Paul Van Dyk mix) (Trance) (1993)
  180. Love Stimulation
  181. _
  182. Banco De Gaia - Heliopolis (Trance) (1994)
  183. Heliopolis

  184. Balil - Parasight (Trance) (1993)
  185. Parasight

  186. Blunted Dummies - House for All (House) (1993)
  187. A classic release from the Plus 8 offshoot Definitive label.
  188. House for All

  189. JX - Son of a Gun (House) (1994)
  190. Son of a Gun

  191. The Prodigy - Charly (Rave) (1991)
  192. Charly

  193. Emmanuel Top - Turkish Bazaar (Trance) (1994)
  194. "The music was new black polished chrome And came over the summer like liquid night."-Jim Morrison
  195. Turkish Bazaar

  196. Armand Van Helden - Funk Phenomena (House) (1996)
  197. Funk Phenomena

  198. Gusto - Disco's Revenge (House) (1996)
  199. Gusto

  200. Union Jack - Two Full Moons and a Trout (Trance) (1993)

  201. Underworld - Dark and Long (Dark Train) (Trance) (1994)
  202. Dark Train

  203. Art of Trance - Orange (Trance) (1995)
  204. Octopus

  205. It's a Fine Day - Opus III (Trancey?) (1992)
  206. It's a Fine Day

  207. Art of Trance - Octopus (Trance) (1995)

  208. Paragliders - Bagdad (Humate Remix) (Trance) (1993)
  209. Bagdad

  210. Bedrock - For What You Dream Of (House) (1993)
  211. For What You Dream Of

  212. Salt Tank - Eugina (Trance) (1996)
  213. Salt Tank

  214. Barbarella - My Name is Barbarella (Trance) (1992)
  215. My name is Barbarella

  216. Odyssee Of Noises - Troya (Trance) (1994)
  217. Troya

  218. Hallucinogen - LSD (Goa) (1996)
  219. LSD

  220. Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Hardcore/Jungle (1993)
  221. Renegade Snares

  222. Katana - Erotmania (Trance) (1994)
  223. Erotmania

  224. Me and Jack - Viva House (House) (1993)
  225. Viva House

  226. Caucassus - Our Dream (Trance)(1994)
  227. Our Dream

  228. Cygnus X - Superstring (Trance) (1996)
  229. Superstring

  230. X-Tracks - Plan '94 (The Voyage)(Trance) (1994)
  231. Plan '94

  232. Chicane - Offshore (Ibiza Trance) (1996)

  233. Jon the Dentist - Global Phases (Acid Trance) (1996)
  234. Global Phases

  235. Love Inc. - Trans Atlantis XS (Trance) (1992)

  236. The Goodmen - Give it Up (Tribal House) (1994)

  237. Speedy J - Pullover (Techno) (1991)

  238. Brainchild - Synfonica (Trance) (1994)
  239. Synfonica

  240. Astral Projection - Mahadeva (1995)

  241. Way Out West - The Gift (1995)

  242. DJ Rap - Divine Rhythm (1992)

  243. Lionrock - Tripwire (The Prankster's Soundtrack)(Trance) (1994)

  244. Humate & Rabbit In The Moon - East (Opium Den Mix) (Classic trance) (1995)

  245. Zyon - No fate (No Fate edit) [1992] (Classic trance)

  246. Vernon - Wonderer (1993) (Classic trance)

  247. Legend B - Lost in Love (1996) (Classic trance)

  248. Cygnus X - the Orange These (1994) (Classic trance)

  249. Golden Girls - Kinetic (Frank De Wulf Mix) (1992) (Classic trance/techno)

  250. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On (Dub of Doom) (1993)(House)

  251. 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare [Original Version] (1991) (Breakbeat, Hardcore)

  252. T99 - Anasthasia (1991) (Hardcore, Breakbeat)

  253. OT Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like A Skyscraper Mix) (1994) (House, Trance) (AWESOME)

  254. Church Of Extacy - Church Of Extacy (1992) (Hardcore)

  255. 4 Voice - Eternal Spirit (Trance)(1992)

  256. Renegade Legion - The Weeping Waste (1993) (Trance)

  257. Opal - the Snake (1993) (Classic Trance)(Great tune!! thanks to djjd21 for that one)

  258. Meteor Seven - Signs of Life (1994) (Gabber/Trance)

  259. Aphex Twin - Xtal (Ambient)

  260. Felix - Don't you want me (1992) (House)

  261. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (House)

