Best Albums of the Decade, 2000-2009


very nice luke. absolutely gorgeuous pictures. not sure what you did to get such hi-quality pics. solid commentary as well. this is something I would expect to see in a magazine or something.

Stunning presentation...I'm envious...Great art for a slew of GREAT albums

You're choices are always ( :

Thanks, guys.

Awesome list

Thanks, neptune!

Does this mean you listen to music again nowadays? (:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I'm assuming you'd probably give all of them 7.5s other than Y's. I don't suppose it would be too much to expect something similar review-wise for your greatest rock albums list? ;)




Hmmm... that's not a bad idea... maybe some day.

Also, if there's only one more album you check out from the decade, listen to Elegi - Varde.


Varde is excellent. Thank you!

The inclusion of Supersilent is an inspired one. Have you checked out any of their other works Luke?

Oh yes. I've listened to everything by Supersilent.

This and your Greatest Rock Albums are the best looking lists on the site.


Goddamn. This is a really well made list and has reiterated to me how much I need to listen to cLOUDDEAD and Disappeared in particular (and the Galas namedrop has me interested in Evangelista).

Great taste and your writeups are informative and thoughtful. :3 Neat and I'm seconding Elston.

Thanks, Zacharyyy.

Hey, I missed this the first time through, but great list.

Ys is one of my personal favorites, and your brief write-up was the least pretentious positive thing I've ever seen written on the subject.

Had I written more than a paragraph on it, I'm sure I would have gotten pretentious quickly. Good thing I had so little space, here. :)