  262. Apollo 440 - Krupa (1996) (House)

  263. T99 - Anasthasia (Rave) (1991)

  264. Capella - U got 2 know (coffee mix) (1993)

  265. Kadoc - The Nighttrain [Original Mix] (1996)(House)

  266. X-Cabs - Neuro (Trance) (1995)

  267. Secret Knowledge - Sugar Daddy (1993) (Housey trance)
Author Comments: 

This list is a work in progress.
All of these songs are REALLY good. You should listen to them.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

I like this list. I don't have about a third of the songs on it. I'll have to download them, considering the quality of the ones that are on there already. I'm especially happy that it's a 1992-1997 list. Epic trance lists tend to all have the same songs on them, and classic trance is much less represented. I mean, my own list has quite a bundle of classic trance, but there's still plenty unexplored. Congrats, this is a good list. Fill it up to 100.

Yeke Yeke and Higher State of Consciousness are on there twice, BTW.

I'm glad you like the list. Like I said, it's a work in progress (hence the doubles), and it's also not all trance. But it's all good!
I do have a few more to add, and I think I'll make it to 100.
I think I made it to about 150 of your list. It's totally gotten me back into trance. Thanks again.



Sorry but I don't know those tracks, but I'm willing to help you find others if you want.

I would much appreciate if anyone can help me find the name of the first tune played on this video please please can anyone help me here?
Please have a listen ..... will pay for ID... my email address
Think it's more like an (Italian product) dated 1992 era & 100% ..
Don't know label or title, this is all i have to go by.

Great list!
I can see some less well known classics such as Seadog being reprensented here which is extremely pleasing, and others which i'll need to Dload.

Is it in any particular order because certain artist songs are all grouped together?

I grouped some of the bands together (like Orbital and Underworld) because I like those tracks equally.

fair enuff, i'm listening to your Big MIx of DT's list and it's excellant when the diversity of the mix is considered, though Outhouse is too fast imo.

great! :)
here are a few more
one sounds like early 90's housee
sounds like
" work that *ucker to death"
and the other sound like a chester cat from a disney movie says
" yeah yeah i can dig it"
two more
" i know its around here some where "
" yes yes you all"
and two low priority, something like

" every one wears their shades in here"

and some thing like some one walking thru a new naighborhood and a group of males are telling the stranger.
" yeah we heard about and you we know what you have done"
there are some others have no lyricks just sounds like i am going thruu a gigantic skateboarders warp tube and I hear some triads fading and repeating.... i am shure some maybe mind streaching, yet i am shure we can come to a agreement on the price for your efforts ....

I also wanto mention for your list "Church Of Extacy - 'Church Of Extacy'
and if you know of ron d core acid test 2 and of a dj n2o mixed tapes. thanks
pascal :)

Nice list here. There's a ton of great songs that I love on here and also plenty I'm not familiar with. By the way, yeah, I would say that Daft Punk is more house than anything. Perhaps progressive house. I would say Green Velvet is house too. Cheers!

I never know how to classify groups like Underworld, Orbital, and Daft Punk. Their sounds are so original.

I know what you mean. These "electronica" groups seem to dabble in many different styles of dance music.

I've got a lot of these. Just a few comments:

Halycon is indeed named after the drug. This song made the soundtrack of a number of films and is generally considered to be one of the most influential house tracks of all time.

The Rez/Cowgirl track on Everything, Everything is one of the best house tracks when put together. I don't know if you've first it, but that album is fantastic.

Daft Punk - was a cool sound, but I don't think it was revolutionary or anything. It's a 70+ minute album that could have been 40-50 easily. "Da Funk" is great, yeah, and the groove of "Around the World" is irresistable but how many want to hear it for 8 minutes without any changes?

The ambient Orb tracks you listed are good. Don't know if you've heard Toxygene, I think that one is from 1997, but it's a great house track. Don't miss it.

Oh, and don't forget Scooter - Fire! It's campy as hell, but who wouldn't like it...ONE TWO THREE FIIIIIIIIRE!!!

yes, I love Halcyon, that's why it's so high on the list.

I have the Everything, Everything video, which has the Cowgirl/Rez mix at the end, it's great. I've also seen Orbital live 3 times. They're amazing.

Well, I love Daft Punk...the whole album.

Toxygene is great too. I have all the Orb albums.

I really don't like Scooter, but thanks for the comments!

Did you see them at Glastonbury? Maaaaaan, one of my life goals was to see Orbital, but I never had the chance to :( They have a live set out now on CD and DVD that chronicles their Glastonbury performances. Good stuff, if the sound quality was better it would be amazing.

For Scooter - okay, I *like* them, I consider myself to be a fan, but I'll admit the thing I like most is their goofy lyrics and their over-the-top videos. If you told me they were shit it's hard to disagree. But "Fire" is the sweet stuff.

No I didn't see them in Glastonbury, (I wish). I saw them in Toronto 3 times, between 94-97.
Best concerts I've ever been to, (well 2 were raves, but you know what I mean).

I really like this list, no others like it. Plus, you have samples! How do you get them on there?

We have a web server on our computer. That's how I can have samples.

Hey again lycaeum! :) will you accept rave/hardcore/oldskool suggestions as well as techno/house/trance?
If so, here are some (IMO) classics for the list...

1.Acen (God) - Close Your Eyes (You already have it but I feel perhaps a higher placement?
2.Acen - Obsessed II (Pictures of Silence)
3.Acen - Trip To The Moon (Pts. 1, 2 & The Kaleidoscopiklimax)
4. Altern8 - Activ-8
5.Awesome 3 - Don't Go
6.Gordon Edge - Compnded(Edge*1)
7. Human Resource - Dominator (Beltram Mix)
8. The Hypnotist - The House is Mine (Original Mix)
9. Second Phase - Mentasm
10. Second Phase - Energy Flash
11. Jonny L - Hurt you So
12. Manix - Feel Real Good
13. Mystery Man - DJ Business
14.Sonz of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out (Original Scratchadelic Mix)

looks like you're into the old stuff huh?
I know the Acen and Altern8 tracks, and the Jonny L song. I'd have to listen to the rest though. I've probably heard most of them, just forgot about them.

You should make a rave/hardcore/oldskool list of your own!

Hehe yeah it's a totally amazing genre, though I want to wait until I have at least 100 songs in it until I really feel confident to make one. (:

This list is probably the best one on listology - I have very few disagreements with it.

Li Kwan - Point Zero is just, mind my language, fucking amazing.
Quench - Dreams is so much better than Gamemaster (which isnt really that bad, the buildup is great)
Faithless - Insomnia trancier than most of todays trance, and i hear plenty tiesto fanboys saying that this is cheese...the lead melody is wicked
Underworld - Rez when I first heard it I thought it was really good but it just wore off, now I dont like it at all - theres just not enough darkness in it, and its extremely repetitive
Jones & Stephenson - the First Rebirth I dont see anything in this track at all
Underworld - Cowgirl the vocals are nice, but i hate the electro synths, i prefer the Bedrock mix of this
Plastikman - Spastik i never could figure this track out, nothing really happens besides some weird synth moving around

which mix of Marmion - Schoneberg do you like best? original? I like the original and Man With No Name remix, the Marmion remix was popular but its just noisy with no flow to me

Since you have LSD in there, how about some Astral Projection?

hey thanks for the compliment!

So you don't like the First Rebirth? I personally love it. I think it's really emotional trance, although quite fast and a bitch to dj with, hehe.

I like the original Marmion. I'm not sure if I've heard remixes of it.

I should include some Astral Projection. Do any tracks stand out that you would recommend? I can't think of any off hand (it's been awhile).

Kabalah and Mahadeva are my favorites

First Rebirth doesnt sound very natural b/c of the kick and random noises, imo the best music sounds organic and natural

Ya I know Mahadeva. I think I'll add it, thanx.

Yup everyone agrees on Mahadeva but I put Solid Electronics above it, this track is simply amazing, especially in the mornings. Also try out Liquid Sun, Utopia, Nilaya, Still Dreaming,and Another World...they're about as good as Mahadeva =]

This may be asking too much of you, but I just made a hard acid track and your opinion on it would be much appreciated.

I think the track has some good ideas going on, but I think it's enough ideas to make 2 or 3 tracks. I especially like what was happening at about 6:10. I think you should concentrate on a few ideas and build on those, instead of putting all your ideas in one track. But some original sounds in there for sure.

Thanks for the response. Well I never thought of it that way, because I don't like repitition so I try to put in a couple of interesting patterns in each track. I'll try and concentrate on just one idea though...and maybe get a really good track.

I'll be quite honest with you - I hated everything up to 2 minutes. Then it got interesting - it started getting darker, the stuff before it was really...not happy, not dark, just gay...but still nothing that interesting for the rest of the track

I liked your other work better...but keep at it

From your page:

"I'd rather put more effort in making the beats and rhythyms varied, than in polishing the tracks."

IMO if you want to make something really good you're going to have to ditch that mindset - variation is good but a polished product is what will make the song memorable.

I play around with making music now and then, I'm a lot worse than you, but when I make a song I think to myself "if I downloaded this track, would I delete it?"...if the answer is yes, I either scrap the whole thing and come up with a new idea, or keep on working at it until the thing is something I might want to listen to.

What software you use?

Well honest reviews are the ones that help. Maybe you didn't like this one that much because it isn't as experimental as the others. You're right, I should polish the tracks more, it just takes a lot of effort to polish a track, make beat transitions smooth and stuff, but I'll try and work on it.

When I make a track I keep working on it till I really like and then delete anything thats bad. And I use FL Studio 4.5

After listening to both Rez and Spastik for a while, i'm starting to like em...

Btw, you listen to any techno? I'm getting into this genre, and it sounds pretty awesome...spastik, orbital's chime, beltram's energy flash...they all rock. plus, it's so easy to dance to

I really like the ambient and idm side of it too, aphex twin, venetian snares, etc. etc., good listening music in addition to dance music

I like some pure techno, but I prefer trance.
Dave Clarke is really good, don't know if you've heard his stuff. I'm not into minimal techno though, I find it really boring.

The Orb are amazing too, if you're getting into ambient, but mainly the old albums, imo.

I'll check him out. Yeah, I love the orb's stuff...especially Huge Ever Growing Pulsating etc. etc. and Fluffy Clouds.

And THANK YOU for saying minimal sucks. So many once great progressive house artists have gone down that road and its the most boring crap I have ever heard, barring a few releases.

Yes minimal sucks.
I know a lot of DJ's that started playing it just because it's easy to mix. I think many people just listen to it because they think it's "intelligent," not because they think it good.

I don't actually listen to it because it's intelligent, if I had to catergorise intelligent music in electronic it would be something like IDM or Ambient. Minimal is just another form of EDM, I know what you mean about a lot of people probably listening to it because it makes them 'leet' or intelligent or whatever, but I just like it for what it is. I used to hate minimal, but stuff like Booka Shade, Minilogue, Ricardo Villalobos, Akufen & nearly all of Kompakt are really good now IMO. You never know it may grow on you.

Tbh I don't think anyone listens it to make them intelligent. Why would anyone want to seem intelligent? Most people want to seem tough - that's why some of them listen to gangster rap, or drum 'n' bass.

There are many elitists, but they're just dumbasses, and a minority too. IDM/ambient/techno are really great genres.

Still, I can't really "get" most minimal. Not enough happening - the subtleties are a bit too subtle for me to pick up.

I think the best way to define my taste is anything that sounds like several weeks or months work went into it. Like Sasha's Xpander E.P. (one of my favorite CDs of all time) - every track sounds like he spent a year on it.

Many people criticise others as "Pseudo-intellectuals", Kubrick gets this attack from stupid idiots all across the net when he clearly was a man of great intellect and vision. IDM/Ambient/Techno are indeed great. Try getting Kompakt Total 6 & 7 for a real mix of all of what minimal can be, if you still aint liking it, then at least you've given it a try.

Kubrick deserves a lot of credit, ie. the Shining, but Eyes Wide Shut was craptastic.

I personally know many people who claim to like minimal because it makes them sound intelligent.

Still, I can't really "get" most minimal. Not enough happening - the subtleties are a bit too subtle for me to pick up.

Yeah its exactly the same with me, I don't really like minimal, for example Choice - Acid Eiffel, because nothing seems to be happening. The other main reason I don't like minimal is that, having made music myself, I know how easy it is to just let the loops repeat, and not put in the effort to come up with another loop, so I feel that its more like "minimal" is an excuse for not putting in the effort to innovate.

Choice - Acid Eiffel is techno. It's not lazyness, something being looped can be very hypnotic and constantly changing it can dretract from the track. Repetitiveness can be great in a song - Age of Love- Age of Love...
And are you really saying that microhouse isn't innovative?! It's all part of minimal.

I'm not a huge fan of Acid Eiffel either. It's too long and repetitive.
Age of Love is not repetitive like that. It changes after every 8 bars, as most trance does. That's what I like about trance, as opposed to minimal, which generally does the same thing over and over.

Eurgh I guess it's all based on opinion, I absolutely love Acid Eiffel!

I just thought I'd elaborate on why I don't like it.

Well whats happening in Acid Eiffel? Its just a kick in the background, some random hats and a clap, and the acid sounds are very subdued, and at points barely there. And the acid isn't anything to write home about, there wasn't any rhythm I could make out, there seemed to be randomly placed notes, with the acid slowly rising and falling, and a symphonic layer. Not a whole lot of innovation if you ask me.

there wasn't any rhythm I could make out,

Yes there is!

the acid sounds are very subdued, and at points barely there.

It's meant to be a kindof submerged sound, I can understand why you wouldn't like it though.

Not a whole lot of innovation if you ask me.

Please find me some similar sounding songs.

Listen to the entire 13 minutes all through and you'll have much more of an experience of the subtleties and changes as the song progresses with a fluency akin to no other.

Well, fta I don't like most minimal, but I like Acid Eiffel. The acid synth sounds like its constantly changing, and the pads in the background make it seem like it has a direction.

It sounds kind of like Digeridoo, and that's a track I *really* like right there.

Acid Eiffel isn't minimal at all, not even close. It's acid trance (although it IS amazing).

Minimal is stuff like Booka Shade, Superpitcher, Ricardo Villalobos, Isolee, Akufen, Luomo, Wighnomy Brothers, Dominik Eulberg, Efdemin, Michael Mayer, most of Kompakt and Perlon, etc..

Quite a bit of minimal has much more going on in it than the so called "maximal" genres like house and trance. "Minimal" is probably the biggest misnomer on the planet, because some of it is just so complex, varied, and powerful. IE: Listen to Efdemin - Lohn & Brot, or Akufen - Deck the House, or Isolee - Beau Mot Plage, or Ame - Rej, and then tell me minimal has nothing going on in it. You couldn't possibly after hearing tracks like those.

"Acid Eiffel isn't minimal at all, not even close. It's acid trance (although it IS amazing)."

Exactly, it may be akin to minimalism but it aint minimal.

"Quite a bit of minimal has much more going on in it than the so called "maximal" genres like house and trance. "Minimal" is probably the biggest misnomer on the planet, because some of it is just so complex, varied, and powerful. IE: Listen to Efdemin - Lohn & Brot, or Akufen - Deck the House, or Isolee - Beau Mot Plage, or Ame - Rej, and then tell me minimal has nothing going on in it. You couldn't possibly after hearing tracks like those."

Adding on from that:

Ada - The Red Shoes
Aril Brikha - Winter
Kaito - A Hundred Million Lightyears
Royksopp - What Else Is There? (Trentemoller Remix)
Mylo - Rikki

Um, well, yeah, I've heard Ame - Rej, and all I hear is a soft melody. Stuff is going on, but its not really captivating to me. It doesn't pull me into the music. Its not something I would really want to actively listen or dance to, as opposed to sleep or relax to.

Well, give Deck the House a try then (or hear Rej live, because you'll really want to dance to it). Minimal is really varied - some of it is sort of relaxing and soft, but others are confusing, and others are really energetic and wild. I'll post a good example of that (energetic and wild) soon, I can't remember the track name for the life of me for the best example of that.

hi darktremor. am new here. like your lists and also of some of the others who engage in such lively and intelligent discussions. fighting it our for one's best and worst song or sample. people start with a music and then discover something new along the way. sometimes its difficult to leave what one began with. you are used to the language and the memories of that language. a song communicates. what in the song does in fact communicate? the words, the melody . what if there are no vocals? what if there is only repetition? what if there are long silences? along this journey the stumbling upon on 'all things electronic' (and i don't mean all things electronically composed) has been a great discovery.

i had followed avidly the 'trance is dead' discussion. all i can say is 'everything changes' and we must hope for 'something better'. and i seem to be convinced that many here might regret 'those days' but are also eagerly waiting for the future of great music.

acid thanks to all.


I have one major disagreement with this post.

the First Rebirth is an amazing song. Also Faithless - Insomnia has potential to be remixed into something great, but the original is lacking.

I have a couple songs I believe deserve on the list.

Lunatic Asylum - The Meltdown (original)
Jens - Loops & Tings (Fruit Loops Remix)

Also two more comments.

1. Aphex Twin - Digeridoo is a better song than Pulsewidth
2. Age of Love should be #1 ;)

I don't like either of the songs you recommended, sorry.
Yes, out of my top 5 any of them could be #1.

i'm not sure if anyone still watches over this, but i used to go to the raves before they became "events" and way before 90210 ruined the scene, and i've found this list to be very helpful with trying to find those old early 90s tracks, 'cuz there's sooooo many different DJs or "groups" that it's been hard to find specific tunes that i knew and loved.
if you know of a song that has a repeating sample of the latino chic from the movie "Aliens", specifically, "Let's Rock"........please let me know....i've been looking for that song for over a decade now and don't even know the title......loved dancing to that one.....i know it's around '92-'93...........thx

It must be this, "Tango - the Impact E.P. I found it on discogs. I don't know the song offhand, maybe if I heard it. I'm going to try to find it.

Sorry it took so long to reply, I didn't get any notification of this. Let me know if you find it, I'd like to hear it.

thx rock! i found it on Soulseek...where i've actually found most on this list....if you have ANY more from 1992-1994 that are not on this list...please send it to return, i could make you a data disc of everything i've found and send it to ya......i've been on a mission to find everything i can and Soulseek has been a great help! (haven't had much luck finding the "Here comes the sun" song and i'm having trouble finding a song that has: "xtacy xtacy--beg or steal, beg or steal, xtacy x-x-xtacy--something something something..." ----i know that's vague, but it's all i can come up with! hope you got more!!!!!!!!

the field is required more i just remembered.......

does anyone know the name of the song that has this in it?

"hand's up! hand's up!.......hand's up, who wants to die!"

hi there

For some reason I'm not getting your messages. I'll look into your requests.

what the hell

is there somewhere i can listen to this list?
or is it just a written thing.. soooo many hoof memories in the tracks you have listed..

i am trying to find/remember two tracks... one i believe was called "silence" and had an array for people shouting silence on it... was awesome!

and the other was something like slacker or sounded like they were saying slacker slacker etc and im sure there was a girl saying something at the beginning about being scared?? ring any bells?


The list in working again, in that you can listen to the tracks.
The tracks don't ring any bells, sorry. Maybe if you had a sample of them.

In answer to 5phere.
I cannot help you with your first track but the second I can.
The track is called Scared by Slacker. I haves it on plastic. Great choon.

Hi there what about an old rare classic house tune - (PLAY WITH THE VOICE)by Joe.T VANELLI (1993) i think?

Anyway top list mate!

Hi there what about an old rare classic house tune - (PLAY WITH THE VOICE)by Joe.T VANELLI (1993) i think?

Anyway top list mate!

ok I'll check those out. thanks.


Excellent List. I used many of these tracks recently when I put together a mix of the best of early techno. In fact I plundered your list mercilessly. The mix, if you are interested, can be found here:

Comments welcome.

ps. Gravitational arc of 10

I'd like to hear the mix. Looks like you threw in the newer stuff too.
Can you post the mix somewhere I can d/l it for free like or

I have some mixes too listed on my content. It's mostly trance.

The first 26 tracks are already on soundcloud, at At upload limit though...

Still can't upload the whole mix...
I like your track selections though ;) and the mixing seems solid.

looking through your list brings back so much memories of what was undoubtedly the best era for trance music,nice to see some of the less popular ones like
luxor's - the big bang(superb trancer)and lionrock's tripwire in there,i noticed a few underworld tracks but there's one not listed which would be in my top 5 track's of all time and that would be (telematic).
here's a list from my own vinyl collection that warrant a listen and in no particular order.
artist first,track second.
1.central love 2 - traum (frankfurt beat recordings)
2.instant zen - synthetic (noom records no.8)
3.underworld - telematic
4.genecom - sunchase
5.the phoenix - mongolian rider
6.section x - atlantis (perfecto fluoro)
7.way out west - domination
8.the jeyenne - nippon nippel 2 (frankfurt beat recs) navigator - AB quest - acid air raid (choci's chewns)
11.nuclear hyde - the running man (noom records)
12.the essence of nature - blue lotus (harthouse)
13.wicked wipe - rok da house
14.ultrashock - the sound of e
15.opal - the snake (one off recordings)
16.acorn arts - candyman (hard hands)
17.renegade legion - the weeping waste (fnac dance)
18.scan x - metempsychose (fnac dance)
19.innersphere - infernal aftershock (sabrettes)
20.tranceparents - polymorph (heidi of switzerland)
21.4voice - eternal spirit (logic recordings)

i could name hundreds more but i'll leave it at that for now

thx I'll give them a whirl.

So I added

4 Voice - Eternal Spirit (Trance)(1992)

Renegade Legion - The Weeping Waste (1993) (Trance)

Opal - the Snake (1993) (Classic Trance)

I thought the rest were boring, but I'm open to more suggestions.


glad you liked some of my suggestions
here's a few more

1.van basten - king of the death posture
2.doi-oing - hotel
3.utah saints - highlander (cj bolland rmx)
4.guya reg - no time
5.kundalini - placebo (flying rhino recs)
6.jam & spoon's hands on yello - you gotta say yes to another excess
8.ilsa gold - up
9.the source experience - elektra
10.the montini experience feat astrosyn - my house is your house and your house is mine

hope you enjoy,i'll post some more when i can

glad you liked some of my suggestions
here's a few more

1.van basten - king of the death posture
2.doi-oing - hotel
3.utah saints - highlander (cj bolland rmx)
4.guya reg - no time
5.kundalini - placebo (flying rhino recs)
6.jam & spoon's hands on yello - you gotta say yes to another excess
8.ilsa gold - up
9.the source experience - elektra
10.the montini experience feat astrosyn - my house is your house and your house is mine

hope you enjoy,i'll post some more when i can

Not a fan of of any of those. I'm not really into goa, more classic trance/acid trance.

I would much appreciate if anyone can help me find the name of the first tune played on this video please please can anyone help me here?
Please have a listen ..... will pay for ID... my email address
Think it's more like an (Italian product) dated 1992 era & 100% ..
Don't know label or title, this is all i have to go by.
Kind reguards to all.

I hope someone can help me. Years ago i heard Stu Allen play a tune on his key 103 radio show that sampled "you now have 15 minutes to reach minimum safe distance" from the movie aliens. I have been looking for years and just can't find it as sadly i don't know who it's by or what it's called. It was around the early 90's. I would appreciate any help at all. Many Thanks

I don't know if you have ever found what this choon was called so just thought I would let you know as I had the same problem and looked for years myself it's by Urban Hype - Industrial Revolution

Hey there. Great list and great era. I would like to ask if anyone can ID this track. Its around 1991-1993 and I'm looking it since then. It is cut from a mixtape that was made by some not known dj, so there wasnt any hope to find it through tracklisting. Anyway here is the track.

Sorry don't know it.

Thank you for your fast reply anyway.

I played almost every single track back in the day. This list is awesome. =)

Thanks. I played all the of them too, back in the day. Good times.

mp3 skyline has 12000 artist on trance & classic trance.nice list took clanger seadog from you thx.

what's mp3 skyline.

nice list, #19 i would put in top jimi tenor? i guess he's more acid jazz.

Awesome list! I was looking for several songs but not knowing a track name or artist name makes it really difficult, your list really helped out (I found stuff I really wasn't looking for, too.)

Anyhow, a couple of songs I would suggest would be 'Spice' and 'Basket Case' both by Eon.


Thanks for the comment! Glad you're liking the tracks I selected.

I'm looking for the name of either the song or artist of the song which started out with 2 guys at the beginning saying: (1st guy says) what's in the bag? (2nd guy says) my brother. (1st guy says) your brother? And then they both laugh & the music starts. This is an early 90s techno song I believe. Probably between years of 1990-1994. Please help!!

Hey Libragirl74, I have that track you speak of, it's called Basket Case by Eon which came out on a 12" from the Album Void Dweller. A side is the White Coat mix which is the one you mention and there is a more trancier version On the B side called Black Coat mix. Hope that helped?


The Basket Case track can be viewed on Youtube and some people do have it for sale on Discogs :)

Sorry don't know that one. You might want to try Discogs.

I was looking down your list and found that I have many of the songs in the list plus so many more, yes good to see a lot of lesser known trax as I am a big lover of the old +8 and UR (Underground Resistance) stuff.

yep, me too, and I have a Plastikman tattoo to prove it.

Nice one on the tattoo front:) I never got anything like tattoo's, just the vinyl. I may make a listing one day soon of what lurks in the back of my collection, a lot of white labels etc. I do have a youtube channel though full of mixes with all sorts of stuff :)